Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2006 on ABC

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  • A really good opening making us willing for more.

    Well, when "Ugly Betty" was first broadcasted in Greece the previous summer, I had no excpectations. I thought it would be a another boring, silly show. But I was wrong. "Ugly Betty" is a really worth-watching dramedy and this episode is a very good opening to the series. All great: the performances (Farrera, Williams, Newton, Urie etc.), the direction, the witty dialogues... And the finale was really intresting and moving. An excellent episode, a great new series starting. We are all willing for more hilarious dialogues, "hot" quotes, moving elments etc. PS: Farrera's performance was really Emmy worthing. I really loved her.
  • I've finally been able to watch the pilot episode of Ugly Betty after starting catching episodes late in season 1. This episodes really shows how much each character have developed over time.

    I've been watching the new episodes of Ugly Betty and I've finally gone back and watched the first episode. Seeing it has really made me see the development of each character and I've come to appreciate the show even more. I especially like how much Daniel has changed and the relationship between him and Betty has developed. Every character just seems to have gotten better from the first season. Marc still is right behind Wilhelmina, but he's finally doing something for himself. Amanda has gotten to become a better person herself. Daniel is finally seeing beauty as something inside, not out. Wilhelmina is actually being seen as human. I'm mostly mentioning things from newer episodes, but this episode was really funny and a great pilot.
  • The episode was a great introduction to the series! I've been watching random reruns for a long time, but I feel that I understand a lot more about Betty after seeing her first days at Mode.

    As far as I'm concerned, the pilot of Ugly Betty was amazing. It totally establishes the tone for the series, and I really felt connected to Betty in a way that I hadn't before I saw her in this episode. I felt so bad for her when she was knocked down at every turn by Daniel, by the other people at Mode, and finally by the photographer and other models. Betty is incredibly endearing as she struggles to survive her first moments at her job as Daniel's assistant. Nothing that she does seems right, and I can't emphasize enough how much pain is etched across her face in every moment. When finally Betty gets a chance to prove herself, I feel so happy because Betty deserves to be accepted even if she did wear that truly unfortunate poncho on her first day.
  • A good start for this serie/soap.

    i've watched the pilot and i must say it has a good start its also very funny to watch.
    I fought this series woud be bad but since i saw it i was suprised,the story line is original,the scripts are fantastic and the charters very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very GOOD!
    And if you ask me the Ugly Betty charter actually isn't that Ugly she is called Ugly because of her Braces.
    Hope this show will never end and the story lines will be good to watch!
    Hope you all enjoyed of my review:)
  • Engaging and Dramatic

    If this pilot episode didn't make people fall in love with this show then it can only mean there is way too much cynicism in the world today. I believe the episode and show premise is brilliant. It also speaks to all those people out there that aren't necessarily with the 'in' crowd. The characters are magnetic and the story-line is magnificently catty and outrageous. One of the really exceptional aspect of the show is the fact that the 'fashion' characters and the characters of Betty's family and friends are so diametrically opposite. It creates a terrific sense of seperateness among the groups and lends itself to cause great distress between the characters. This show will take off!!!
  • PILOT!

    BETTY SUAREZ - HILARIOUS! Betty is this 'really ugly' girl that comes from Queens looking for a job to work on a magazine. When the editor in chief, Daniel Meade of MODE (Fashion's greatest magazine) is sleeping with all of his assistans his father Bradford Meade decides to put Betty Suarez as his new assitans, he thinks that that way he won't be tempted to sleep with her. As Daniel starts hating Betty he does all of this impossible tasks for her just to make her quit and he got what he wanted! Just as he realizes he is NOT made to be Editor in Chief and everything is turning to a catastrophe he sees Betty's supporting idea to a project he couldn't do. So then he asks Betty to come back and she does! A great friendship starts between Betty and Daniel and a great adventure for Betty at MODE!
  • Better than I thought.

    Firstly, I was a little scared of watching this show. It seemed to be a boring show. Not the kind of show I like watching. But a friend of mine who's a huge Ugly Betty fan convinced me to watch it. I have watched only the pilot so far. I had so much fun with this episode. The show wasn't what I was expecting, in a good way.

    The show, based on a Colombian soap opera called "Yo Soy Betty, La Fea", is about an ugly woman who dreams of getting a job in the publishing world, a place where she isn't welcome just because she isn't good looking, despite the fact she's smart, hard working and productive. The story reminds "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Devil Wears Prada". Something different from other shows is that this show is so colorful.
  • Pilot

    So I just started watching the show since they featured a special marathon today and I must say this show is really good. The first episode was laugh out loud from the beginning until the end. America Ferrera is one of my favorite actresses and she does an awesome job performing in this show. Her character is simply someone you fall in love with and her family alone is fun to watch. The pilot episode was very entertaining and it's ashamed I waited until now just to get hooked to the show but hey it's better late then never as they all say.
  • Just started watching.

