Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 13

In or Out

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on ABC

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  • Sweet, funny, and quirky!

    WoW! Definitely one of the best Betty episodes of the season. So witty! America does a fantastic job in this episode, her remarks, so clever and funny, Hilda gone mad trying to form a cupcake business and forcing Ignacio into making more cupcakes, and yet by the end of the show, she naturally goes from crazy, to emotional in a heartbeat. *Marc photographing Amanda- oh my! that was just hilarious-these two have great chemistry- and the Daniel and Betty scenes-so cute, sweet and funny. Them high-fiving, in their first scene together-something so neat about it, and the poignant scene, with them talking by the bridge, is beautifully written and well acted by both America Ferrara, and hats off to Eric Mabius, going deep into Daniel's words-giving them feeling. The way he tells Betty, "you're much better any model" is especially memorable-oh and the karaoke scene-hehe! What a hoot to watch! Who would ever see the day, Daniel and Betty singing karoake- and with such flair and charm-great chemistry between Mabius and Ferrara- makes watching them in scene together so enjoyable.
    And what a twist at the end! This show just keeps getting better and better!
  • The twist at the end is a classic. But is it really?

    Can it really be that Alex Meade didn't die in the skiing accident as thought? Or is the "changed Alexis" really a revitalized and rejuvenated Faye Summers? Since we haven't been told whether Alex had an open or closed casket service, and the body of Faye Summers was mysteriously claimed by a long lost relative (probably Wilhemina), then it leaves open the question. Could Faye summers be planning on seriously playing with the Meade family even more by coming back as the sex changed and presumed dead Alex Meade? And what about Betty? Should she drop Walter and go for the excitement of Henry? Personally, I think she should go for Henry. As I have heard inthe Spanish version she ends up with Daniel, but that would be too convenient. Daniel needs to find someone outside of the office.
  • While Daniel is still suffering from his break up with Sofia, Betty is doing her best to get him back to work and over Sofia. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina decides who will continue to work at Mode once her ambitions to be named Editor-in-Chief are realized.

    While Daniel is still suffering from his break up with Sofia, Betty is doing her best to get him back to work and over Sofia. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina decides who will continue to work at Mode once her ambitions to be named Editor-in-Chief are realized. another big wow for this great show! that's why i'm givining it a 10 from the beginning! daniel&betty moments-adorable. marc has a great heart and likes amanda: wow...again that sofia b****..uhhh i hate her although selma hayek did a great job as Sofia episode woth remebering
  • "Betty" Rules!

    "Ugly Betty" is an absolute gem of a show. This episode was funny, touching, and shocking. The relationship developing between Betty and Daniel is one of the most genuine and touching on TV, and the plot twist at the end of the hour was a jaw-dropper. Congratulations to America and to the show for winning the Golden Globes - well deserved!
  • fine

    This episode of Ugly Betty is average, not the best. In it, we find out some very shocking answers to the secrets. Daniel is still suffering from his break up with Sofia, he has spent 2 weeks in bed. He comes back, pretending that he's been in Rio for 2 weeks, with a very massive fake tan. Whilemina is continuing to try and become editor - in - chief of MODE magazine! In doing this, she creates n 'in and out' wall, to decided when she takes over, who will be in and who will be out. The biggest suprise - the masked lady is Alexis Meade, Daniels brother!!
  • After the pain Sofia put onto Daniel, Daniel was extremly depressed and Betty tried to help him get over his pain.

    I felt so bad for Daniel in this episode and the last one too! He was so sad! Poor Daniel! If Betty was not there he would have anything now. He would still be curled up under his bed in a feedal position getting over all the pain and suffering Sofia caused him. She broke his heart and Betty was the one who helped him get over her. Betty is his savior and she always will be a best friend to him! No matter what happens Betty always helps him out of all his troubles and bad situations! I want them to date sometime soon!
  • Shocking!

    I was so shocked when Wilhemina revealed that the woman she was constantly on the phone to was Alex Mead! "It's Alexis now, darling" was also the funniest line in the show, not to mention the highlight in my opinion. Although I was expecting the revelation of "mystery women" to be quite a shock, I admit I wasn't expecting anything quite like that. How will Daniel react? When will he find out? It sure left me wanting more! The writers of Ugly Betty are producing excellent stuff, and I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say there's got to be another great series coming up soon from these writers. Fingers crossed!
  • Ugly Betty is catching up with the Soaps in the most outrageous storyline department.

    Ok, I do like this show and I am going to keep watching it but seriously. What is up with the whole gender swap thing? It’s Ridiculous. Let’s sum it up. Alex Meade faked his own death to get a sex change and then come back after two years to tell the world about it and get his father arrested for the murder of someone and get his brother fired from the magazine. Now when you say it like that doesn’t it just make you wonder what the writers were thinking when they came up with that!
  • Funny and revealing and funny some more.

