Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 23

East Side Story

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • This episode made me happy, angry, and sad.

    Well, I know it's late in this review but who knows someone might go back like I did and catch the beginning of Ugly Betty. I have to say that the Henry and Betty's moment were adorable until Charlie had to come along and ruin the whole thing. She wasn't so bad in the beginning until she became a crazy jealous and cheating girlfriend to Henry. I've watched from season 2 onwards to the current season (3 Bad Amanda) so I know what happened. I still root for Betty and Henry because I doubt anyone could have the love she has for me. I teared at the end of the episode. Santose's death when something good was finally happening. There are a lot of key points to this episode but those are the two that are really stuck in my head. It just makes me sad to see this again and it reminds me of what's not in the show now. Still, probably one of the best because it shocked me, made me laugh, and pulled at my heart.

    In the amazing season finale, Betty is finally getting together with Henry, who is tricked into believing he knocked up his ex when she really got pregnant by an orthodontist. Sofia's fiance is shot in a robbery, Wilhemina's plans for Bradford intensify, Daniel O.D.'s and gets into a car crash with Alexis and the amazing, tear-filled, dramatic ending is tied by the fateful song "Halfway There" from the classic musical of the broadway stage: West Side Story, quite appropriate. Also, Christina and Amanda are trapped in Wilhemina's sex/fashion dungeon where they learn a powerful secret! Anyway, an extremely sad, happy, and incredibly dramatic episode!
  • Why?!

    This was definitely something to leave viewers hanging as their season finale that really keeps you wanting more. Of course there was laughter that made you laugh out loud and the Awwww concerning Betty and Henry but I think the biggest part of the episode was the shooting of Santos. Gosh man right when things were looking so good for Hilda they had to go and shoot off her man. I think that scene tied in with the musical Justin performed in really made this a powerful episode. It's ashamed they have to lose him. I also can't believe Daniel and Alexis had to get into an accident but all of these incidents makes you more interested in the show which is a job well done in the writers part.
  • One word "Wow!"

    Ugly Betty is an INCREDIBLE show! I loved nearly every episode. The last episode was definitely the best! But it left everything at a cliff hanger. And that is why it was soo good! I was literellay crying at the end, I couldnt beleive my self. Hilda was really good in this episode and what happened with Amanda and (can remember her name) was funny and how they were drunk! lmao. And Daniel and Alexis's part was good too! Wihlemena is so evil! I cant beleive Meade felt for it! Will they really get married?
    This episode was definitely a memorable one! And cannot wait for season 2 . It is going to be AMAZING!!
  • ok i suppose

    i have only just watched this episode, and i thought it wasn't as good as i thought it would be.
    i was really looking forward to what was going to happen after already hearing about it. i got myself built up for a fantastic episode, but was very disappointed.
    i found that the episode was full of anti-climaxes. the worst of which when amanda found out that her mum was fey sommers. that really anoyed me because they could have made that longer and made us on edge more.
    they had a fantastic build up to everything that was going to happen but whe it did happen it was boring and all happened too quickly.
    but i must congratulate the director on the fantastic ending. the camera work and editing was amazing and it worked very well. but why santos?!?!? i was looking forward to his and Hildas wedding. can't wait until nxt season though and lets hope that the season finale wll be better than this one
  • This proves to be the best of Ugly Betty

    Tragedy, love, development, conflict, mystery, suspense…All of these are fitted into this very episode! It simply plays with people’s emotions..

    The last episode of the season one leaves us with many unanswered questions. What will Amanda do after knowing the truth about Fey Sommers? Is she going to take revenge on Claire for killing her mum? Is Fey Sommers still alive anyways? Will Claire ever find a way to save her marriage with Bradford? Is Charlie pregnant with Dr. Fargard’s child or Henry’s? What will happen to Ignacio in Mexico? Will Daniel forgive Alexis for her intention to kill their father?...etc..etc.. It really makes me craving for the next season’s episodes!

    Talking about Santos, even though he is not a regular in the show, his death gave a powerful effect to the audients, I believe. I did not even see it coming until I saw the robber that gave me the hint.