    Actually I just started this show a few weeks ago thanks to ABC reruns and I wasn't really interested in this show until I caught the rerun of this episode. I think what really caught me was the scene with the degrading photo shoot with Betty I just felt SO bad for her. I know Daniel was trying to get her to quit, but at least by that point he felt somwhat bad and guilty about what was going on. Anyway the pilot had enough strengths with the characters esp Betty, Christina and Wilhemina that it made me want to come back for more.
  • Pilot.

    This is the pilot episode of the smash hit new drama, Ugly Betty. In this episode we get introduced to just about all of the main characters; Betty, Justin, Hilda, Ignacio, Daniel, Bradford, Whilemina, Christina and Amanda. Betty Suarez has always wanted to get into the publishing and magazine business but has been held back since she isn't all that pretty. She gets a start from Bradford Meade, head of a magazine publication employs her as his son's assistant. His son is Daniel meade, the head of Mode magazine. While betty is at MODE she meets many people, and saves the day by fixing the photo shoot.
  • It is just amazing! Wonderful start to a wonderful show.

    Her life is not perfect no matter how hard she tries. I think that she is really cute and has a great personality. If I were Daniel, I would consider not trying so hard to put her down. She is so diligent and smart. There are not many people who are like that these days. It is like the Devil wears Prada. Who ever said that you have to be in fashion to work in a fashion world? I don't really think that she is ugly, she looks so cheerful. The people in her life simply just don't treasure her other than her family who is supporting her all the time.
  • Really good!

    Betty is not the prettiest girl around - but even with her braces and glasses she isn't the ugliest either! Anyway, she gets a job at Mode (a really high, up-market fashion magazine) as an assistant to the editor - Daniel (who's super hot!) She is hired so he isn't tempted to sleep with his assistants anymore, so his father forces Daniel to hire her. An ex-friend of Daniels (a photographer) tells him to beat her down to a pulp (make her quit herself) so he can hire another pretty girl. Poor betty! I felt so bad for her!! So she quits, then he finds her idea, and re-hires her. It's kind of cute in a way, Daniel has his remorseful looks that I found so adorable, and as usual you have the *very nasty, backstabbers* such as 'willy' and 'marc' and the photographer - but I liked it, can't wait til the next episode.
  • Not what I expected but I know whats coming...

    When I first heard about Ugly Betty, saw the previews and read the summary and had a clear picture in my head of what it would be like. The first episode showed me a very different story but I am 100% sure that every other episode will be what I expected. I didn't expect all of the scenes at Betty's house with her family but it has to be there to set up her personality and everything. This was a very beautiful episode which had alot of true meaning which is one of the reasons which I like the show.
  • very different from the original Colombian Telenovela (soap) and tries a little to much to resemble "the devil wears Prada", but still a very enjoyable show

    As someone who happend to see the original show, which this show is based on, I must say that I don't understand why did they have to make so many changes in the carecters and especially, why did they try have to bow so much to the "...Prada" film, especially since the original show came many years before.

    Yet I found some of the changes good and very courageous, especially the casting of America Ferrera to the lead role. While in the Colombian show they picked a beautiful actress and made her ugly, and it was clear that by the end of the show she will be the most stunning looking carrecter of all (and in doing that, stating the exact opposite from the massage of the show). Casting the amazing America Ferrera (who also played in "real women has curves") to this role is briliant and the right choice.

    to sum it up: I have enjoyed the pilot and I will keep watching
  • Great show to begin a great hit!

    Betty may not be all that beautiful but really she Is smart and shows that beauty really comes from within
    As she is trying to make it in the pretty Cruel world of fashion despite some stuck up snobs, especially the Vanessa L Williams character
    Great show to start out with and even though I thought her boss Daniel was a jerk at first as I wanted to haul off and hit him, he actually became nicer.
  • I checked this show out after I saw it won the Golden Globe. Wow, did I make a mistake. One of two things must be true, the friends, family, and cast members of the show must review it, or in general, only fans rewiew shows. Awful, idiotic.

    This crapola show reminds me of watching an 80's sitcom, where the jokes are so obvious and campy that everyone stops and grins at the crowd while the laugh track plays. The only thing that is missing from this is the laugh track. This show is low-brow in the extreme. If you are a fan of subtle, good comedy like The Office, this is not the show for you. If you are 40 years old, watch saturday cartoons, and live with your mother, and wear an adult diaper, the moving pictures and colors may entertain you. Anyone else will be bored to tears, unless you happen to be a real big fan of "ugly" jokes, directed at a gorgeous girl in dork glasses, braces and bad make up (a.k.a. hollywood-ugly) In which case, watch on, but be careful not to spill too much applesauce on your daiper while laughing at the commercials you accidentally mistook for the show, retard.

