Ugly Betty

Season 2 Episode 9

Giving Up the Ghost

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2007 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A crisis caused by Wilhelmina has the team at Mode struggling to meet a deadline under extreme time constraints. Consequently, Alexis is forced to flirt with the printer for an extension, and Betty and Daniel try to free a teen star out of rehabilitation for a re-shoot.moreless

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  • That's why I love Betty. This episode is very well written, every characters has been given proper justification, it is one of the episode that could pass up as a season finale.moreless

    In the previous episode where Betty told Daniel that she is not coming back is not really fun to see, Betty and Daniel should stick together all the time, they can't just be separated, the fact that Betty came back made this episode very good (even though of course it is expected that Betty will come back eventually).

    The funniest part is when karma bites back Wilhelmina, she might be triumphant at first but she did not evaluated the situation before doing her evil plans.

    and finally the message of creating new pages in their lives was clearly brought out in a nice inspirational way was very good indeed.moreless
  • What can I say?

    I really like this episode. I loved the whole episode, I missed last weeks one and I couldnt find it on the tv all week, so I missed that one. But I didnt miss much. Anyway, I thought it was very cleverly plotted. I thought this episode was definitely hilarious and touching at the same time too. I thought Daniel was amazing in this episode. Henery and Betty always a joy to watch. Amanda was so funny with her idea, I felt sly on her whne that woman told her she was rubbish and she should quit blah blah blah. Overall another excellent enjoyable episode.moreless
  • Betty is haunted by a 'ghost'. Mode is being crushed and Wilhelmina Slater makes a comeback.

    Bradford Meade's funeral was a 'sad' day for Wilhelmina. Although it was pretty painful when she fell into an open grave thanks to Bradford's ex wife. After the funeral the cunning mistress, Wilhelmina, steals a DVD called 'Medusa' and it immediately destroyed and eliminated all the files in Mode. They lose the new edition and with the cover page gone they need to get Cameron. However, Cameron has other ideas and trashes the place with a guitar. Then Wilhelmina makes her move. She offers everyone working for a 15% bonus and dental and cosmetic surgery if they work for.......... Slater, the new magazine she wants to shoot. Many people leave but a few people, Daniel, Betty, Alexus, Amanda are loyal and stay at Mode. However, she is in rehab which leaves a bit of a situation as their deadline is soon. Alexus has to try and persuade the advertisers to extend the deadline. However, she finds herself staring at the ground because the door was opened by a dwarf. She talked to him for a while and she found out they had a lot in common. In the end he agrees to extend the deadline. Betty sees Bradford Meade as a ghost and he tells her to look after Daniel. Daniel is extremely frustrated because he still has not found a cover page for Mode. When Betty gives Daniel a lecture he suddenly has an inspiration instead of perspiration. The words that gave Daniel the idea was a blank slate. He had a black cover page with memorial for Bradford Meade on it. An employee says they are continuing the legacy except Daniel says they are starting a new one.moreless
  • Following Bradford Meade's funeral, Willamena deletes all of Mode's Magazines from the computer. She introduces her idea for her new Magazine... Slater. Daniel is left short staffed and tries to fill his fathers shoes and create the cover of the magazine.moreless

    Bradford Meade's tragic death follows with a tragic funeral. Whillamena attends the funeral without an invitation and receives payback by tripping into Bradford's grave. Whillamena deletes all of Mode's data. She introduces her idea of the magazine she wants to run..... Slater. Daniel and Alexis are short staffed and have to shoot the magazine Whillamena deleted. Alexis tries to lure an advertising company with her charm but a dwarf appears in the doorway and so she has other ideas to get her way. Daniel has trouble shooting the cover so he visits Cameron in rehab and she refuses to do it unless god wants her to do it. Amanda was given the responsibility of shooting the What's Hot section but fails with wounding news. Alexis talks to the dwarf and finds many similarities between them. Daniel finally finishes the cover but has another idea for the cover. Will Daniel fill his dad's shoes? Or will he become a miserable failure like predicted? Will Whillamena evolve her new idea into a productive magazine? Or is Mode going to take over an fill Bradford's legacy?moreless
  • Betty is haunted, Mode is destroyed, and Eliza Dushku makes a comeback!

