Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 22

In the Stars

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 14, 2009 on ABC

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  • Stop the product placement!

    What was up witih the 5 minute discussion about soda in the middle of the episode? It was blatant, tacky and turned the episode into a long advertisement.
    This makes me really not want to watch the dhow anymore. THis is probaly the 3rd time they've done this.

    Plus since I don't know who Adele is, the whole musical ssegment was wasted on me. Just seemed like gratuitous time filler.

    Otherwise I think they tried to fit too much in.... betty's boyfriend issues, his mom, wilhemnia vs. claire, 2 proposals, 1 wedding, and the suprise twist at the end. This could've been spread out and done more in depth.

    Not one of the better episodes.
  • Very, very good!

    This was a quite touching episode of Ugly Betty, as it was so sweet to see DFniel and Molly getting married. I really enjoyed that aspect!

    The whole storyline was interesting and great, but I am still not too fond of this Matt character, who seems to be very annoying in every single episode, in wone way or another!

    I still think the show is going very weel(l)(L), and this was a prime example of that. The alien marrying Daniel and Molly was hilarious, and I loved it. The episode was very funny, overall!

    I would highl recommend this one for all the reasons mentioned above. Keep it up, Ugly Betty!