Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on ABC
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Betty has always dreamed of working in the publishing world, but it seems as though there's no place for the non-thin and non-beautiful in the business. People already have their minds set on the idea that beautiful women are only the thin and perfect! Betty really wants a job in that wonderful, yet cruel, world. But can she really find a place in it?moreless

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  • A really good opening making us willing for more.

    Well, when "Ugly Betty" was first broadcasted in Greece the previous summer, I had no excpectations. I thought it would be a another boring, silly show. But I was wrong. "Ugly Betty" is a really worth-watching dramedy and this episode is a very good opening to the series. All great: the performances (Farrera, Williams, Newton, Urie etc.), the direction, the witty dialogues... And the finale was really intresting and moving. An excellent episode, a great new series starting. We are all willing for more hilarious dialogues, "hot" quotes, moving elments etc. PS: Farrera's performance was really Emmy worthing. I really loved her.moreless
  • I've finally been able to watch the pilot episode of Ugly Betty after starting catching episodes late in season 1. This episodes really shows how much each character have developed over time.moreless

    I've been watching the new episodes of Ugly Betty and I've finally gone back and watched the first episode. Seeing it has really made me see the development of each character and I've come to appreciate the show even more. I especially like how much Daniel has changed and the relationship between him and Betty has developed. Every character just seems to have gotten better from the first season. Marc still is right behind Wilhelmina, but he's finally doing something for himself. Amanda has gotten to become a better person herself. Daniel is finally seeing beauty as something inside, not out. Wilhelmina is actually being seen as human. I'm mostly mentioning things from newer episodes, but this episode was really funny and a great pilot.moreless
  • The episode was a great introduction to the series! I've been watching random reruns for a long time, but I feel that I understand a lot more about Betty after seeing her first days at Mode.moreless

    As far as I'm concerned, the pilot of Ugly Betty was amazing. It totally establishes the tone for the series, and I really felt connected to Betty in a way that I hadn't before I saw her in this episode. I felt so bad for her when she was knocked down at every turn by Daniel, by the other people at Mode, and finally by the photographer and other models. Betty is incredibly endearing as she struggles to survive her first moments at her job as Daniel's assistant. Nothing that she does seems right, and I can't emphasize enough how much pain is etched across her face in every moment. When finally Betty gets a chance to prove herself, I feel so happy because Betty deserves to be accepted even if she did wear that truly unfortunate poncho on her first day.moreless
  • A good start for this serie/soap.

    i've watched the pilot and i must say it has a good start its also very funny to watch.

    I fought this series woud be bad but since i saw it i was suprised,the story line is original,the scripts are fantastic and the charters very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very GOOD!

    And if you ask me the Ugly Betty charter actually isn't that Ugly she is called Ugly because of her Braces.

    Hope this show will never end and the story lines will be good to watch!

    Hope you all enjoyed of my review:)moreless
  • Engaging and Dramatic

    If this pilot episode didn't make people fall in love with this show then it can only mean there is way too much cynicism in the world today. I believe the episode and show premise is brilliant. It also speaks to all those people out there that aren't necessarily with the 'in' crowd. The characters are magnetic and the story-line is magnificently catty and outrageous. One of the really exceptional aspect of the show is the fact that the 'fashion' characters and the characters of Betty's family and friends are so diametrically opposite. It creates a terrific sense of seperateness among the groups and lends itself to cause great distress between the characters. This show will take off!!!moreless
William Abadie

William Abadie

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Gina Gershon


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Lupita Ferrer

Lupita Ferrer

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Ava Gaudet

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Kevin Sussman


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Michael Urie

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this pilot episode Betty's hair is America's actual hair. America later cut her hair since she didn't know that the show was going to be picked up, so she had to wear a wig.

    • You can spot Salma Hayek, the executive producer, on a telenovela that Betty watches on the show.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Marc: (seeing Betty talking with Christina and two other less than attractive co-workers) Oh! The bizarro version of Sex and The City.
      Amanda: Stop it! I'm gagging!

    • Daniel: Betty, I could never compare my problems to yours, but they're mine. Nothing's ever easy.

    • Amanda: Where do you come from?
      Betty: Queens.
      Amanda: What job did you have!?

    • Daniel: (seeing Betty's braces and wide smile while introducing himself to his staff) I realize I have some awful big teeth - - shoes - - to fill.

    • Betty: (to Daniel) God forbid you have to live with the ugly girl your dad forced you to hire.

    • Amanda: (speaking about a client) Ah! She's so fabulously douchy.

    • Ignacio: So, how was your interview?
      Betty: Um... I think it was really good. I mean, they were impressed.
      Hilda: You didn't get it.
      Betty: Well they said that they had hired everyone they needed.
      Ignacio: I don't understand. You're sharp, you're prepared... Someone should have begged you to work with them the day you graduated Queens College.
      Hilda: Betty, have you thought about exploring other options?
      Betty: Hilda, I am not going to sell Herbalux.
      Hilda: I wasn't saying that... necessarily.

  • NOTES (13)

    • In Latin America, the show was translated as Betty, Mi Fea Bella, which means "Betty, my ugly beauty".

    • Awards:
      -2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.
      -2007 ALMA Award for Outstanding Writing - Television Series, Mini-Series or Television Movie.
      - 2007 DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series.
      - 2007 Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.

    • International Airdates:
      Norway: January 3, 2007 on TVNorge
      Belgium: March 13, 2008 on VijfTV
      Greece: July 1, 2008 on ANT1
      Latin America: November 7, 2007 on CANAL SONY

    • Featured Music:
      'Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans' by The Frank Popp Ensemble
      'She Works Hard For The Money' by Donna Summer
      'Wanna Fly' by Vassy
      'In The Car Crash' by Swayzak
      'I Like It A Lot' by Princess Superstar
      'Lo Quiere To' by Solo Dos
      'Suddenly I See' by KT Tunstall

    • The role of Wilhelmina was originally played by Charlotte Ross. However, when Ross decided to pass on the role for another ABC pilot, Pink Collar, Vanessa L. Williams was cast. Pink Collar was never picked up by the network.

    • The series was originally shot in New York. However, filming was then moved to Los Angeles.

    • Ugly Betty was originally scheduled to air on Fridays at 8/7c. However, after scheduling revisions, ABC decided to air the show on Thursdays at 8/7c.

    • ABC has decided to offer the series in Spanish also in order to recruit Hispanic viewers. Viewers have the option of watching in either English or Spanish.

    • Reports have it that ABC stopped production on Ugly Betty for a full week due to the fact that episodes were not being written fast enough.

    • The show was originally being considered as a daily serial in telenovela format. However, ABC decided to go with the weekly episode American format.

    • Ugly Betty is produced by Touchstone Television and distributed by the ABC Television Network.

    • Ugly Betty is the English version remake of the wildly popular Colombian telenovela Yo Soy Betty, La Fea, which has already been successfully translated in Mexico, India, Russia, Germany and Philippines.

    • The show was originally titled Ugly Betty, then renamed to Betty the Ugly, and finally was renamed again as Ugly Betty by ABC.


    • Marc: It's a bizarre version of Sex and the City.

      Sex and the City was a popular American cable television program based on the book of the same name by Candace Bushnell. It was originally broadcast on the HBO network from 1998 until 2004. Set in New York City, the show focused on the sex lives of four female best friends.

    • Betty: Hilda, I am not going to sell Herbalux.

      Herbalux is a form of herbal medicine used in foreign nations.