Ugly Betty

Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 22, 2008 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The clip of Daniel drinking and clubbing with a girl during the Fashion TV coverage is from the episode 'Punch Out', and the girl is Petra (AnnaLynne McCord). Using an old clip may have been purposeful since Wilhelmina fabricated to the press the story of Daniel abandoning his illegitimate French son to go out clubbing.

  • Quotes

    • Daniel: Do you like the movies...the...cinema?
      Daniel Jr.: Oui...I like Johnny Depp...Matrix...Transformers...Shia Lebeauf, no good. Megan Fox, hot. Super.
      Daniel: Hot chicks! I know where you got that!
      (they 'high five')

    • Amanda: Jump! Jump!
      (Betty jumps)
      Marc: Everybody, we were wrong. She can leave the ground, I have proof!

    • Daniel: He's not my son!
      Alexis: He is... I went with you to Paris, I remember you drooling over his mother. 'Hey, I'm gonna go bang the hand model!'

    • Marc and Amanda: (cheering) We're Mode, we're cool,
      We'll take your team to school!
      You're Elle, you smell,
      Your team can go to...Helllll.

    • Hilda: You slicing ham with those pants? Papi, that crease cannot get any sharper!

    • Tony 'Coach' Diaz: You are a rock, woman.
      Hilda: Excuse me, I am far from a rock, I am one fine gem.

    • Ignacio: And where are you going to sleep? In the same bed with him?
      Betty: Dad, we haven't really discussed that part yet.
      Ignacio: Well, don't you think you should?
      Hilda: Papi, she's twenty-four, it's not like she's a virgin.
      Ignacio: Wait, what?
      Betty: Hilda...
      Justin: Okay! I'll get the recap later.

    • Daniel: You have no moves in this chess game.
      Wilhelmina: Daniel, I play chess. You're playing checkers.
      Daniel: (failing to sound confident) Either way, you have no moves.
      (Daniel walks away awkwardly)

    • Marc: It's not like there's some twisted scheme that you haven't told me about, is there?
      (Wilhelmina stays silent and Marc gasps)
      Marc: There is. Oh my god. You are diva brilliance.
      Wilhelmina: Marc, I didn't plan this. God must truly love us, to in our time of need, He drops a little French boy into our laps.
      Marc: Go God! And viva la France.

    • Wilhelmina: So, what you're saying is, I researched every woman you slept with, found out which one had an illegitimate child, waited for the woman to die, and then arranged for the child to come on a class trip from Europe just to upset you?

    • Daniel: He's not my son. You know how many times this happened to my father? People just show up pretending to be related.
      Betty: True, but Daniel, your father did get around a bit, I mean, he managed to father a child after he's dead.
      Daniel: Betty.
      Betty: Sorry, you guys are really fertile.

    • Translator: He said you met his mother in Paris many years ago.
      Daniel: Uh, that's vaguely familiar.
      Translator: She's died today.
      Daniel: Oh, well, that's really um... a bummer.
      Translator: Would you like me to translate that?
      Daniel: ...No.

    • Daniel Jr.: Pardon, s'il vous plait. Parlez-vous Francais?
      Amanda: Oh! Little French boy. Do you mind if I dress you up as a doll and put make-up on you?
      Daniel Jr.: Quoi?
      Amanda: Exactly.

    • Marc: (commenting on the collar of his shirt) This is not working for me. I like 'the V', but it does nothing for my bus line.

    • Amanda: (to Marc) How cute am I in this? Pretend you're a man for a second, and tell me how hot I look.

    • Hilda: You know, I always thought I hated tater-tots, but when I got out of school, I found myself craving them.
      Tony: How 'bout that Jell-o with the fruit in it?
      Hilda: Mm-mmm. That was gross... Did you bring any?

  • Notes

    • This is the season 2 finale, due to the WGA strike shortening this season from 23 episodes to 18.

    • Featured Music:
      'Miles Away'
      'Candy Shop'
      'Spanish Lesson'
      'She's Not Me'
      All of these songs are by Madonna.

    • International Airdates:
      Norway: May 28, 2008 on TVNorge
      Denmark: July 29, 2008 on TV2
      Greece: August 28, 2008 on ANT1
      Sweden: October 28, 2008 0n Kanal 5
      The Netherlands: January 27, 2009 on Net 5
      Latin America: May 14, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (aka Canal Sony)

    • This is the last episode to be shot in Los Angeles. Starting the following season, production will move to New York City, where the show takes place.

  • Allusions

    • Everyone ducking when Naomi Campbell takes out her cell phone is a reference to the infamous incident in which Campbell threw her cell phone at her assistant's head.

    • The episode title 'Jump' is based on the song by Madonna on her album Confessions on a Dance Floor.