    While Daniel is still suffering from his break up with Sofia, even pretending to go to Brazil for two weeks while hiding in his apartment, Betty is doing her best to get him back to work and over Sofia. When he does get back to work, he refuses to take the elevator in case he bumps into the Wicked Witch of the East and also sports a very obviously fake tan. Hilarious! Meanwhile, Wilhelmina decides who will continue to work at Mode once her ambitions to be named Editor-in-Chief are realized leading to the Mystery woman being revealed...and that person knows a lot about Daniel's brother Alex!

  • Excellent set-up. Then the last scene. It was like a boxer, guard up, ready for the impending blow. Next thing you know you hear "9-10 you're out" and as you try to pull yourself up from the mat all you can think is "Where did that come from?"

    I thought I was ready for it. Like everyone else I had figured Faye had faked her death, was getting surgery, and was going to userp the thrown. Who knew it was ALEX who faked his death and was now going to take his, her place as the rightful heir to the thrown. No wonder Whilimena was so willing to play ball. And the rest of the character development, from Betty's consoling to the others deciding where their loyalties are and what they're willing to do to keep their jobs. That last scene I NEVER saw coming. All I could do was laugh, scream, jump and proclaim, "That's why I love this show!"

    I can't wait for the next episode. And I am SO glad America and the show won the Golden Globes. So richly deserved!
  • WOW!! Whooda thought that would happen??

    Wow, this show just took a turn from no where. Glad to see that life is almost back to normal at Mode for a bit. Daniel’s back, Betty’s back, Amanda’s is back to where she belongs. But I was totally wrong about who I thought the covered woman was. I serious thought it was Faye Summers, and I am sure that I am not the only one who thought that. So wow, Alex. I also felt sorry for Hilda this episode. For as bratty as she has been sometimes, she really has had in tough. I also hope that Christina doesn’t follow through with what Wilhelmina wants her to do…
  • Mode, Larry and Curly.

    Cup cake madness and the identity of the woman is on tap in today "Ugly Betty." Daniel returns to work despite heartbreak over the break-up from Soflia. Bettuy returns to work after she quit her previous job (which doesn't include her stunt at a taco joint) Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is up to no good. She want that editor-at-chief a Mode Magazine and she'll get it by hook or by crook. She divided the staff in those who stay and those who should be fired. Meanwhile at home, Betty's father and sister got into the cup cake business and it's diving thbe family nuts again. and the identity of the woman is finally reveal and you going to be shock.
  • well, we find out who the masked woman is and daniel comes out of hiding and betty's relationship with daniel grows and Hilda doubts herslef and gets upset-

    wow, this ep was amazing, exactly what i was waiting for, A. daniel's and Betty's relationship that was so sweet and amazing, very touching and funny- the song I Got You Babe was perfect for that scene and their realtionship in general. and B. finding out who the masked woman is yay! Rebecca Romijn! she is so pretty! anyways this ep i gove a ten and it diserved it, absolutley amazing and sweet!!!!!! can't wait for the next ep!
  • This episode showcased something that audiences have been waiting for since the mystery began in the first episode. The mysterious women is revealed. As well, Daniel and Betty's work relationship develops even stronger.

    We have all enjoyed watching Wilhelmina plot with Mark in attempt to take over Mode magazine. watching Daniel and Betty coming out on top, rooting for them and rooting for the underdogs while watching with enjoyment.

    But just when we thought that entire season would be different schemes watching all these characters develop and some of them constantly coming on top; the series takes an exciting turn. Suddenly, we are left with even more questions than what we initially started with after the mysterious women, who we were all lead to believe was Fey coming back from the dead in some form, or so destroyed from the car crash that she had to be wrapped up, more questions arrive even now keeping us at the edge of our seats.

    So now that it has been reveled that it was Alex Meade, Bradford's favorite, the supposed dead son and Daniel's brother who has gone through extensive surgery to transform into the new "Alexis" this only brings a large realm of questions. Why would a son who was so beloved try to destroy his other father and take over Mode magazine that seemingly would probably be his to begin with?

