Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 18

London Calling

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2010 on ABC

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  • Has anyone on the production team ever been to London??!

    Good all round episode but with one minor (or major) problem . . . The mock set of London just looked like New York trying to be London. Yes it costs money to film in a different country and yes in this dwindling economic climate costs need to be controlled but still! At least send a researcher to London to take some photographs so that when you come to trying to make a little part of New York look like London you get something right. And yes us folk in the UK all wear tweed and have riding boots like the extras in the episode! Oh and a doorman in a top hat and white gloves on every door. Fact!
  • I'll kill you misrepresenting British accent but I'll forgive you on the chip buttie!!! Another great episode!

    As I said before Ugly Betty is going out with style and with a trip to London and the return of 2 (3 if you count Henry) classic charecters, not to mention an ever more devious Willie it is certainly doing that.

    This episode was another jam packed funfest clearly paving the way for what seems will be an epic ending to the show. I'km really glad were getting the chance to see past charecters one more time, something so many shows don't do or don't do well. It's also good to see bold choices being made. After last weeks alternate reality story and now A trip to London, they are certainly exploiting many avenues so late in the show which is totally a good thing. Theres a fear you can get boring by just focusing on wrapping up loose ends, but were getting that admist some fun and different ideas.

    The charecter interactions in this episode were great fun - such as all the girls in the bar. And Justins charecter is really proving to be the shows hat trick. We've waited so long for his 'outing' and as a gay guy I think they are doing it brilliantly.

    So the British accents? Oh dear! But like I said Betty comment about the Chip buttie (A french Fries sandwich) had be in hysterics...she's right it's amazing! Carbs fat and carbs - Heaven! Now with a cultural referance like that being so spot on (haha!) I can forgve the fake/inaccurate accents!

    No chareters are proving to be weak. Amanda is still not getting anything significant storyline wise, but shes there and she's noticed for all the right reasons!

    In a way the cancellation has it's silver lining because these episode are so jam packed with twists and developments yet it's still finding time to do everything else we expect from a typical episode. I genuinly enjoyed this episode from start to finish and again no serious complaints at all! (Well besides that bloody British accent gov'ner)
  • Great episode!

    This show is definitely heating up towards it s finale. This episode was great, as Betty bumped into Gio, and that was truly a nice omoment in her lesfe and her trip to England! Quite hilarious actually!

    Christina was also back! Grea t to see my favorite character back in town, and It really was something special seeing her in this episode, just before the finale!

    Overall, definietely a show that I'll remember forever, regardless of the ensing. But if it stays of this track, it certainly will be one amazing ending!

    Keep it up Ugly Betty, and I can't wait until the Final Two episodes!