    I have to admit, I did grin at the sequence that they did of the fake fashion news report.
  • The one that begins it all... ain't it wonderful?

    This is the first episode of the new series \'Ugly Betty\'. What a special episode! It really is cool! Even though the exact theme(fashion) of it is not generally what I would prefer, it ends up a comedic extravaganza of issues and drama. \'

    Truly inspirational, how America Ferrera portrays Betty Suarez. She does it in a very \'don\'t judge a book by its cover\' way which is really good to see. She actually has some serious talent, and has got the potential to be a superstar! Some might argue that she already is a superstar, due to the fact that she got nominated in December 2006 for a Golden Globe award, for her role on Ugly Betty. I really think she deserves it, as this episode clearly set the stakes high. Overall, a very special pilot episode - one you wouldn\'t want to miss, because this... this is just the beginning.
  • Loving this show already!

    Loving this show already! I really thought it was amazing! "deliciously weird" are my two words for it, so it is exactly like The Devil Wears Prada? Who cares? They both are good! I really liked this pilot episode because it got right in to it, no boring bits, no stalls, just the rushed plot, and it explained everything so well! The ending was predictable yet suprising, and the show has two O.C. actors! Just knowing it has 2 O.C. actors makes me want to watch it forever & ever, I probably will! Looking forward to next week for The Box & The Bunny!
  • Betty has always dreamed of working in the publishing world, but it seems as though there\'s no place for the non-thin and non-beautiful in the business. Betty really wants a job in that wonderful, yet cruel, world. But can she really find a place in it?

    This episode is amazing..since i\'ve already seen the original novela..i was surprised that betty was seems that you cna\'t really make america ferrarra look bad...however the episode was just fantastic, i was looking forward to seing when would betty\'s transformation into a hottie..but i was thinking that sice it\'s a show it would probably happen just in the end of the last season..
    I also remebered that the boss-daniel in the original novela turned into a lame **** when betty left who knows when is it that daniel will fall for girl
    well i guess we\'ll just have to keep on watching and i just wish good luck with this show cause it\'s really amazing and good
  • A pitiful display; Ugly Betty is uninspiring, unfunny and generally unappealing.

    When I originally saw the preview to Ugly Betty, I doubted that it would be anything but poor. However, many other sources, even ones I'd usually trust like the UK's "The Guardian", gave it very high reviews. So come the airing of the pilot episode, I watched it with an open mind. Frankly, I wish I hadn't watched it at all. Ugly Betty feels to me too much like it's trying to appeal to a certain audience: the slightly emotionally frail, bored with life, looking-for-romance kind of female. Its storylines are cheesey and sickening; the characters are unoriginal archetypes and the general premise is that of overcoming adversity and changing people's views. Dull dull dull. It's been done a hundred thousands times before- and done better, too.

    Another silly thing about it is that Betty, in all honesty, isn't that ugly. It seems worrying that their view of ugliness is, in actuality, not that bad. It also seems worrying that their way of making her appear "ugly" is to adorn her with glasses and braces. So is this breaking down the barriers of social stereotypes? No- it's doing the exact opposite: it's reinforcing them. Either way, the show is pitiful and very very dull. It could be viewed as "feel good television", although by the end of it I feel more like castrating myself.
  • Odd but funny!

    Although the idea for this series isn't terribly original I feel it has a lot to offer. Betty's home life seems to play a big role in her life and that could lead to some interesting story lines.

    Betty's ex-boyfriend Walter looks set to stay as he hung around in this episode, I hope she realises that she deserves better than him.

    Daniel is such an arrogant character that I want to hit him, however his selfishness stopped when he re-hired Betty so I am eager to see more. I hope this series progresses to bring more plot development and originality.
  • The Devil Wears Prada the TV series?

    While I do like this episode, I just can't get the feeling out of my head that this is just The Devil Wears Prada the series, it has the same basic premise, some ugly tart following her boss around and being made to look like a fool.

    Hopefully it'll become more original in the weeks to come. The first episode has only just aired in England so I'm behind everyone else.
  • Betty Suarez tries to make it in the publishing industry but Mead publications turns her down because she is unattractive but Mr. Mead sees her and hires her as assistant to his son, the editor of Mode, so he won't be tempted to sleep with his assistants.