    I can't wait for the next episode, they definitely have turned this comedy not only into an enjoyable prime time to watch but now, one that builds the anticipation for the next.
  • Surprising Shocker (includes recap)

    Betty has a new job as a waitress at Burrito King, but is regretting leaving 'Mode'. She goes to Daniel's place to fill his fridge and bring in his dry cleaning so he can feel welcomed home after his break-up with Sofia. Betty is shocked to find him in his apartment, scruffy and bummed out in his pajamas and his bedroom cluttered in empty take out boxes and papers. She tells him she quit 'MYW' after what Sofia did to him which delights Daniel and asks her to came back to 'Mode' as his assistant with Amanda still being his assistant. Betty agrees.
    Meanwhile, Hilda loses her job after 'Herbalux' is recalled by the FDA. She has trouble finding a job, but decides to sell her father's famous cupcakes to a local diner. She puts everyone hard at work to the point of exhaustion from Ignacio and Justin.
    Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and the masked woman get the information on Bradford from Steve to connect him to Fey's death. Wilhelmina is deciding who she keep at 'Mode' once she's editor-in-chief. She's fuzzy on Christina and wants Amanda out because of her feelings and loyalty to Daniel. Marc tries to change Wilhelmina's mind, but she's set on her decision unless Amanda proves her loyalty to Wilhelmina.
    Betty is helping Daniel move forward and stands by his side even if it means going up 28 floors of stairs with him so he can avoid running into Sofia. Amanda isn't happy with the new situation, but takes it as best as she can. Betty is concerned over Daniel's lack of confidence and decides to set him up with supermodel Gisele. After some convincing, Daniel agrees and this displeases Amanda.
    Marc hears of Amanda's situation, he lets her in on Wilhelmina's in and out plan and that Amanda needs to betray Daniel in order to stay. She is reluctant, but realizing that Daniel will always take Betty's word decides to betray him and cancels the dinner with Gisele.
    Daniel arrives at the restraunt with photographers taking pictures through the window. When Gisele doesn't show, Betty comes to the rescue and the two later go out for pizza, sing some karaoke there, and crash a wedding reception to get free cake. In the process, Daniel opens up about his brother's death from a ski accident and tells Betty that Henry likes her. Betty doesn't believe it as she saw Henry kiss Aerin at the party, but Daniel tells her that Aerin kissed a bunch of guys at the party and she should go for it because she's better than any model. Betty in turn tells Daniel he's lucky because he opened his heart to Sofia and was ready to marry despite how bad things ended.
    Meanwhile, Christina wants to enter the fashion week to show off her designs, but is troubled because Wilhelmina decides who's in. Despite her better judgement, Christina makes a trade with Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina will put Christina's designs in the fashion show if Christina will deliever the package full of evidence on Bradford to the police station anonymously.
    Meanwhile, Hilda makes $181 off the cupcakes and needs to make another order. Ignacio, however, is exhausted and Hilda decides to make them herself. When Betty gets home, she finds Hilda making them and she gets frustrated when she learns that Betty went on an all-night "date" with her boss to which Betty says wasn't a date. The cupcakes burn and Hilda shouts about everything wrong with her and begins to cry. She tells Betty that Justin is the best thing that ever happened to her, but sometimes wonders what life would be like if she wasn't a single mom, which Justin overhears. Betty tells Hilda she's an amazing mom and that things will get better.
    Betty arrives at work and gets Daniel to go in the elevator and tells him she isn't going to avoid Henry anymore and he shouldn't avoid Sofia anymore. The elevator stops on the 'MYW' floor, the doors close, then a hand stops it, but it isn't Sofia. Betty finds Amanda packed up syaing that Betty is Daniel's only assistant. Amanda tells him that the only thing her and Betty have in common is what's best for Daniel. She gets her old job back with a raise and Betty returns to being his only assistant.
    Meanwhile, the masked woman's surgery has healed and Wilhelmina comes to see the new her. Thw masked woman is pleased with how she looks and Wilhelmina replies "that the skiing accident really paid off, Alex Meade". To which Alex replies "It's Alexis Meade now."
    A total shocking end! Betty and Daniel cross the transition from boss/employee to friends. Amanda betrays Daniel to stay at 'Mode' and because he'll never respect her over Betty. Christina wants so badly into the show that she does Wilhelmina's dirty work. Finally, the masked woman is unveiled and it's Alex Meade, Daniel's deceased brother. Who would have thought?! All this time I thought it was Fey Sommers, but as it turns out she's really dead and Alex isn't. Instead he's become a woman with a new name Alexis and is consiring with Wilhelmina. But why is Alex doing this? Can't wait for more. Also as strange as this may sound and I'm not lying, I thought that Daniel and Betty would eventually go out as friends and maybe even sing karaoke. I'm not kidding.
  • "I got you babe..."

    This episode made me feel even more bad for Daniel, he's a wounded animal licking his wounds, and he had no control over the situation.

    I applaud Betty for standing by her boss, better yet... standing by her 'friend'... she's been there for him through thick and thin and she deserves most of the credit. I am, however very disappointed in Amanda, who is such a conniving little beoch! And, let us not forget... Alex... or may I say "Alexis" wtf? Are you serious? Daniel's brother had a sex change? Why? Why? Why in the world would you do that? At least change your self into a hideous monster, not some gorgeous looking model type who Daniel would certainly fall for... that... is DISGUSTING :)

    But, I cannot wait to tune in to the next new episode... I love Ugly Betty!
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