    In the aftermath of Bradford's funeral, Daniel fires Wilhemina from MODE and she, in turn, destroys everything MODE's database, while stealing MODE's employees for her own new magazine: SLATER. Betty, meanwhile, is being haunted by Bradford's ghost and she must help Daniel keep MODE alive and running! However this also entails kidnapping a famous star from rehab (Eliza Dushku) to reshoot their cover! Also, Amanda locks herself inside a room with a midget to convince him to give them more time! I found this episode wildly hilarious, devious, and the other many elements that helps this show to break all the rules of television, which makes this show great!moreless
Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku

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Illeana Douglas


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Sheila revealed that Amanda has been a receptionist at Mode for 2 years.

    • In this episode during the funeral, Hilda, Ignacio, and Justin work on the Christmas tree in their house. Justin says that everything is the same with the tree every year, including the tree itself. However, the year before, in the episode 'Lose the Boss', Daniel gave the family a new Christmas tree because he "threw up in four of their rooms. It was the least [he] could do."

    • Sheila mentions the next Mode issue being 412 (before Daniel says that it will be 001) this means the first issue of Mode was October 1973.

    • This episode features another similarity between the death of Bradford Meade and the death of Alan Dale's character Caleb Nichol on The O.C., both died of heart-attacks. Also they are both last seen unusually wearing Hawaiian shirts and shorts, not their normal suits; Bradford in Betty's imagination and Caleb by the pool with Julie Cooper before his heart-attack.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Justin: You're telling me Wilhelmina Slater was pushed into a grave and you didn't get one picture? Way to turn a funeral into a tragedy.

    • Betty: Now can you... go away so I can go back to sleep?
      Bradford: By sleep, you mean finish these empanadas?
      Betty: ... Damn you, subconscious manifestation of my guilt.

    • Amanda: Who do you think's gonna take over Meade Publications now that Bradford's gone? I mean, I am Fey Sommers' daughter, you think it could be me?
      Sheila: Probably. I'm sure you're 2 years as a receptionist qualifies you to run the whole company.
      Amanda: I know right.

    • Marc: Where are we getting the money to launch this magazine without Meade Publications behind us?
      Wilhelmina: Well, since my sugar daddy kicked it early, I'm gonna turn to my own daddy. (Marc sniggers) What's that smirk for?
      Marc: It's just that you have a father. I always imagined you rising out of a cauldron or born of a jackal.
      Wilhelmina: You're so sweet.

    • Betty: I've been thinking about mom a lot lately with the funeral and the holidays coming. I just don't think she would be happy with the person I was becoming at Mode.
      Hilda: Okay, but I think she would be happier if you quit after you got your Christmas bonus!

    • Betty: Look at Daniel...he just looks so upset.
      Christina: Yeah...are we getting paid for today?
      Betty: Christina, we're at a funeral.

    • Cameron: Mode magazine. Yeah, I think I did the cover, and probably the photographer, I usually do.

    • Claire: Motion to terminate Wilhelmina Slater as Creative Director of Mode Magazine. All in favor.
      Daniel and Alexis: Yes!
      Claire: Motion carried. Rest in peace, bitch!

    • Sheila: I knew Fay Sommers. I worked with Faye Sommers. I once made out with Fay Sommers...and you are no Fay Sommers!

    • Wilhelmina: Marc, we must do somehting now. Something beautiful and final. So they will never forget we were here.
      Marc: Is this going to be some murder-suicide thing because Cliff and I have Chorus Line tickets tonight.

    • Marc: If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. No one pushes Wilhelmina Slater into an open grave!

    • Betty: Mr. Meade! You're dead! And in my refrigerator!
      Bradford: A box of baking soda wouldn't hurt in here.

    • Wilhelmina: We're not dying, Marc. Mode is.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      'Jingle Bells' (Spanish version)
      'Little Drummer Boy' (Instrumental string version)
      'Step It Up' by The Bamboos
      'Feliz Navidad'

    • International Airdates:
      Ireland: November 29, 2007 on RTE Two
      Portugal: December 23, 2007 on SIC
      Sweden: January 22, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Norway: March 12, 2008 on TVNorge
      The Netherlands: June 3, 2008 on Net 5
      Australia: July 2, 2008 on Channel 7
      Denmark: May 27, 2008 on TV2
      Greece: August 13, 2008 on ANT1
      Latin America: January 22, 2009 on Sony Entertainemnt Television


    • Henry said he learned his cooking skills from Martha. He was referring to Martha Stewart, one of the richest women in America. She became famous for her TV show Martha Stewart Living (later replaced by Martha), about domestic arts, and, for the magazine with the same title.