Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 14

I'm Coming Out

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on ABC
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Betty has her job cut out for her getting prepared for Mode's huge event during New York City's Fashion Week. Meanwhile, Marc and Amanda can't delay getting their hands on something everybody desires, Christina wishes to create her mark in the design world and Daniel calls for Hilda to grant her sister a hand.moreless

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  • !!!

    This episode is one of THE BEST episodes in the series, it is also very pivotal, in that it is the episode in which Rebecca Romijin appears as Alexis Meade, a very important character. It's fashion week at MODE, something thats very important, and also the day that Alexis Meade chooses to 'come out' to the rest of the world as a woman. Christina badly wants her designs to be in the fashion show catwalk parade, and ends up being blackmailed by Whilemina. Very funny line - Amanda: Your booking a cruise? You can't afford to cruise the men's room on the 9th floor!moreless
  • "I'll get you Fabia, and your little dog too."


    I couldn't believe the 'mystery woman' is alex/alexis! hahaha. That was hilarious. I also love all of Marc's comments. He gives Kevin from Brothers and sisters a run for his money on cute gay guys on tv. The sibling rivalry between hilda and betty hit me personally as i am the oldest of 2 sisters and am reffered to as the 'perfect child' which they pretend not to care about, but i know it effects them and will come back and haunt me later. Back to ugly betty. Oh yes, best quote of all time 'i'll get you fabia, and your little dog too' hahahahaha. i love WoOZ references, esp as i used to use that all the time to! hehe

    Daniel is heaps sweet!

    Justin is sooo cute. i want him as a brother or nephew or something. i'm actually beginning to like Wilhelmina, prob since she was going out with that texas (?) guy. Things are definately heating up with Alexis now wanting the company. Can't wait to see what happenes next ep!! soo excited. looking forward to my sunday night break from reality!! hehe :)moreless
  • Great episode! Fashion Week mania prevails at Mode, Betty goes Bluetooth, a very disturbing Meade revelation goes public, and we *all* seriously ask ourselves, "Is it fun having a sister?"

    This episode goes a long way in demonstrating that while family ties are extraordinarily strong, they can often be stretched to the point of breaking, if we are not very, very careful, considerate, and charitable. Hilda manages to impose herself on Betty's domain, and like a well-meaning, ebullient, but nonobservant bull in a china shop, manages to wreak havoc on Betty's patiently built but very fragile identity outside of her home. Betty takes drastic steps, perhaps unwarranted, to protect herself from Hilda's encroachment.

    Daniel, who's becoming more self-aware in each episode, finds himself slipping back into comfortable old habits when he encounters the Blonde Amazon, delightfully played by Rebecca Romijn. Her startling revelation at the bar drives Daniel to do a lot of self-medicating, which he shares with an equally stunned Hilda.

    Bright, charming or wickedly funny spots are found everywhere in this episode: Justin's absolute GLEE! at attending the Fashion Week activities; Marc and Amanda's exchange before the show, discussing his undercover diversion of finding the 'it' item to sell for knock-offs—says Marc: "Find your *own* criminal activity!" And Gina Gershon is back as Fabia, the only person who successfully mocks Wilhemina and lives to tell about it. Best line: "You can look 65 again, Wrinklemina! I love Fabia! And of course, Henry. "I was poppin' and lockin'! … Poppin' *and* Lockin'." Hee. Gotta love him!

    Of course, this is also an episode where the consequences of various deceptions is established. From Hilda's well-meaning deceit about Henry's Xmas phone call to Betty; and Wilhemina's abuse of Christina's ambition to deliver false evidence to the police; to Alex/is' 2-year subterfuge/conspiracy with Wilhemina which is finally revealed to the WORLD. Now, I wonder if Daniel's decision to drink himself under the table rather than alert/save his parents from the huge trauma of Alex/is' announcement, will actually have any repercussions?

    Well done. Set-ups for the rest of the season abound! And as a completely shallow aside: this is the first episode where I've *almost liked* what Betty was wearing…moreless
  • Things Get Ugly at Fashion Week!