    This is a wonderful episode introducing the totally lovable Betty Suarez to the audience. America Ferrera is phenomenal in this role and is entertaining to watch. Its plot is wonderful and immediately shows how brilliantly intelligent she is when she saves the company from losing major funding. This series shows how competitive the business is and the difficulties of juggling families and jobs at the same time. In the end, the concept of family ends up saving the company. This is a sweet episode and the series continues to be endearing and entirely lovable. I look forward to enjoying more episodes of this wonderful show. This series is recommended for those interested in taking a comedic spin through the world of fashion.
  • A good TV spin-off of The Devil Wears Prada

    A proper follow-up of the movie The Devil Wears Prada therefore its concept is not original though it may create curiosity and familarity for the movie goers, catching eyes of fans of the movie. The remake of the Book and Emily turning to Amanda extracted from the movie stand at the top. Another blast from the past takes place in the 10th episode when Betty is offered a job by Sofia and Daniel proposes to find Betty's replacement. Marc and Amanda muck about it and Marc is asked who will be the best fit for the job. His anwser is Anne Hathaway.
  • Not a bad episode for a start of what hopefully could be a good show!

    It is what they always say that ugly people have the greatest personalities. but in Ugly Betty's case, its.. true!

    We are introduced to Betty and her family, her dreams and ambitions.

    Her way of dealing with stuff when she gets hired into the glamourous world of fashion. Ugly Betty would stop at nothing to get her dreams fulfilled even if it means humilating herslf by wearing a models outfit and gives it a shot at modeling.!\

    Simply Hilariuos
  • Fine example of what a good show looks like.

    Ugly Betty is an extremely well written show, and the actors in the show are so realistic. Sometimes I forget Ugly Betty is just a TV show. It's a totally original show with a cliched, but extremely important message, it doesn't matter what's on the outside, but rather what's on the inside. And as they've proven on this show with many of the people, beauty is sometimes ONLY skin deep. Thank goodness Daniel's seen the light. The series would have been horrible if he was still shallow like most of the other people. Anyways, I can't wait to see the next episode of Ugly Betty.
  • Ugly is the new Beautiful

    "Ugly betty" one of the best new comedies in years. thiks comedy has me think of another television show in the 1970's, and that is "the Mary Tyler Moore Show." America Ferrena plays Betty with both wit and warth. she is a fish out of water in the world of beautiful. I like the way that Betty responds to people who think she will never fit. she fit, as long as the people accept her. Vanessa L. Williams is gorgous as the villians. a perfect villian for a perfect series. If you haven't saw "Ugly Betty" you are missing out on a classic.
  • It has all the elements in it to make it a hit series

    In the pilot episode, we meet Betty, who tries to get a job in the fashion industry. In an industry where your looks are all that matters, Betty tries to stand out with her mind, rather than her appearance. She gets the job as an assistant to Daniel Meade of Mode Magazine. Daniel sleeps with all his assistants and isn't happy when Betty comes to work for him. He tries his best to humiliate her, even though deep down he feels bad about it. Will Betty quit or will she be determined to continue working in a place where almost everyone makes fun of her?

    I loved the pilot episode! It has all the elements to make it a hit series. America Ferrera plays the role of Betty flawlessly and you really feel for her character. The most memorable moments of this episode were: 1) when Betty dresses up in skimpy clothes for the photo shoot even though she knows its humiliating; 2) when she wears a poncho to her first day at work; 3) when she storms into her neighbor's house and breaks her plasma TV.

    Actually every minute of the episode was entertaining, but those scenes stick out in my mind. All in all, everyone who likes a nice mix of drama, comedy, and some elements of a soap opera will like this show.
  • fun

    very well done. a little cheesy and soap-opera-ish, but it\'s never easy trying to introduce everyone and everything in the pilot episode. betty is obviously the key to the series, and ms. ferrera is absolutely brilliant. she plays it with such ease and earnestness; it\'s fun to watch her. others that stood out for me; mr. mabius plays subtlety perfectly. mr. dale; he plays his gruffness and authority with realness. ms. williams is diva like in her approach. and my favorite is ms newton. she\'s so beautiful and ice-cold on the show, but such a sweetheart in real life. kudos.

    again, as far as pilots go, this one lived up to its hype. and one has to remember that the pilot episode is usually made by a whole different crew once it\'s been picked up. so i would reserve any judgements until maybe after the fourth episode. by then, it should be up to speed and in full gear.
  • I thought it was pretty good...

    The promo made me watch it. And I thought everything was pretty fun to watch. Daniel is pretty nice to look at and I love his turn in character later in this episode. PS It's nice to see the actor who played Caleb in the OC again. I gave up on that show since it jumped the shark halfway in season two. la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
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