Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 3

Crimes of Fashion

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on ABC

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  • Continues to entertain!

    I believe this episode was yet another great instalment of one of my favorite shows; Ugly Betty.

    Betty attempts to discover who pushed Christina down the stairs and to save Daniel Meade from being locked up, for a crime he didn't commit.

    I really enjoyed the scene where the press followed Wilhelmina in the hospital wing and I loved the scene when Marc, Amanda and Betty all fell down the stairs!

    The Wilhelmina Slater mannequin was kind of creepy, in my opinion. And Marc taling to it and screaming on it was ultra weird!

    To conclude, this season continues to impress me and I really am enjoying all the episodes so far.

    Keep it up, Ugly Betty!
  • Inspector Betty

    Another great episode of UB. Its good to see Betty using her brilliant brain to try and help someone she cares for deeply. Christina's accident is quite shocking but I'm glad the baby is all right.
    Its also fun to see Betty interogating everyone, which reveals more about the characters than we actually see (Amanda's problems; Marc's inner conflicts; Claire's pain). The bit where everyone fell down the stairs was definately LOL! Its also great to see a kinder side to Wilimenia. At first she was all for publicity, but then she felt sorry for Christina and her plight - Stuart's dying!
    But its Rebecca Romajin that rules this episode with her twist and turns - the ending revelation is just fabulous. And the scene where she is carted off to the police station is quite a tear-jerking moment.
  • Funny, engrossing and dramatic. A great Ugly Betty episode...the end was shocking. Spoilers inside...

    I disagree with a previous review which seemed to say that this wasn't a funny episode more dramatic. Perhaps it focused a tad bit more on drama but I laughed out loud countless times during the episode - Wilamenia pretending to be upset about Cristina, Marc announcing the news about the baby but not mentioning Cristina...and many other hilarious moments.

    The investigating was a great addition to the episode and I really didn't know who it would be. Alexis makes sense cos I did hear that she was planning to leave. Now the twist that I'm sure will be spoken of more was the fact that Alexis is Daniel Jr father, not Daniel himself. It was pretty shocking and the ending was quite dramatic for UB (The song was good but out of character for the show - not a bad thing!)

    I did like the insights we got into each character Betty investigated though it was a bit ott at times. Hilda is a great character and I'm not a huge fan of the coach...Ignacio walking in on him in the shower was funny though. I look forward to more!
  • I think this is the best episode in the series so far.

    I liked this episode! It was full of funny and sad moments just how I like it. So, they were investigating who pushed Christina. Through the whole episode, Daniel was the main suspect but at the end, we found out Alexis did it. Stuart is going to die and that news broke Christin's heart. It was so sad.. And at the end, Wilhelmina took care of Christina finally. That moment was kind of touching. But the big WOW was when we found out that Alexis is actually DJ's father.. mother.. hm, I'm not sure.. lol!
    I think this is the best episode so far in the series and I'm looking forward to another episode!
  • This episode ends with a BANG.

    Actually, it ends with a few bangs, but one of them is pretty big. I won't spoil who pushed Christina, or what the other major plot twists are at the end of this episode, but I will say it ended up being a pretty sad episode. There are a number of plotlines that get mentioned, but somehow Betty remains the center of the story (which is something that she arguably wasn't last season).

    Like the reviewer before me, I too literally yelled out "Holy crap!" at the end of this episode. However, plot twists don't make an entire episode good; I felt the episode as a whole was lacking something. There are very few humorous things that go on in this episode, and those things aren't that funny to begin with. This episode definitely leaned more toward the drama side of dramedy, but still, even other dramatic episodes of Ugly Betty have still had humor snuck in here and there.

    This episode was good, and it's definitely worth watching, and you will definitely be surprised and touched at many of the character interactions that happen, but when you watch it you will probably realize that there is almost nothing to laugh about in this episode, and then the end will hit you like a rock.
  • WOW!

    This episode was great from beginning to end. I really missed seeing Betty interact with the dynamic duo of Mark and Amanda, so it was awesome to see them interviewing everyone together. It was also good to see Willie also show her softer side in caring for Christina and not only the baby she is carrying. As for the last 2 minutes (I won't say specifics so I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen the episode yet)- WOW! I actually yelled, "Holy crap" in my living room. I think this episode was one of the best in the series.