Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 11

Dress For Success

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2009 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Betty finds it hard to impress her idol, Jodie Papadakis who is an editor at YETI, while making a mess of her work and family life. Betty has a disastrous encounter with the assistant at ELLE magazine.

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  • Betty gets duped by an equally unattractive assistant at Elle. Whines a whole bunch. Gets whined at a whole bunch. Willy gets what she wants & so does Daniel. Not very believable. Hilda throws a tacky party.moreless

    First off, not enough Amanda in this episode. She counters those intolerable scenes wherein Betty whines incessantly about her problems, mistakes, etc. Hilda throws a tacky party for her trashy salon in Queens. Big freaken deal. Betty is trying to make a career for herself as a high powered editor, if she has to be late to a ridiculous party or leave early to handle something her sister and father should understand without question not nag and whine. They were so righteous in this episode without any reason. Its like they're deliberately trying to sabotage any hope she has at a career. I'm glad Betty at least had the good sense to go to Elle and get the dress back instead of be guilted into staying at her sisters mundane party. Betty leaves her blackberry in front of her counterpart working for the competition and she is surprised when she gets stabbed in the back. Come on now, 3 seasons in and she's still so naive and trusting. Grow up Betty. Molly breaks off a 4 year relationship and an engagement over a few conversations with Daniel. Yeah that's rationale.moreless
  • A great episode, once again!

    This episode of Ugly Betty was rather interesting, as Betty begins her training in YETI, along with Marc.

    The episode also leads to developments in the relationships between Daniel and Molly and Connor and Wilhelmina, after Molly and Connor split up.

    I thought the episode was really interesting all the way through, and many storylines developed significantly in this episode, one of which was Hilda's new shop.

    The episode also ends on a great cliffhanger, when one of our favorites has their life put in danger.

    This episode is an unmissable one, and I highly recommend watching this because it was really interesting the whole way through.

    Great job by Ugly Betty!moreless
  • Fantastic

    another glorious episode!

    Betty's encounter with her idol at YETI is highly funny, yet quite serious at the same time. Her attempts to juggle home and work were quite humourous to see, yet the eternal struggle Betty faces will not go away. Her networking was a nice piece of acting from America and it was nice to see Betty socalise with other people. Her team up with Marc during the dress-snatch was highly amusing.

    Elsewhere Wilimenia could be in love! So is Daniel, who really is playing with fire. And then there's that rather shocking ending with Betty's father hospitalised once more. A great downbeat ending.moreless
  • A welcome return for Ugly Betty.

    This was another great episode. Marc and Betty's scenes were brilliant together, especially when he was teaching her networking skills in the bar and when they went to Elle to recover the dress. Daniel and Molly finally got together and at the same time Connor and Wilhelmina ended up together. Betty found juggling her job, the YETI course and her family very difficult throughout the episode. There were also some very nice scenes with Christina this week. It was nice to see her getting more to do. The final scene when Betty goes to the hospital is very poignant and her love for her family really came out.moreless
  • Betty's attempt at networking fails miserably, but she fights to undo the damage. Meanwhile, her family's not all too happy about it...

    Wow, this was a great way to end the hiatus. What an episode! Like I said, Exactly why I watch this series.

    It was almost painful to see Betty's doubts. I can completely understand her, but I understand her family too. It's a very difficult situation, and I suspect this particular problem will come up more often.

    At the party (bar? what was it), when Teri (sp) was being nice to her, I already wondered what was going on. Maybe I watched this show too often, but I learned that nice people usually are nice for a reason. Still, I got angry at her for doing that. But, great way for Betty and Marc to repair the damage! I love to see them working together; they have a very ... unconvential... relationship.