    All in all, I want to give props to the casts. What a superb and effective performance!! They’re not just beautiful (except Betty at the moment..I think), they are talented as well. Bravo to you all!
  • The cliffhangers come one after the other, definatly the most explosive season finale seen on TV. It was so good yet so heartbreaking.

    Who new Ugly Betty could be so gripping? I could't take my eyes away from the screen, it was definatly the best episode of the entire season. It is a perfect example of exactly what a season finale is supposed to be like, filled with major cliffhangers. Just when I thought Henry and Betty were finally going to be together I got a realshocker. I apsolutly loved the scene where Betty and Henry were in the copy room, it was so romantic and exciting. They had their first date all set up, I couldn't wait to see what would happenen. But to my supprise, I was so dissapointed when Betty and Henry's long awaited first date didn't happen. I wasn't expecting Charlies character to be so evil and selfish. All I have to say about Charlie is that she is crazy, why would she trap Henry into being with her, when he obviously is madly in love with Betty. I hated the scene between Betty and Henry when they said goodbye to each other, it was heartbreaking, I actualy cried. But the real shocker was the fact that Charlies baby may not even be Henry's. I can't believe that Santo's was killed. Santo's was so excited to see Justin performing. And Justin was so excited that his dad was going to be there for him. Watching Hilda in the final scene was completely heartbreaking. I can't believe that Santo's was shot, I expected him and Hilda to get married. Seeing Hildas reaction to the news brought immediate tears to my eyes. But the most random cliffhanger would have to be finding out that Amanda is Fay Summers daughter. I definalty didn't see this one coming. Since Fay Summers is Amandas mother, does this mean that Bradford is her father? And if he is that would mean that Daniel is her half brother, but they've slept together. I'm guessing that Alexsis is wishing she hadn't paid someone to kill her father, because she may have just got Daniel and herself killed because of it. After finding out that Daniel has taken an overdose, Alexsis drives him to the hospital in Bradfords car. Only to find out that the person she paid to kill her father, cut the breaks on Bradfords car. I hope that Alexsis and Daniel survive the car crash.
    Honestly that was the most gripping hour of television I have witnessed ever. I'm 100 percent looking forward to season two. My predictions are that Daniel and Alexsis will survive and Bradford will be Amandas father. I am also predicting that after Santo's funeral, Betty will get Henry back, or at least let him know the truth about Charley. And I have a feeling that somthing horrible is going to happen to Betty's dad in mexico. I've been left with so many unanswered questions, that I am counting the days until Ugly Betty comes back on our screens.
  • I just loved it although I'll have to wait untel September to know what happned.

    one a time. Betty poor girl her luck is just 0, I know I'm one of the fan who see her & Daniel togather but Henry is the one for her now.
    Daniel GOSH I can't believe that he didn't tell Betty. you tell her everything for God's Sake !?!!
    Alexis Damn girl killing yur father ?! I hate my dad but I didn't ask someone to kill him for me.
    Wilhelmina, Bradford is soooooo stupid for a guy who's successful in life.
    Santos dead ?! it was all too good to be true I thought that the writers will do something to ruin it but killing him thats too much.
    the accedent I wish nothing happened to them ( Daniel most I don't care about Alexis cause all this happned because of her). it was a great episode & the best until now for a season finally.
  • Things always happen on the last episode! I LOVE THIS!

    Ok, so many things happenned on this one episode. But all can be resume in one word: "PERFECT"!

    That's how the last ep from the first season ended. Just Perfect. I mean, tell me one person who won't watch the next season to find out if Daniel and Alexis are dead? Or if Charlie's baby is not Harry's? Or if Betty's getting a extreme makeover? Or if Justin will try on American Idol later this year? Or if Cristina will end up kissing Amanda?

    We will never know, well, not until next season! Just for the records, when i grow up... i wanna be like Cristina! Except for the married an insurance whatever... Wish me luck!
  • best episode *spoilers*

    My favorite by far. Everything was so good. Henry and Betty were so sweet! until Charlie comes around... And Santos, oh my, my... I was crying my butt off! My brother was like, "Stop it! Stop it! you're making me cry! I don't wanna cry!!!" Still hoping he only got shot, and is in like a very critical condition or something, but I think he's dead.

