Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 20

Hello Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2010 on ABC

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  • It's a wrap - after four solid years of Comedy, Ugly Betty brings down the curtains. A somewhat bitter sweet ending as the writers bring quick closure for all the characters and the viewer is left with only one choice - to say goodbye.

    For the past four years we have all been able to rely on Ugly Betty to brighten up our week - does anyone remember the 1st season when Betty walked into a glass Bus Shelter? Consistantly funny and heartwarming Ugly Betty is a classic show that will be missed.

    In Hello Goodbye we say hello to a new Betty, no longer Ugly Betty, but a Betty confident in herself and ready to take on new challenges with her new found sense of beauty. For the past 8 epsidoes we saw Betty's lip liner get smaller, her makeup and hair improving and finally the braces came off to reveal a beautiful young woman.

    We also say goodbye to Mark, Willy, The Meads, Amanda and all the other characters that we have grown to adore these past 4 years.


    All the main characters are given their HAPPY ENDINGS and the closing montage is Betty in London exploring her new world - only to run into the man of her dreams. I dont know if anyone else was thinking it but i thought in the first season that Daniel and Betty would end up together.

    The ending of Betty has left me with one unavoidable question - what will fill this massive void?

    It occurs to me that a Betty movie is a real possibility but even without that the series ending left us with a grin - Daniel may become Betty's assistant and much more... Cheers and farewell
  • Perfect way to end the show. Betty the Ugly is now Betty, embarking on her dream, while Daniel matures and appreciates her in a new way (wink, wink) and Wilhelmina stops scheming and gets what she's been after while everyone else gets a happy ending.

    I must admit, I didn't watch "Ugly Betty" during its original network run and only saw all 4 seasons in reruns on the TV Guide network (in a record two-month period with 2 eps shown a day). I'm sorry I missed the show and wished I had supported it during its original run, as I wasn't sure what to make of it at the time. However, in rerurns, I was immediately hooked into the quirky premise of transforming a daily Latin American telenovela into a one hour weekly comedy-drama. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series (although season 3 felt a little weak at times). (P.S.: Whatever happened to the telenovela within the show with the ex-nun that was featured in season 1? LOL)

    The heart of the show has always been Betty and the relationship between her and Daniel. Thus, I think the finale ended perfectly. I read online that the original series, "Betty la fea" was mostly about Betty and her unrequited love for her boss, but in the American version, Betty never pined for Daniel, having love interests of her own, and the series never explored a romantic relationship between the two, focusing on their friendship instead. The series ending, however, was great as in the episodes prior to this Betty emerges from her cocoon to become a butterfly (bye, bye braces) and encounters her old loves (Matt off to save the world, Gio, Henry) until she's left alone, but not really, as Daniel has been there all along. And Daniel has transformed from playboy to seeing what was there under his eyes all the time. Whether you rooted for a Betty/Daniel pairing or not, the ending was perfect as it hinted at a possible romantic ending without feeling forced or rushed.

    The ending also served as perfect way to wrap-up most of the other characters's storylines too as Wilhelmina got what she wanted from episode 1; Marc found love and will rise up the corporate ladder in Mode; Amanda found her long-lost dad (in a storyline I thought the writers had dropped altogether); Hilda got a new life, Justin got a boyfriend and Ignacio saw his girls fly the coop and spread their wings. A minor quibble was the Tyler storyline. Other than Wilhemina exhonerating him for the shooting, not much was made of his resolution or with Claire's either.

    I did think the finale came full circle what with Halston's funeral (remember ep 1 began with Fey Sommers' death?), Betty's reflection of her old self while leaving her family, and the final title of "Ugly Betty" morphed to just "Betty." One little thing though, I would have liked to have seen the poncho one last time, LOL. Justin mentioned it in the final ep, but I thought it would have been hilarious, if in London, Daniel gave her a new poncho with the words "London" on it. I do think the series ended at the perfect time, as it ran its course over the full 4 seasons as Betty transformed completely by the end of the series. How would the show have continued in season 5 with Betty no longer "ugly" and rising up in the world? Sure, as fifth season would have been great, but its always better that a show end with the audience wanting more rather than limp along past its prime and have the audience ask, "Is that thing still on?"

