Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 13

Chica and the Man

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on ABC

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  • Superb.

    This is Ugly Betty at it's best - or at least best without a long-term unfolding scandal (as per season 1).

    This was the most enjoyable piece of TV I have watched in a long time. I can't say one wrong word about it.

    I laughed a bucket load, and the show breezed from one laugh to the other. When I was laughing I was excited the story unfolded in a fun and interesting way, I was so busy enjoying it I didn't have time to think about looking for any shortcomings.

    I'm really glad Willie and betty are beng used a lot - Willie had us in hysterics this week and Amandas friend was the icing on the cake - it's good to see her back and it's good to see they made good use of this actresses fantastic skill for comedy.

    The story felt more directed and solid than any episode of any show I've watched in some time, and it wrapped up perfectly.
  • Superb, sublime and hilarious episode!

    In yet another hilarious sensation, this was definitely an episode that I loved a lto. The storyline behind this one was epic, and the idea of 'Wilheldiva Hater', the Wilhelmina impersonator was sensational and hilarious! Riveting stuff!

    Amanda's friend also came back, and I think that that is getting a little old. Not the greatest storyline, but it consumed a little bit of time, nevertheless.

    Betty ad Daniel arguing was great in this episode, and I loved the presentation at the end! Definitely made up for it, all right! Lovely stuff!

    The best scene though, was Wilhelmina performing as the 'Wilheldiva Hater'! She was amazing a nd hilarious!

    Keep it up Ugly Betty, and this is one amaing show!