Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 9

Lose the Boss?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2006 on ABC

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  • This is a great episode because it changes your veiws on people. With Daniel, you see a more softer side of him. With Betty, you see a more independant side of her. With Marc, you see... I don't know Marc and Willamin really don't change at all.

    This is one of my favorite episodes out of the first season. Why? Because it changes your veiws on people. With Daniel, you see a more softer side of him as he decorates Betty's Christmas tree. With Betty, you see a more independant side of her when she fires the big shot photographer. With Marc, you see... I don't know Marc and Willamin really don't change at all when they get lost in Queens and steal from a church. The point is if you think about it Christmas spirt can really bring out the best in all of us or most of us and show sides that some people would never imagaine seeing on you.
  • Betty is left alone during an important photo shoot during which the photographer, Bruno, has come up with questionable concepts.

    I just love Betty but I knew it was a lie when she said she slept in Daniel's arms. She is such a good boss and knows how to control people and not let them walk all over here like because she isn't as skinny as them. I am so confused if I like Daniel better with Sophia or Amanda because of next episode when Amanda is looking in. I just loved the part when Bruno got fired and he said to Sophia, "Who is this woman?" And Sophia said, "For now she is the boss." That really made him mad!
  • one of my favourite uglybettys.

    i dont really like the betty and bruno part, they are entrataining but nothing great. i loove marc and whilhemina (spelling?) they are so hilarious! ahaah i laugh just thinking about it. i also love sofia and daniel. even tho i know that shes a B... and that in a few episodes she reveals it was all a lie, the moment in the end when they talk made me cry (and the music was SOOO moving), also the moment with betty and daniel! that made me cry lots. and its always fun to put a little Gina Gambarro in there. lol. just great.
  • ok

    This episode of Ugly Betty, Lose the Boss was okay. In it, Daniel is busy with Sophia and so leaves Betty by herself, when a famous photographer called Bruno has some rather insane ideas for a photoshoot with babies, like chain mail. Meanwhile, Daniel is desperately tring to prove to people, especially Sophia that he is a family man. Also, Ignacio gets in trouble with immigrations, as it is revealed that he is living in America illegally. My favourite lines were - Marc: I can't wait to see baby Chutney. I hope she spits up on something so I can sell it on the internet. Wilhelmina: (about Bruno Jacobs) He styled Madonna while she was giving birth. Made her belly sweat look like diamonds. (edit)
  • EXCELLENT!!!nedd i say more?!

    Betty is left alone during an important photo shoot during which the photographer, Bruno, has come up with questionable concepts. Meanwhile, Daniel wants people to believe he is a family man, Mr. Green interrogates a mortician about the remains of a client and Ignacio gets in trouble with Immigration and Customs. every episode is better than the last one and this one is incredibly GREAT!!!u can fall in love with daniel time after time, again and again...and a gain and again and again and again..
    and when he fells sick..i just wanna stay near him and make him feel better...kinda different from the creepy guy in the oc huh?!
  • Great character development for both the Betty and Daniel characters.

    An important episode that gives Betty the confidence she needed. And Daniel finally grew a heart.

    I thought the spoof on Tom/Katie/Suri media frenzy was really funny and it was even funnier that baby "Chutney" was ugly. And while I thought how Betty's family took care of Daniel was a bit of a contrivance just to get Daniel's character to develop (and I really don't buy that he would pass up coming into work no matter how sick or sad he was), it was a nice touch to get Daniel more involved in Betty's life. And it was also necessary to help give Betty a boast in confidence, which was needed at this point in the series.

    Best line of the episode? Betty: "Why did you get us a tree?" Daniel: "I threw up in at least four rooms in your house. It's the least I could do."
  • The aftermath of Thanksgiving

    I really thought Betty and Daniel slept together. Those promos had me fooled!! Gulliable me!! Anyway this was very interesting. Thanksgiving comes back and nips all the characters in the but. Amanda and Mark have to deal with the consequences of snooping through Wilhemina's cell phone bill. And Betty, Danile, and Sofia have to organize a photo shoot. On top of all that Danile is finding out the meaning of the holidays when he spends the day with betty's family.
    Daniel begins to think he may have made the wrong choice giving up Sofia. And she's about to go on a trip with her boyfriend.
    Dun, dun, dun.
  • Episode full of mayhem! But in a good kind of way.

    I would love it if Daniel and Betty would fall in love but that won't happen for a long time. As Daniel wants others to perceive he is a family man when that is far from the truth as Betty helps out in a photo shoot. But her dad gets in trouble with customs to add to an already bad day. But that is what makes the show the wawy that it is full of mayhem.
  • This show keeps building week on week to become one of the best shows on TV so far.

    It has to be said that this has been my favourite episode so far this season. We had some fabulous interactions between Marc, Amanda and Wilhelmina, which always make for good comedy. <br>

    But we also got a whole episode of interactions with Betty's family, and her boss. Eric played Daniel perfectly, as he slowly got comfortable within the Surez household and found himself very welcome. <br>
    I loved the moments between Betty and Daniel - and laughed out loud so many times. <br>
    It was cleverly written, amazingly well performed by all. And I think this will continue to be a personal favourite of mine forever more.
  • Betty gets a new job... but is it for the best?