    All in all, one of the best finales to a series ever.
  • Adios to a great show!

    Well, it always has to happen with every series, even the really fun/funny ones. I won't say too much about what happens in this series finale. I know that there are a few who may be waiting to watch, and I do not want to spoil things. All I will say is that it is one of the most appropriate endings I have seen for a finale since the West Wing went off the air. The characters reached their moment of growth as far as they can go without starting a whole new show, and I was pleased with the story arc for each of them. I would say over the years of watching this series, I have enjoyed most the interaction of Betty with Mark & Amanda. Her influence on them and their own, if at times very negative, influence on her were always a delight. This is one of those episodes that makes you fully realize how very much you have come to have these characters as a part of your life. This is the great blessing of well-made television. You come to embrace a story as so entertaining that it becomes interesting, and you find yourself actually missing the characters. Yet you are happy that somewhere, out there in the ether of fiction, their stories continue.

    And like an awesome set of home movies, one day you will drag out the DVD's & sit back to watch the show unfold all over again... and sometimes, it will be like the first time you watched and the memories of meeting these men/women will reaffirm themselves. Congratulations to everyone involved in this program. We appreciate everything you did to be an enjoyable light in our often boring and stressful lives over the last four years. Blessings!
  • Awesome show, good episode but left me wanting more!!

    the episode was a little hush hush..but the ending story lines to all the characters did justice to the show. I liked all the parts, but it seemed like they should have made a 2-hour finale instead of a normal episode. Daniel and Betty were so cute! I also liked the way they cut out 'Ugly' 'from Ugly Betty'in the end, and made it just 'Betty'! so now no more ugly, just Betty with her dreams coming true!
    I must say the yellow dress she was wearing in the middle of the episode where she tells Daniel she is leaving looked awesome on her!!

    alas its over, its so sad to say goodbye!
  • Goodbye Betty.

    Just when the show was finding his groove back, ABC axed it. That's really too bad.

    I don't know if the writers knew it could be their last season but they really had a blast, and so did we. And lucky for us they had enough time to give us a decent finale that concluded the series quite well. I like it when stories don't fully come to an end and we're free to imagine whatever we want.

    Over the 4 seasons, we've seen Betty growing up, getting more mature, responsible and very good at her job. She finally got the position she deserved. Seeing Daniel meeting her in London lets us continue their story anyway we want.

    But one thing is sure, I'll definitely miss this crazy cast. Amanda and Marc were hilarious and probably one of the best "couple" on screen. Their lines were just great. Vanessa Williams was excellent, too. I can't wait to see her on Desperate Housewives.

    I wish the best to all of them.
  • Great finale, and a great farewell!

    This was truly the fitting finale after four great eyears of Ugly Betty! I throroughly enjoyed this show, and I felt that it ended on a great note!

    This episode finally wrapped up some very interesting storylines! Most interestingly, Wilhelmina was given the company (well, technincally just the magazine) that she'd wanted for all her life! Congrats to her!

    i thought that the conclusion was great, and I think that they did trealy well with how they ended it off. Can't believe the great ending!

    Also a great ending for Amanda, and I can't believe that such an amazing show has come to its conclusion. Definitely killed off prematurely, Uggly Bett y will foreever be remembered as an amazing show! I loveed it!
  • The perfect ending.

    The series finale of Ugly Betty aired last Wednesday, April 14, 2010; and, if ever a TV show could be said to have aired its perfect ending, this is one shining example of that. I can't fathom why it's ranking isn't a little higher on!

    ***SPOILERS AHEAD, if you haven't seen it yet***

    After 4 years, pretty much everyone gets what they want/need, and so do the viewers.