    And I am itching to know what's happening to Claire, Alexis, and Daniel. I have a theroy that Claire is going to be the one who finds their car. I loved Cristina and Amanda locked up in Fey's room, drunk. Very funny. And as always Marc was funny!! I love him, he's the best!!

    Can't wait until next September!
  • Cliffhanger on top of cliffhanger, completely explosive season finale!

    This episode was by far the best episode of the season and a truly gripping hour of TV, which kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.
    I definately didn't see Amanda being Fey's daughter, I wonder if Bradford's her father?...but that would make Daniel her half brother and she slept with him, so lets just hope Bradford isn't her father.
    I want Alexis and Daniel survive the crash, one unexpected death is definately enough. Watching Hilda in the final scene was completely heartbreaking and a definate tearjerker.
    Betty and Henry's long awaited first date never happened I wasn't expecting Charlie to be so evil. I hope Betty gets Henry back in season 2, she deserves some happiness after everything thats happened to her in the past year.
    Completely explosive season finale! Who knew Ugly Betty could be so dramatic?
  • cliffhanger

    So much packed into one episode I was on the edge of my seat the whole hour. I got the feeling that the writers forgot they had so much to tie up at the end and therefore it was packed with drama. So many questions to be answered in the beginning of season 2 who is Amanda's father is she Fay Sommers and Bradford Mede's secret love child?
    What happens to Alexis and Daniel after the car crash?
    Does Claire stop the wedding between Whillamenia and Bradford or does she get caught and put back in jail.
    But the most important of all does Betty manage to stop Henry being conned into being the father of Charlies baby.
    How will Hilda and Justin cope without Santos.
    All I can say is wow bring on season 2.
  • So much drama!

    Betty and Henry's romance heats up which is about time, all things considering but as usual someone or something has to put a spanner in the the shape of Charlie. She started out nice but now she's a manipulative...Meanwhile, Wilhelmina makes great strides in her ambitious power play, even trading Marc in for her 14 June wedding to Bradford, who by the way is a complete mug: 'Someone who loves me', oh please. Daniel descends further in a downward spiral leading to a shocking cliffhanger involving Alexis. Claire Meade escapes prison! Fey Sommers was Amanda's mother! Someone dies! With a beloved Broadway musical and a tearjerker ending, I cant wait for next season.
  • a great episode of Ugly Betty!!!! *contains spoilers*

    East Side Story is, in my opinion, the best episode so far of Ugly Betty, made even better by the fact that it was the series finale.

    It attempted to tie up storylines that have been constant throughtout the series, such as Betty and Henry, but made bigger and better cliffhangers whilst doing so.

    Each character ended on a cliffhanger, including:

    *Betty finally declaring her love for Henry, before finding out that Charlie was pregnant, and, if that wasn't shocking enough, the discoverey that Charlie was sleeping with her dentist...

    *Alexis and Daniel's crash after the hitman (who Alexis had hired to kill Bradford) cut the brakes on his car, which Alexis was driving Daniel in...

    *Amanda and Christina getting drunk in the "love dungeon" before finding Amanda's birth certificate - stating that Fey Sommers was her mother...

    *Hilda getting ready for her wedding and Justin performing in West Side Story, whilst their husband-to-be/dad was being held hostage...

    These storylines amongst others made this episode fantastic, with both comedic and tear-jerking moments.

    I can't wait until the start of series 2!!!!!
  • The cliffhangers come one after the other in this explosive season finale of Ugly Betty!

