Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 13

Kissed Off

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Everything and everyone got so confuse, it eventually actually made me confused as the viewer.

    Well, I didn't really like the storyline of the episode, and there are a number of reasons why:
    First of all, I don't like the fact that Betty gave up on her dream, in a way, just to help out her family, and in a time when she's not needed- of all times! Just when the new nurse came to the house, and is the one helping out Ignacio- Betty's moving back in with them? What for? Just silly.
    I didn't like the fact that Betty gave up on her apartment so fast.. She loved that place, even though it was kind of hard for he, with her family and all...
    But it's still her dream-house, and she is 24.. She's supposed to move out of the house sometime, and moving back in is just a regression..
    Also, in the end, when Amanda is telling Betty she is going to miss her, and then completely ignores her when she finds out Mark is her new roommate- is just mean, and I don't mean Amanda-style-mean, I mean, mean-mean. Just bad, and sad.
    She deserved a little more respect. But that's Betty, I guess.

    I didn't like the way things ended with Jesse. I don't even get that, to tell you the truth.
    Why did he kiss her all of a sudden, after all of this time?
    Why did he ignore her calls? He said he got confused, but what did he mean by that?
    And how am I supposed to believe that after all of this time that Betty had crushed over Jesse, thought about him night and day- she just.. gave up on him? Because he talks about himself too much? And it's one date! She's not one to judge! He could just be nervous, and she never told him to stop talking, actually.. so he just kept on and on forever..

    The whole thing with Molly and Connor was just bad for me. I just had a bad feeling all the way through it, watching it... Watching Connor obsessing over Molly, and knowing Molly cares (because of how she acted in the beginning of the episode).. and then, after all of this- seeing Connor getting back with Wilhelmina, saying those words about how from now on he will only think about her.. and no one bought it, of course.. I just feel bad about the whole thing. I know things will eventually blow up in their faces, and I actually really like the Molly-Daniel thing going on.
    Plus, what was that whole thing when Connor came to Daniels' office and told him he wanted to know if they're still on for that budget meeting? I mean, Daniel and Betty bought the whole act and thought that from now on things will be fine, but I know I didn't. He had the look of a killer on his face.
    I don't know. This seems bad to me.

    By the way, am I the only one who doesn't like the new nurse? I think she's too overbearing.
  • Interesting episode, but not my favorite.

    I found this episode to be fairly interesting, and Ignacio's nurse was a nice addition to the show. I thought the idea of a 'stakeout' was really funny, and I loved the scenes in the boxing ring, which was hilarious!

    I was disappointed, however, by Betty, who tried to pursue Jesse again, and I thought that that was a bad call (something Betty learns the hard way).

    However, the episode did contain a few quotes that had me laughing, which is always great for me!

    Overall, I don't think that this episode is an important one when looking at the big picture, but I found it to be decent enough to watch, and a good job by Ugly Betty!
  • Pretty good episode. Betty moves back home.

    Pretty solid episode with some character development.

    Ignacio gets a nurse who won't let him have any of the food he likes and makes him take walks in the cold weather. He starts to give her the silent treatment and she explains that his children and grandson love him and that is why they go on walks with him and eat the fat free food. This seems to touch Ignacio and the next morning he is cooking the food the nurse suggests and asks her to go for a walk afterwards.

    Betty is moving out of her apartment to be closer to her father who had a serious heart attack. She seems to be taking her time to find the perfect roommate for Amanda but is really just hung up on Jesse. She finally corners Jesse and they go on a date and she finds out that he is definitely not for her. Betty sets up Marc St. James as a new roommate for Amanda.

    Conner is still trying to figure out who is in the picture with Molly and figures it out when some flowers arrive for her signed RJ and he sees a shirt that Molly had bought for Daniel with Rich Jerk on it. Connor punches Daniel out in the gym and seems to let it go after that. Conner is no in love with Wilhelmina.
  • Betty subles her apartment so she can return home, meets up with Jesse again and helps Daniel woo Molly.

    This was a nice episode with Betty trying to get someone in to her flat while she goes home to be with her father. She meets up with Jesse the singer again and for a short while thinks he'd be nice to go out with. She quickly realises he is not right for her though. Wilhelmina, Marc and Amanda were on top form as usual with some funny lines delivered by them all. Betty's dad has a run in with the nurse that's looking after him because she wants him to eat a really healthy die and exercise more. They come to an understanding in a really sweet scene. Nice one!