Ugly Betty

Season 2 Episode 12

Odor in the Court

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2008 on ABC

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  • Another great episode of Ugly Betty but I have some notes.

    Odor in the court is a great episode but I have some notes on the storylines.I might be somekind sharp but I think that this episode is one of the few episodes that can be described as a kind of sophomoreslump start.I accept that a lot of Ugly Betty fans are against this statement and the critics too but I think that Ugly Betty is going downhill.The episode can be better if Betty was just herself.We love her for being herself not someone who is crazy.I'm for the character development but not so fast.I'd like to see Betty herself not the crazy Betty who jumps into stores and shops or something.I didn't get so much of my favorite characters after Betty- Amanda,Marc,Justin,Hilda were just somekind written out.
    I think that this show is going downhill unfortunately because so many things happen that can be developped in the next seasons.I think that they won't have anything interesting to write for the next season.I mean Bradford died,Wilhelmina's out of MODE along with Marc,this season Hilda and Ignacio are put aside and there aren't storylines for them like there were in the first season,Fey's storyline is over,Claire's storyline too,Betty and Henry are not the couple we want them to be.
    Critics say that there isn't sophomore slump for Ugly Betty but I think that after Bradford's death everything's going downhill.There were few good episodes such as this episode and Zero Worship but they are just not as good as every episode from the first season.Unfortunately,I see the things that way.I don't want to but I do.I hope you get better,Ugly Betty!!!