Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2008 on ABC

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  • A pretty good episode.

    This episode of Ugly Betty wasn't as great as some of the others earlier this season, in my opinion. It was pretty funny at times, though.

    It was so great to see Amanda move in with Betty. I loved that a lot! Looks like Betty didn't like it, though!

    One of the funniest things ever was when Amanda thought that Betty's crush was actually Ignacio! I was on the verge of tears from laughing so hard!

    I loved the war between Daniel and Wilhelmina, and at the end, at least common sense prevailed.

    The ending to the episode was strange, for me. Betty and Wilhelmina sitting on the rooftop, sharing a drink. I didn't see that coming!

    A decent episode, overall.
  • Betty/Amanda, Betty/Jessie, Betty/Daniel, Marc/Cliff, Willie/Connor - its all about connections

    Another outstanding episode of Ugly Betty. Season Three so far is emotionally charged and packed full of good character developments. Amanda as Betty's roomate is so funny! It's also quite sad that Amanda has no friends, but at least she turned to Betty for support and was nice about it. Best moment - "It helps me sleep if you tickle my back and tell me I'm pretty". Betty's talk with Christina afterwards was also quite funny.

    Marc and Cliff are moving in! No wait, they're getting married - much to the horror of Marc! Willie and Connor also share some moments, but then he drops the bombshell of all bombshells.

    Betty and Jessie have definate sparkage. The bit where she cries and says she not beautiful was heartbreaking. And the scene where she and Willie spend some time together was very well done...
  • The party on the roof was inspired!

    I love Ugly Betty and feel that with this episode the series is getting back on track again. Amanda is one of the funniest characters and her role in this was brilliant. Having her as Betty's room mate was such a hilarious concept - contgratulations to the writers for making me laugh so much.

    Can't wait to see where the story goes next. Betty and Daniel seem to be pretty close. I loved the subplot with the financial director getting the best of both Wilhemina and Daniel All the major characters had storylines that moved forward and that is what I like to see. What fun!