    I can honestly say that was one of the most gripping hours of television I've ever witnessed! So many shockers!
    Charlie's pregnant! I honestly thought the baby was Henry's much like he and Betty did until Betty's orthodontist let slip that she'd been seeing Dr Fargas, oh my God! Now my suspicion is that Charlie has trapped Henry into believing the baby is his so he has a reason to stay with her. Who would have thought she'd turn out to be such a **** I loved the scene between Henry and Betty in the copy room and the fact that Betty finally told Henry how she feels was a long time coming but definitely worth the wait. It was just so cute the smiles they had when they arranged their first, real date. Now who knows what will happen? Hopefully, Betty will be able to get in contact with Henry to let him know the truth about Charlie and there's a good chance this baby may not be his and he'll be straight back to New York. I just think it'd be so heartbreaking if Betty's romance with Henry was really over before it had really got a chance to even begin.
    Amanda's mother was Fey Sommers! I definitely did not see that one coming so that could possibly mean Bradford is Amanda's dad, or would that be too easy? It's about time Amanda had a serious storyline though, she's such a brilliant character with amazing potential and Christina had a point when she admitted it seems Amanda doesn't have any secrets that aren't about sex! This is one secret that could change Amanda's life forever...
    I really hope Alexis and Daniel survive that car crash and that Daniel can turn his life around because it's been so worrying watching him these last couple of episodes. But I really do have to congratulate Eric Mabius on some amazing performances recently, as Daniel has sunk further into a downward spiral, Eric's acting has just got more compelling to watch. I hope that continues.
    Hilda's heartbreak over Santos' murder was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the entire episode. Oh and something else that really got to me? The fact that Betty and Hilda were genuinely in love with their men and they both lost them and Whilhelmina managed to get what she wanted from Bradford and it has absolutely nothing to do with love. Life certainly isn't fair!
    This was a better season finale than I could have ever dreamed up and I honestly can't wait for the season 2 premiere!
  • Reavaling

    Great Episode its been a fantastic First Season and it ended with plenty of secrets being revealed. Who would have thought it when Amanda & Christina got locked in the love dungeon that they would out that Fey Sommers is Amanda's Mother & Christina Has a husband back in Scotland, Daniel & Alexis in a Car Crash with the breaks being cut off. Charlie the stupid redhead saying she's pregant with Henry's baby or could that be Dr. Fargas, Santos dying when he was held up in liquor Store and Claire Meade ecsaping from the Prison Van. We'll Have to wait until next season for these secrets to be revealed.
  • Major cliffhangers. (spoilers)

    What a finale. Not at all what I expected from a show like Ugly Betty. There was a lot of drama, a lot of suspense and there were definitely some unexpected turns.

    Betty and Henry finally have a chance of getting together, but then Charlie shows up announcing she is pregnant.

    Amanda and Christina get stuck in Fey's Love Dungeon together. They find her diary, but even more important: they find out that Amanda is Fey's daughter.

    Meanwhile Santos walks into a robbery at a convenient store. He tries to take on the robber and ends up getting shot.

    Claire Meade's escaping plan is put into motion.

    And Alexis and Daniel crash with Bradford's car. They are both unconscious and Daniel is also in danger because of a drug overdose.

    That combined with Ignacio's visa problems and Wilhelmina's and Bradford's wedding plans make a strong finale.

    As you see: enough drama for one episode and enough cilffhangers for a sensational season two premiere.
  • Betty finally tells Henry how she feels. Daniel's life seems to be going down hill. Big secrets are revealed.

    This episode was really good. While watching this episode, I thought 'yes finally Betty & Henry are getting together' & then they throw this bombshell... Charlie's pregnant. I was like so pissed off. I'm like not again. You keep teasing us with Betty & Henry's relationship. But all was forgiven when it was exposed that Charlie was having an affair! Oh & the ending was so heart wrenching!
  • Full with questions

    I hate that they left us with a full question head. there are too many question that we can wait for have an answer. My favorite's are about Charlie's Baby, Amanda's Family Tree, Claire's escape story and most of all Alexis and Daniel. They did the season final well, it's really well written and I cant wait until time that I can have the answers. What we can do??? Inhale Ricky Martin exhale Colin Farrel: )
  • What a finale!

    Being true to its 'telenovela' roots, "Ugly Betty" delivers in its first season finale. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but when Betty was in the dentist's office with Kristin Chenoweth, the other girl that pops her head in for a few lines is actually a different 'Betty' from a Spanish version of the show, entitled "La Bella Mas Fea". I'm a Spanish student, so during the commericals of the English version, I like to change the channels and see if I can translate the Spanish version. They're not the same storylines though!