    Fashion week hits New York city and Mode Magazine is ready and so is Betty. there is a lot of surprise that went on in this episode. One of the more shocking came at the end of the hour as Rebecca Romijn reveal who she really is and that is a shocker. Part of the reason why "Ugly Betty" is getting to be oine of my favorite shows. One reason why I watch ABC every thursday night at 8 O'Clock. If you want surprises, well "Ugly Betty," got them. If you haven't been watching "Ugly Betty," well what are you wating for?moreless
  • I love how Hilda can be completely annoying, bossy and overbearing, and yet somehow by the end of every episode, you sort of just forgive and forget. Like she's actually family.moreless

    It's bad enough everyone's got their own issues to deal with, then Fashion Week comes along.

    Hilda manages to outshine Betty when Daniel hires her for Fashion Week, stirring up some good ol' fashioned sibling rivalry. Daniel finally connects with his father, and proves how much he's changed in terms of his character, when the return of Alex quickly frazzles him and sends him into an immediate downward spiral. Clearly, a bad indication of things to come; his reaction to Alex's presence is probably going to affect him really badly in the next few episodes.

    Other Highlights: 1. Ignacio finds out something hilarious (and creepy) about his social worker

    2. Henry and Betty make cute little baby steps to each other

    3. Justin finds his way to Fashion Week

    4. Wilhemina gets injected with duck _____

    5. Mark and Amanda, period.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The tattoo on Alexis' leg is clearly fake - it looks more like it was painted on.

    • Eternal 18, the company that Marc was going to sell Fashion Week's "hot" item to, is a spoof of a real company, Forever 21.

    • Betty notes that she and Hilda worked together at "Lemon Ice" and points to important dates in their family time line; In 1991, Betty won a science fair and Hilda won Miss Junior Teen Queens. In 1994, Betty got straight A's in school and Hilda got pregnant.

    • This episode revealed Christina's last name, McKinney.

    • This episode featured a special guest appearance by Katharine McPhee, who played herself. In the cameo Betty mentioned that she had "McPheever", until she learned that McPhee wanted Betty to give an autographed copy of her CD to Hilda, whom Betty was still mad at at the time.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Justin: If you don't take me to Fashion Week, I will run away. I swear. I know a kid in sixth grade who sells crack!

    • Wilhelmina: Well, as lovely as that sounds, I'm a few years away from having a duck quack-off in my face.
      Fabia: Whatever you say, "Wrinklemina". Ciao!
      (Wilhelmina nervously feels her face as Fabia leaves laughing)
      Wilhelmina: Marc!!
      Marc: Dr Wong, Spring Street, I'm on it.

    • Betty: 1991- I win a science fair-Hilda wins Miss junior teen queens. Hilda gets a cake. 1994-I get straight A's-Hilda gets pregnant. Hilda gets a cake.
      Christina: Wait - so this is about cake now?

    • Wilhelmina: I'll get you Fabia. And your little dog too!

    • Wilhelmina: Do we know this person?
      Justin: Kayla Brooks, fashion correspondant for "New York One." She's in a midnight-blue Chanel with pewter buttons and navy stockings.
      Wilhelmina: Mistake?
      Justin: Colossal. She looks like a mailbox.
      Wilhelmina: Mmm. You're good Jason.
      Justin: It's Justin, but you can call me whatever you want: I love you.

    • Fabia: (to Wilhelmina) Don't be stupido. What are we? The freakin' Olsen twins?

    • (While Wilhelmina couldn't see)
      Marc: Fabia at two o'clock!... You're on Tokyo time woman!!

    • Constance: Nacho!
      Walter: Nacho?
      Ignacio: It's her little pet name. I think she wants to eat me.

    • Wilhelmina: (to Marc) You'll be my seeing-eye gay.

    • Amanda: You're booking a cruise? You can't afford to cruise the men's room on the 9th floor!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Wilhelmina: I'll get you Fabia. And your little dog too!

      This is taken from the classic line "I'll get you my little pretty, and your little dog too!" by the Wicked Witch in the movie The Wizard of Oz.