    And finally, what we all anticipated happened: Molly & Daniel and Connor & Wilhelmina. It was bittersweet to watch their happiness, then switch to the hospital scene... I cannot wait for next week; especially the family scenes. And I'm also curious how Daniel and Wilhelmina's relationship will be after this: they shared, they both got what they wanted. I wonder how this will change their relationship?moreless
Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky


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Robbie Myers

Robbie Myers


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Joe Zee

Joe Zee


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Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters

Jodie Papadakis

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Grant Bowler

Grant Bowler

Connor Owens

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Sarah Lafleur

Sarah Lafleur


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Mark's tips on networking:
      Step 1: Forge a bond - Your name, where you work and one memorable fact.
      Step 2: Gathering information - In order to get info, you're going to have to give info. Trick is to make it sound juicy but really mean nothing.
      Step 3: The exit strategy - Get in, get info, get out.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Marc: Oh my god. This is the defining moment. I'm the first assistant who's ever been invited to a Wilhelmina Slater party.
      Betty: Well I'm here too.
      Marc: Not when I tell the story.

    • Marc: (talking about Wilhelmina's party) We're in! Pinch me. (Betty leans over him) Don't touch me!

    • Daniel: I know you're interested in Connor.
      Wilhelmina: What would make you think that?
      Daniel: Well, once I realized you didn't have a business motive for helping me, I figured you must have a personal one and I've seen the way you look at him.
      Wilhelmina: Oh well, that's just-
      Daniel: Relax. I'm not going to hold the fact that you're human against you. Your secret's safe with me.

    • Marc: (to Betty in the Elle Magazine closet) Oh my god, they still do have their ugly wall. This was totally my idea . Every day we would put up pictures of co-workers we hated and then make fun of them. Oh, good times!

    • Connor: (chatting to people at Wilhelmina's party) ...So I leaned across her and said, 'That's Al Pacino'. She said, 'I didn't order a cappuccino'.

    • Molly: Your place is amazing. What a great view of the city.
      Wilhelmina: Oh, thanks, well I love looking down at the little people, going about their little lives.

    • Justin: (to Ignacio) Mom wants to know where the cheese cubes are and crazy fingernail lady wants to know if we can spike her cider with rum.

    • Christina: I'm the surrogate so I'm not going to be naming it.
      Woman at Hilda's party: That's weird. What does the father have to say?
      Christina: Not a lot, he died before the baby was conceived.

    • (Wilhelmina and Daniel hold a conference call to Elle Magazine)
      Wilhelmina: Hello? Josie? Robbie? Nice to see you both.
      Daniel: Thanks for taking our call.
      Robbie: Anything for you, Daniel.
      Wilhelmina: Robbie, i love the new do, all that height really makes a statement.
      Josie: Thanks Willy. Those earrings really make your face look small.

    • Betty: At the club, I got up to use the bathroom and Teri must have taken the information from my Blackberry. I thought she was a friend.
      Wilhelmina: Friendship is the oldest trick in the book.

    • Christina: How do you know when you're in labor?
      Hilda: If you have to ask, you're not in labor.

    • Christina: (talking about Wilhelmina and the baby) All this extra bending down's making me feel dizzy because I'm carrying her little rodent which seems to be kicking me in the gut every five seconds today.

    • Wilhelmina: Sometimes honesty works too.
      Marc: Oh, I get it, so honesty's the scheme. The old honesty scheme. Yeah, that's a classic.

    • Marc: (referring to Daniel) You gave him the DVD? What the hell is going on with you, woman? And don't say 'not everything is a scheme, Marc' or I will slap you
      Wilhelmina: Not everything is a scheme, Marc.

    • Connor: I love the whole good cop / bad cop thing you two have going.
      Daniel: It's not really a thing, it's more like I'm nice and she's not.
      Wilhelmina: Can I help it if my balls are bigger than his?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Norway: March 25, 2009 on TVNorge
      Sweden: May 5, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Australia: January 12, 2010 on 7TWO
      The Netherlands: February 9, 2010 on Net5
      Latin America: April 28, 2010 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony)

    • Featured Music:
      'Work To Do' by Sander Kleinenberg
      'Blue Tuesday' by Peter Roberts
      'Voi Che Sapete (from 'Figaro')' by Mozart
      'Linda Cancao' by Barrio Jazz Gang
      'Under (Morgan Page Remix)' by Under
      'La Ritournelle' by Sébastien Tellier