    Anyway, there are about seven cliffhangers it seems. Let's see:
    1) Who's the father of Charlie's baby?
    2) What will happen now that Claire Meade escaped prison?
    3) Are Willamina and Bradford actually getting married?
    4) Did Santos really die from the shooting?
    5) Will Ignacio return to the US...or the series?
    6) Was Faye Sommers really the mother of Amanda?
    7) What will happen to Daniel and Alexis?

    That's about right. Those are all I can remember. Anyway, good job "Ugly Betty" on the freshman season, and I look forward to taping you next season!
  • It's the season finale for Ugly betty. As two weddings are being planned, Betty and Henry's relationship grows a little more. Justin performs a musical at his school, and Hilda gets really bad news.

    This epidode was soppier than ever..."east side story" brought Ugly Betty a little to its roots, the colombian soap opera "Betty la fea". Each and every one of the cliff hangers reminded me of a really well performed "telenovela". I love the twist about Amanda beeing Fey Sommer's came out off the blue, I don't think anyone could have seen that one coming. Betty and Henry: They were almost was really nice to see that...But the wirtters took it right back with yet another great cliff hanger: Charlie might be pregnant with henry's baby...
    Daniel and Alexis: Finally, Daniel confronted Alexis expressig his real emotions about Alexis coming back from "the death". I can't wait to see their interaction in the next season. The actress that plays Hilda, did a great job reacting to wath appears to be Santo's death. You could really see the pain.
    A great finale creating great expectations for next season.
  • Cliffhanger Heaven!!!!

    Oh boy, but this show really went with a ... life line of cliff hangers!!!

    This show has been a refreshing change from the normal mainstay of TV. Not a sitcom, not drama, funny, but emotional. At any rate, kudos to Salma Hayek and team, and all the actors/writers/etc. who make this show a reality!

    It's been a good season for them and I look forward to season 2!

    In this show, the fun part is, that while something are predictable, not all is.

    And the season finale certainly showed us that!!!

    It is truly a show filled with ironic situations, where bad deed never go unpunished! :)

    But the things I like most right now about what's been developed are these situations:

    1) Receptionist Vixen is actually a Mead...
    2) Mead Wife breakup
    3) Charlie's Baby and the questionable father
    4) What's gonna happen to the MEAD siblings in the car wreck
    5) Papa Suarez still across the border .... not exactly as safe as he thinks he is...

    It's going to be a fun season 2 :)

  • Toatally wonderful and open for anything to happen.

    This was a great ending to a fantastic season of Ugly Betty. I am quite sad that it has ended.

    Nearly all characters are left with clifhangers, the acting was fantastic, covering every emotion in the book.
    Overall I'd say the episode is all about different types of love and relationships. Lets just say that by the end of this episode I was crying! Some boyos might see it as too girly but I loved every minute of it. I dont think I looked away for a second.

    Its left me wondering what will happen next, now the question I want to know is, when does season 2 begin???
    I just can not wait for it.
  • God wants overtime pay too!

    and now we come upon the final epiosde of 'Ugly Betty" for the season. I can tell you that the final 15 minutes has leave plenty of question. Questions that must be ask next season. That last 15 minutes contain a car accident, an escape, two girls get accidently locked up (I wish they kiss, otherwise it would have been a 10), a murder and a cloudy future for Betty and her family. Overall I love this season of "Ugly Betty," and I'll be looking forward to see the gang next season. It's great to see it exery thursday night.
  • OMG NO WAY!!! You can't leave me in suspense like this, its just cruel!

    SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I can't believe Santos was murdered! Holy Crap! I love and Hate you Ugly Betty writers! Way to keep me guessing all the way till next fall!!! YOU #*(&$*#)($$^@$!!! I hope Ignacio gets to come back to the US. He NEEDS to come back for Hilda. Will Daniel go to rehab or will this near death experience shake the OD?! AMANDA AS FAY'S DAUGHTER! Wow I really didn't see that one coming, but I LOVE AMANDA! Anything with more Amanda story lines is just fine with me!!!

    I Love Ugly Betty!
  • I'm review the episode! Um, yeah.