    After viewing this episode I was both happy and upset. I was happy that Daniel was able to experience what its like to be apart of a different family life from the one he grew up in. It was because of Betty's family that he was able to realize that he can settle down, that he can start a family, and it doesn't have to be anything like his was. I was happy he was their to stick up for Betty's nephew! It really upset me that the father couldn't just let him be happy being who he is! Not every boy likes football! Another thing that left me a bit upset was the idea of Betty no longer working for Daniel! Its because of Betty that Wilhilmina has been having such a hard time taking over Mode! Now who's going to stop her? Of course now that i'm speaking about Wilhilmina, I was highly impressed with her assistant for working almost getting caught in her office to him asking for job security and all the benefits! :]] This was a great episode, i'm just a little unsure what to expect next week. Especially with the episode ending with her father getting arrested!
  • This episode did not do a good job of following up where last week left off

    Why did we not have a follow up to last week\\\'s cliffhanger where Steve was buried alive in the coffin? Now we don\\\'t know if he\\\'s dead or not and that storyline which happens to be one of my favorite seems to be all over the place. It\\\'s such a good mix up from The Devil Wears Prada scenes and I happen to like the chemistry between Bradford and Steve but feel like that part of the story always got shorted.
  • Betty gets a new job offer, Daniel gets comfortable with Betty's and understand the concept of a family. Betty takes control on a big photo shoot. Santos walks out on Justin because he can not except his lifestyle.

    I just loved this episode. I love how Betty took charge with the photographer and fired him when he needed more time since he thought that the baby was ugly. I dont even understand Santos not excepting Justin for being gay or very into fashion. But why did Justin turn out so into fashion like name brands it is very clear that the family doesnt have a mode lifestyle. I hope Betty takes the job with Sophia. I think Daniel is going to miss her as his assisant and would do anything to hire her back. I think Daniel is going to help betty's family with paying for a attorney to keep Ignacio in the states. I am going to keep on watching every episode and hope for the best!
  • its just getting better in every episode.

    I loved the episode; I liked Betty when she teased Danielle at the first you don’t know she might sleep between your arm one day. Sofia & the job offer, after reading all the episodes summery I think she will accept it. Today episode was a hint to brad & Angelina + Tom & Katie because of the baby & all. Santos can’t accept the fact that his son is going to be gay gosh just live with it. When they came & took Betty father, I felt sad I hope he’ll be ok. Betty & Daniel when they hugged at the end you could feel that they care for each other; at least she care.
  • Betty takes charge, Wilhemina is stranded, Sofia's feelings are revealed, and Daniel finds out what it's like to be in a loving family . . .

    Another great episode. So far, the show is still right on track. It continues to be funny and lighthearted, while maintaining the emotional undercurrent that fuels the heart of the show.

    Just as I predicted, Sofia offers Betty a position at her magazine. Some other predictions I foresee in upcoming episodes:

    -Betty will leave MODE for several episodes.
    -Betty will choose Henry over Walter.
    -Daniel will pay for the legal battle of Betty's dad.
    -Amanda will continually try to get Betty's job while Daniel is hiring a new assistant but will be repeatedly turned down.
    -Daniel finds out how irreplaceable Betty truly is. He'll have incompetent assistants for several episodes. Then he'll find a "perfect" assistant which will make Betty jealous.
    -Sofia and Daniel will be a couple for at least 3 episodes, but it won't work out.
    -Sofia will take credit for some of Betty's work.
    -Betty will catch Sofia with Hunter while Sofia and Daniel are supposed to be dating.
    -Daniel will offer Betty a job back in MODE, not as his assistant, but as a Creative Director.
    -Amanda and Betty will actually develop a pseudo-friendship while Betty is out of MODE. The friendship will end when Betty becomes a Creative Director.
    -Santos will kidnap Justin to try to make him a "man"
    -By the end of the season, the masked woman will be revealed as the "deceased" Fey Sommers.
    -Daniel will be forced to take over the company while his dad is in court for attempted murder. They'll probably do the trial of Betty's dad around the same time, again playing on the parallel between Daniel's and Betty's lives despite their differing social status.
    -Sofia will break Daniel's heart. Betty will try to comfort Daniel and they'll end up kissing. Henry finds out about the kiss.
    -Betty and Daniel will be awkward towards each other because of the kiss. Betty will realize that Daniel is developing feelings for her. Betty questions her feelings about Daniel. Betty ultimately realizes she loves Henry not Daniel. Henry announces that he's leaving for another job.
  • dream job...

    So I am not sure if I think Betty should take the job or not…I know that it is way closer to her dream job and she obviously has the skills to perform…but Daniel really needs her to keep his job and I think that Betty kinda knows that. I liked that Daniel kinda got to see what a real family is like for once and I really liked his “Tom-Kat” like photo idea. I also though the entire thing of him being duck the next day was funny. It was nice to see that human side of him. I also liked that Justin is so ok with himself and that Hilda also supports him. Anyone out there think that Justin’s dad was the one that called immigration on Ignacio??
  • great episode

    this was a excellent episode. it was well planned out by the writers. and was acted out great by the actors and actresses. i missed the first five or so minutes, but i will watch that tomorrow on DVR. i love DVR. it is a life saver. forbid something happened and i missed an episode of a show. i mean that is the end of the world. well maybe that is only for me. anyways, getting back to the show the sad part was when the immigration police arrested betty\'s dad. i guess we have to wait until next week for more about that. bummer :( maybe daniel will come to the rescue for once and save the day. well off to bed.

    it anyone reads this and wants to talk about how awesome DVR is message me please!! my sn is dancerissy92 and i would love to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show just continues to get better.

    Thankfully Wilhelmina got her mean streak back in this episode. Two weeks in a row with a ton of twists. Sofia giving Daniel a shot, and offering Betty a job at her magazine. The cliffhanger was kind of a downer in a brilliant way...offsetting the warmness felt throughout the episode in regards to Daniel hanging out with the Suarez family. Marc's demands and offer to team up with Wilhelmina was also a nice twist. The wait is starting to get painful each week with cliff hangers that the audience cares about.