Ugly Betty

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 22, 2008 on ABC

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  • Fun :)

    It starts off with a teeny cameo by Lindsey Lohan. In an overhyped 3 or 4 minute clip what was an homage to dodgeball, Lohan played the girl in high school who traumatized Betty against team sports. Ever adorable Gio tried to convince Betty to join Daniel's softball team with him so that they could participate as a "couple". Betty's hesitation over this new title didn't faze him and Gio brought about the topic of their first date. Betty once again said she wanted to take her time, when Gio mentioned his plans to take a month long trip to Italy. The discussion was put on pause when Betty spotted the latest edition of Hot Flash and together they excitedly search for Betty's article, which turned out to be severely edited. When she asked Claire about it, Mrs. Meade said it was too safe; that Betty needed to take risks with her work and with her life. Later, while on lunch break with Gio, he too encouraged her to take a risk. Even though she initially didn't want to, he got her to give softball a try and she ended up having fun. Gio said that she should stop saying no and start saying yes to things, including going with him to Rome. She happily agreed and told her family about her plans. Her father was against it, but she had Hilda on her side. And then Henry showed up. He proposes to a shocked Betty who was trying to get over him. Henry gives her a ring and tells her that he wants her to move to Tucson with him and even got her a job there. It was an idea that her father hated even more. Hilda told her that if she wanted to marry Henry then she should.
    Hilda meanwhile was taking her romance with hot coach tony nice and slow until she saw her younger sister taking chances with her heart. After Henry's proposal, she threw caution to the wind, but coach had a surprise for her. He wasn't legally single and technically still with his wife, but he was falling for Hilda. Her response was to to run away. Even though she knew that he was taken and romance with him would most likely lead to heartache, she decided to take that risk.
    Daniel had his own trouble. A little french boy shows up at his office claiming that he was the result of a tryst between a french model and Daniel. Daniel at first thought that his love child was another scheme hatched by Wilhelmina and confronted her, accidentally giving hr the ammo she needed to unseat him as the editor-in-chief of Mode. Eventually, he warms up to the boy and they connect through their love of movies, hot chicks and baseball. It was nice to see him maturing and attempting to change for someone other than a love interest.
    Back to Betty- the decision that she's avoided making confronts her at the Elle v Mode softball charity game. Gio and Henry run into each other at the game, both wearing Mode jerseys, with Gio revealing his and Betty's plans to go to Rome together, while Henry discloses his proposal to Betty. Betty once again avoids making a decision by heading to the field with Gio on one side, Henry on the other. A fabulously vicious Wilhelmina takes the mound in Daniel's place, facing off against Naomi Campbell in a hilarious scene in which Naomi kinda makes fun of her reputation. She hits a fly ball to center field with Henry, Gio and Betty racing to catch it. The ensuing collision results in a dream which Betty gets a glimpse of her life at first with Henry in Tucson, and then with Gio in Rome. When she wakes up she makes her decision. She packs her bags and prepares to leave, but does she go to Tucson or Rome?
    Here's what I hope happens; she goes off on her own BUT ends up thinking a lot about Gio. When she comes back she decides to get together with Gio but this time he's not sure. He wants to know that she wants to be with him and only him, so she has to convince him that he is the one for her. She makes plans for their first romantic date, but it doesn't go the way that she planned, but because he sees that she really made an effort and has shown that she is in love with him, they end up together.