Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 5

Granny Pants

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on ABC

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  • While Wilhelmina, Daniel and Hilda all had some AMAZING moments, the episode as a whole was just a plain ratings booster thanks to Lindsay Lohan.

    If you want drama, comedy, and a rather fast-paced storyline, watch the other four episodes of the third season. Or better yet, watch seasons one and two. While both had their duds, they were still jam-packed with story.

    Season three was like a train running wild on the tracks... Until it hit the brick wall known as "Granny Pants". The whole episode is used to remind us what high school is or was like, and for Lindsay Lohan to boost the ever-rapidly declining ratings. While it's nice to see Justin get a storyline for the first time in a while, the episode was, in my opinion, the season's first dud.

    By this review, it sounds like I should have given it a 4 or a 5... But the dinner date (yes, dinner date!) between Daniel and Wilhelmina was epic for any Ugly Betty fan. There are so many hilarious lines that go on between them it's hard to know when to stop laughing. And Hilda gets some great lines too early in the episode.

    But overall, the episode is only worth watching if you're a diehard Betty fan... or if you like Lindsay Lohan. It was all filler (yes, every single scene shot was filler) so if you missed the episode, don't rush to to watch it, because you'll be disappointed with the lack of plot development and lack of character development.
  • Kimmie was just so unpredictable and annoying!

    This episode was very painful to watch, regarding Betty Suarez. After doing all she could to help her high school bully, Kimmy Keegan, look where that got her. Talk about trying to be the better person!

    I was very annoyed at the things that happened to Betty, and as I mentioned above, for me, that was painful to watch.

    This episode was good, though. Daniel Meade and Wilhelmina Slater on a date was just the best possible concept, in my opinion.

    I also loved the scene when Kimmie attempted to pronounce Wilhelmina's name. That was really funny for me!

    A good episode, overall, but quite painful to watch, for me.
  • Really want to hit Kimmie!

    Kimmie really is manupulative and thinks that she could get what she really wants. This is really like Lindsay Lohan's real life imitating art thing. And that it could only go from bad to worse for poor Betty. Meanwhile, Justin tries out for Broadway. And like one reviewer says, he just needs to put on some weight. Because the football player did dance a lot better. But Justin does have a lot of potential for dancing I think. Daniel goes out with someone, none other than his arch nemesis and now boss, Whilemenia. And that it ended ok. Though those two won't be dating anytime soon. Kimmie gets promoted over Betty because of her looks. Kimmie needs to go. She is like a Whilemenia Jr!
  • Kimmie Keegan (Lindsay Lohan) goes to Betty for help in finding a job. Meanwhile, Daniel decides to try a matchmaking service and gets a shocking "perfect" match. Elsewhere, Justin tries out for a Broadway musical.

    Wasn't that wild Wilhelmina and Daniel find out they are the perfect match. Then they actually find out they can work together. Sweet moment but will it last. Kimmie shows up from Betty's past and gets a job as her assistant within a short time she takes over Betty's job then gets promoted above Betty. She ends up being one of the beautiful people and according Kimmie pretty people are mean its just the way of things. I wanted to kick her, but do we really need another Wilhelmina!!
    I think Justin needs to put on some weight and get mom to send him to dance school. The football player danced better then Justin did.
    Can't wait til next week hope they get rid of Kimmie.