    Wow... I wasn't expecting half of that. Some of it was pretty predictable, though. Awesome episode, even if the writers did go over the top...*sarcastic* a bit. To kill/almost kill so many people...well...I don't know. I mean, I know they want to go to all extremes, seeing as how this is the season finale and all but, I mean, this isn't Lost. They can't just randomly kill of characters. It doesn't fit for Ugly Betty.

    Kristin Chenowith was awesome in this. I loved her character. And her personality...just awesome. She was great in Wicked, too.

    So...overall, great, over-the-top episode. Can't wait for the next season!
  • SON OF A... I'll stop now.

    OMG! My sister has not seen this episode so I MUST let it out!

    How in the name of Nutbunnies can this be an hour long ep! If felt longer! Poor Betty! Poor Hilda! Poor Justin! Poor Santos! Poor Henry! Poor Daniel! Semi-poor Alexis (as I have a theory as to how the brake line was cut)! The twist with Amanda: Dun Dun DUUUUUUUUUN!!! Will Clair win her man back?! And will Willimena(sp?) keep her compassion for the second season?! Will Charlie get hit by a bu-I mean change her ways?!

    Is Santos dead? (Probably so but you know what soap-operaish shows are like)

    I don't think I can survive four months without Ugly Betty. This is one of the shows that my family sits down together and watch.

  • What an episode!

    Wow! Now this was a season finale episode..take note Greys Anatomy. This truly was a great episode, I went through so many emotions for Betty; tension - not knowing whether Henry was going to dump Charlie for Betty, then elation when he told Betty he'd dumped Charlie, then anger finding Charlie on the doorstep with her news wrenching them apart again, then joy when it turns out Charlie had been having an affair all along, I just loved the bit where the dentist, said to her 'You're Drew Barrymore!!!' But Betty wasn't the only great thing in this episode, Whilemina and Marc were so funny when she changed he wedding date so she get Marc back from evil Fabia and Marc hugging Whilly when he realised...Pure Genius!
    But poor Hilda, I was crying and crying at the end seeing Betty's face when she went to get Hilda and Hilda realising it wasn't good news. Hilda crying on the floor, it was so upsetting.
    But what of Alex and Daniel? Will they survive? Will Christina and Amanda ever get out of the Love Dungeon? How will Amanda take the news that Fay Summers was her mother?What will Whilly's dress look like when she marries Bradford? Will Mrs Meade get to whilly? Well, roll on season 2!!!!
  • So good, and yet so sad.

    This episode is exactly what a season finale is supposed to be like (for one that isn't, see Grey's Anatomy). It was so sad, but it was true to the characters and the nature of the show. SPOILER ALERT
    I'm disappointed that Santos was killed. He was such a good character, and he was finally shaping up his act and being there for Hilda and Justin. But perhaps that's why he was written out - his character has developed as much as it can. Hilda's reaction was realistic and dead on, and wasn't the least bit melodramatic. I'm a little surprised by Charlie - are the writers turning her into a crazy character? I'm judging this by the look on her face before the plane took off, and the fact that she is entrapping a man who is obviously in love with someone else.
    The other subplots paled in comparison. Perhaps now that we know Amanda's real mother was Fey Sommers, maybe her character will develop. And does this mean that Bradford is her father? Justin was amazing on stage. I think when this show ends, Mark Indelicato has a definite future on Broadway.
  • Completely heartbreaking in so many ways

    Oh god!! I am just dying knowing we will have to wait about 4 months to find out what's going to happen. Henry and Betty's kiss was sooo cute but I can't believe Charlie has been cheating on him and then basically lying just to keep him to herself!!!! Santos is 'dead' but it has been said that " they will leave a loophole that will allow this character to return if he so chooses" (and who wouldn't!) Claire has escaped and I'm not sure how Daniel will survive the crash when he was so drugged up in the first place. Wilhemina has shown her lovely side and Amanda is Fey's daughter!!! Obviously this will have some repercussions on who takes over Mode, and (HOPEFULLY) she will stop Wilhemina's take over and do something with the company! (as it is technically hers).
    Such a good episode but I am so upset that Henry and Betty haven't got it together yet. SOON!!!!!
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