    Wilhelmina gets Mode, with Marc as her Creative Director; Amanda finds her father and is working on becoming a stylist; Christina (though she doesn't appear in THIS episode) is an up-and-coming fashion designer; Hilda is happily married; Justin is out of the closet and has an adorable boyfriend; Ignacio still has his woman (even if she's not in THIS episode) and is happy for his daughters and grandson; Alexis (though not in THIS episode) is living in Paris with her son; Gio (though not in THIS episode) is getting married and Henry (not in THIS episode) seems happy with his son; Claire Meade is still running Meade publications and is happy to see her son Daniel growing up and becoming the man she always knew he could be; and then there's Betty and Daniel themselves. Betty has taken a job co-running a new, up-and-coming magazine in London, and Daniel has given Mode to Wilhelmina so he can find a job that wasn't given to him (by his father), so he can prove himself, make something of himself. There is the hint of a spark between Betty and Daniel at the end, as they run into each other in London, and I thought that was PERFECT. Don't have them kiss and be in love; that wouldn't be realistic. This was.

    And the final words on the screen: "Ugly Betty," and then "Ugly" drops out, and we're left with "Betty," as a crane shot shows Betty walking through a London crowd, Daniel obviously watching her leave, excited he has found her.

    What's implied is that there will be something between them but maybe not for a while. It will be something that feels right, something organic. Since the writers didn't have the time to create the proper chemistry for a Betty/Daniel pairing at the end of the show (they had 4 episodes left to write when they got the news they were being canceled), this was the best option. And it really was the best! Love it!

    Goodbye, Ugly Betty! You will be missed greatly, but you will live on forever in the form of DVDs. Especially on my DVD shelf. :-)
  • I'd have to call this a "Meatloaf and mashed potatoes" ending. Comfort food that in the end gives you a warm feeling inside and leaves you smiling.

    The true beauty of Ugly Betty wasn't so much the story lines as it was the characters. Each character, from the mains like Betty, Daniel, and Wilhelmina to secondary characters like Mark and Amanda were fully fleshed out. Each one had their own story line, which didn't always intersect with Betty's but was always interesting.

    In the finally, we get what you expect in a finally, resolution. Everyone's storyline wrapped up nicely but still let you know that they were moving on. If by some miracle (I'm not holding my breath) Betty got renewed, I'd love to see where each one goes from here, especially Daniel and Wilhelmina. It ends well, letting you know life goes on, friends and family are important, and the only constant in life is change. It's especially gratifying because all there characters have grown over the years, each on fining a special niche in the Betty universe. I almost wish it had been a 2 hour ending, with the last bit showing how each character was fitting into their new roles. Still, where they left it was more than fine. Betty ends on a high note and goes out not with a bang or a whimper but a spark. We see the characters shine brightly and know everything's going to be ok as the show fades to black and rolls credits.
  • A fitting farewell to Betty.

    It's a bitter-sweet ending because we all know that the series was cut short and loose ends were tied up at a whirlwind pace. Some scenes in this final episode and the episodes leading up to it would have been full episodes in their own right and instead they are compressed into an overview. That being said, I think the writers and cast did an incredible job of giving the fans what they wanted. Unlike some shows that leave you reeling when they close (Battlestar Galactica for instance)this leaves you all warm inside.

    Being English, I'm very proud that the writers chose to move Betty to London to pursue her dreams! I'm glad they decided to let Betty and Daniel get together (we all KNOW they do after this episode ends!) Most of all I think Justin gets the ending I had hoped for. As a gay teen I was lonely and thought there was no-one in the world like me. Justin's message that it is ok to be yourself and the portrayal of his family's acceptance must surely be a comfort to gay teens all over the world and for that I'm thankful!

    I'm sad that it has ended but I'm thankful for the journey and look forward to watching and re-watching the show in the coming years on DVD!
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