Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on ABC
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After seeing her working relationship with Daniel, her close friendship with Christina, and her chance to date Henry all fall apart, Betty is left with no choice but to turn her back on all three. Meanwhile, romance is in the air: At MODE, Alexis catches the attention of a guy and he asks her out; Amanda flirts with a designer who she believes is gay; and Wilhelmina finds her latest advances very tiring. Over at the Suarez's, Santos gives Hilda a little surprise.moreless

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  • I hope Daniel dies!!!

    I'm hoping that Daniel dies soon!Even after he was nearly jailed @ cut himself out frm MODE, he still couldn't control himself from being a pervert and taking Betty's advice lightly.Betty shouldn't have helped him out and for once let him clean out his own mess.No wonder Alexis thinks that his brother is a spoil brat who doesn't have a clue on anything apart from girls..because he is!!!Daniel Meade..what a DEPENDABLE LOSER,I say!

    Changing the subject,I'm looking forward to see the development of the relationship between Amanda(I love her!) and the playing-out-gay-but-turned-out-to-be-straight designer.I don't know what to anticipate in their relationship but it surely excites me.

    The episode ends where Ignacio told his family that he's going to be deported back to Mexico.Poor him..I mean after all the drama with Constance.Well,just hope for the best...moreless
  • I love the episode.

    Not just because i'm brazilian, but this is the first time an american show doesn't make a mistake about Brazil, like CSI did. Alexis thought maybe she could get her first time with a man, but the poor "girl" didn't know, her dear father was paying the brazilian man to take her out of Mode Magazine. Once again, Betty and Henry are "together", okay as friends, but now they can really get together and say goodbye to Henry's girlfriend. Wilhelmina is now trying to be the new Fey Summers. Will Santos and Hilda marry? I hope so. The sad thing is about Ignacio getting deported to Mexico, let's see what will happen on the next episodes.moreless
  • Fantastic!!

    Am so happy when things start to work out. And its about time betty started being honest. I love the plot twist about Christina "the double agent" looking forward to how that finishes. I cant wait for the next series, hope there isnt a big gap before they make the next series.
  • Cupid wants overtime pay!

    Cupid's beeen working overtime in this episode of "Ugly Betty." It seems that everyone is falling in love and at least one character, his job is on the line for having a sexual relartionship with an underage girl. that's not good. Amanda is having a sexual fling with a gay guy. Becki Newton is becoming my favorite actress of the series. she is both wicked and very sexy. And after tonight, there are only three episodes of the show left for the season. theings are getting hot and unpredible at Mode Magazine. I can't wait until I see the final three.moreless
  • things working themselves out...

    Poor Betty. I think that she has a right to be upset about how things are in her life. She has reason to be upset over the fact that Christina betrayed her. It sucks to have the one friend do that to you. And yes she was overbearing with Daniel, but he has always needed it in the past and he needed it this time and just didn’t want to listen. And Henry – ok maybe she does need to get over him – he has a girlfriend. But she does need to face these people and at least be civil at work, nothing more. I also totally caught the ID for cigarettes thing right at the start and was waiting for that to play out.moreless
Cristian de la Fuente

Cristian de la Fuente


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AnnaLynne McCord


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Ivana Milicevic


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Christopher Gorham

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Hilda: How would you like a sundae?
      Betty: (nodding) Maybe ..
      Hilda: Well tough! It's Monday! Go to work, be an adult!
      Betty: Said the girl with the leaf in her hair.

    • Lena: Come on, Petra, you must be starving. Let's get you a club soda.

    • Daniel: Well, are we ok?
      Betty (nodds) Of course we are.
      (Daniel sighs in relief)
      Betty (angrily) 16?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!

    • Amanda: If I were a gay guy, I would so tap that.

    • Daniel: I control half this magazine. I want her on the cover.
      Alexis: And I control the half that actually does the work. And I'm saying it: no freakin' way!

    • Charlie: Oh! Oh! Betty. If you moved halfway across the country to be with someone you loved, wouldn't you want him to come home from the office at a normal time every once in a while?! Hm?!
      Henry: Oh, and Betty! What would you do if you had a girlfriend who relied on you for absolutely everything?!
      Betty: Uh, I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out why does an onion bagel cost more than an raisin bagel. I gotta go. Bye!

    • Lena: (to her daughter) Stop laughing! You'll get wrinkles.

    • Amanda: Great sex and free clothes. Wait, there will be free clothes, right?

    • Henry: I missed you.
      Betty: I missed you too.

    • Henry: I snatched a purse! I'm kind of a bad-ass.

    • Henry: I can't believe Alexis is doing this to Daniel. They're family! Even Erica Kane forgave her daughter Kendall for sleeping with her fourth husband.
      (Betty gives a quizzical look)
      Henry: (defensively) All My Children. It's just something I know.

    • Marc: Willie, I'm not an expert at moving past the sex, because, well, why? But if you wanna move from mistress to missus, maybe you should make yourself more indispensable you, you know find the thorn in his paw and pull it out.
      Wilhelmina: Out of the mouth of gays!

    • Bradford: Well that's certainly a nice way to wake up in the morning.
      Wilhelmina: Think of me as your café-au-lait.
      Bradford: I wish I didn't have to leave. I am not looking forward to my meeting with Alex.
      Wilhelmina: Oh, you poor dear. You want to talk about it?
      Bradford: No, it's my problem. I'll deal with it.
      Wilhelmina: Bradford, I hope you don't just think of me as your morning pick me up. I'd like to think I'm an important part of your life. Someone you can talk to.
      Bradford: You know if you really wanna help me take my mind off things, (shakes a pill bottle) the postman can always ring twice.
      Wilhelmina: Ah-ha-ha...the miracle of modern medicine.

    • Daniel: This is an editorial meeting, I am editor-in-chief, why wouldn't I be here?
      Alexis: No open bar, for one thing.

    • Hilda: (to Betty) A job isn't just about making friends, it's about making money. And stealing office supplies. By the way, we're out of coffee filters.

  • NOTES (3)


    • The episode title 'Petra-Gate' is a play-on-words referencing the Watergate scandal that lead to American President Richard Nixon's resignation (although Nixon was in trouble for bugging the offices of the Democratic Party, and not for sleeping with a minor).

    • Henry: I can't believe Alexis is doing this to Daniel. They're family! Even Erica Kane forgave her daughter Kendall for sleeping with her fourth husband.
      (Betty gives a quizzical look)
      Henry: (defensively) All My Children. It's just something I know. All My Children is an American soap opera that has been broadcasting on ABC since 1970.