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  • Ugly Betty: The Most Beautiful Show On TV


    I watched Ugly Betty from the moment of the premiere, to the middle of season 3, and then dropped it. Why? Because of the writers strike. Had that never happened, I would've easily continued watching straight through to the end, and as of tonight-having FINALLY finished rewatching all of the series including what I missed-I'm very sad I didn't.

    Ugly Betty is one of those shows that falls into a few categories:

    Gets you looks if you admit to liking/watching it, ESPECIALLY if you're a man

    Has the campy Desperate Housewives appeal, thus once again making it seem like bad television to a lot of people

    Very very VERY underrated

    And I stand by all of that even today. When I mention that I like Ugly Betty or Desperate Housewives, people give me weird looks, but these shows are both drastically dark and in some cases-especially Desperate Housewives-VERY violent. They're NOT the soap opera show our Grandmas used to watch. That being said, I understand WHY people are standoffish, but I don't think it's right. I mean, sure, Desperate Housewives is definitely an acquired taste and I don't necessarily consider it a show that everyone HAS to see in their lifetime. I love it, but I'll admit that.

    Ugly Betty though has a different reception from me.

    People definitely should watch it. Outside of the fact that it's only 85 episodes long (spanning 4 fantastic seasons), it did a number of things right:

    It didn't overstay its welcome

    It kept its decent tone the whole series through

    It was HUGELY groundbreaking in terms of the GLBT community EONS before Glee, AND did it better

    I'd like to discuss these bulletpoints. First off, it didn't overstay its welcome. I actually am glad the show ended at season 4, though I would've easily watched more, because it felt more like a story had been told. We saw the transformation of a timid but hopeful young girl grow into this beautiful and extremely brave-and inspirational-young woman. Ugly Bettys biggest pro is its overly positive attitude. There may be scheming and plotting and ridiculous soap opera type plotlines at times, but in the end, Ugly Betty has such a positive upbeat nature about it that it's pretty friggin hard NOT to love her and the show itself.

    Secondly, much like Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty (possibly BECAUSE it didn't overstay its welcome) it kept the quality of its program up essentially the entire 85 shows. The middle of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 are pretty damn dark and a bit slow, but the rest of the show are just fantastic, and it's one of the FEW shows that had a phenomenal 1st season and didn't falter in its 2nd. THAT'S a feat. The entire time I never felt-even at the shows worst-that it compromised its quality, or it wasn't good enough. I always thought it was fantastic, and if you read my blog often, you know I don't heap praise like this lightly.

    And finally, the possibly most controversial bulletpoint on the list, the gay one. Ugly Betty is a series that welcomed homosexuality into open arms, and in 2005, when the only thing we really had before this was Will & Grace which I don't see as "welcoming", but rather as "one long gay joke reinforcing terrible stereotypes". I don't consider that groundbreaking. I consider Ugly Bettys handling of the homosexuality community and its acceptance groundbreaking. Not only did Ugly Betty have men-and teenage boys-kissing before Glee was this faux homosexual activist poster boy, but it actively made you CARE about them. It really proved that your sexuality or gender doesn't matter and what matters is how good a person you are. Love is love. These characters were good people, funny people, nice people and overall I saw no difference in the way they and their relationships were handled as opposed to how a straight character was. It was beautiful, it was the first and it really needs to be given that credit above all else. It really, truly deserves it.

    Not only did Ugly Betty teach me to respect fashion as an art, but it tells you to chase your dreams, which is something I don't think I've seen a lot of shows say. No other show has ever had a more positive message (except perhaps Wilfred) than Ugly Betty, and it really should be noted how inspirational Betty and the show itself can be. For a show called Ugly Betty, it certainly was so much more beautiful than any other show.

    Some shows end and it doesn't matter even if the experience was enjoyable, other shows end and I do miss them because of how much I connected with the characters and then there's that rare show that ends and I realize how much it really impacted me and how less bright my world would be now without its presence. Thank god for Netflix & DVDs.

    So I salute you, Ugly Betty, Betty Suarez and America Ferrera. You really made a difference, and I hope one day people recognize your show for the truly beautiful story it is; one about chasing your dreams, about being a good person and how much beauty there is in the world.



    the best show ever! as great as the vampire diaries. these 2 are surely my favorite! (y)
  • About this series

    This had wonderful acting for America Ferrera and casting in season 1.
  • Hilarious And A Inspireing Too1

    It was so funny! And Relatble! It Was Also Inspiring. Overall A Good Show And Ended Too Soon. But The Finale Was A Great Way To End It!
  • I can relate to her...

    the dork with the glasses that has a dream and is obsessed with life.... this is great role playing, she is sweet, a talented geek that's easygoing and emotional, and the show was well put together IMO.
  • One of the most underrated shows ever.

    Ugly Betty is such a great show that is not appreciated at all and it deserves more credit than the one it receives.People dismiss it and they think it's a cliche and that's it's a girl's show.That's completely wrong.I hate when people make quick judgements and judge a book by it's cover.
    Anyway,what i love about this show is that ,even though it sounds cliche it's really not.I find it so innovative and groundbreaking.The storylines are so fresh and filled with mysteries and twists and even though it's the story of a duck turned into a swan it is done so differently and it's not some predictable soap opera.
    Secondly,the characters are top notch and really well-casted.America Ferrera is such an amazing and gifted actress and totally right for the role of Betty.Becki Newton and Michael Urie provide comic relief along with Vanessa Williams as the fashionable receptionist,the gay assistant and the evil career woman.
    Season 1 is a superb season that i like rewatching all the time.Fey Sommers's murder and Alexis Meade's sex change are pretty much the best storylines in the show's history.Definitely the best season of the show.
    Season 2 is not as good as season but it's certainly a great follow-up to the first season.Bradford's death,Wilhelmina's plan to take over the Meade empire and Claire's perfume are wonderful storylines that made the season a lot better.
    Season 3 is a good season but it seemed different than they other two.The show didn't have many ongoing plots,just some individual adventures of Betty.Christina being pushed down the stairs,Lindsay Lohan as Kimmie Keegan,Connor and Betty moving to Manhattan are a few storylines i enjoyed.
    Season 4 is a magnificent season that made up for the third season and it definitely didn't deserve the cancellation.I wish viewers would not give up on a show because of a rough season.Nico's return,Justin's sexuality,Betty being an editor and the series finale are perfect examples of the show's best moments throughout the years.
    To sum up,i think that Ugly Betty is a funny and heartwarming show that deserves more credit.It certainly could have had another season but like most good shows it got axed before it's time.
  • Ugly Betty is the perfect luxury to treat yourself with at any time of the day.

    Ugly Betty is a whitty funny show that captures our hearts in the weirdest ways. It proves itself fierce with the talent and energy, making its mark. The show is fearless itself and dares into the
    controversial and impossible, but this is what makes the show so sparkling in its own right. At times where it may be foolish or dull it manages to lift itself back up with a spring in its step, this has the cast to thank for. Whether storylinges or interactions between characters are weak 'ugly betty' still manages to shine and dazzle. With a strong cast and high drama there aint nothing you would rather watch.
  • My Brain Suddenly turned to goo after watching this.

    This show is probably one of the most overrated shows in history, i mean, I tried watching the first 3 episodes and wow, believe me, this was terrible, my cousin owe me big time, i wasted hours watching this, this show is exclusively for fan girls and housewives who enjoys stupidity and some lame romance, and this show was a horrible remake of a show "I love betty la fea" - an original spanish show which they copied. I could give this show a 0 but since I can't it's only fair I give it a 1 - - ABYSMAL!

    ugly betty has entertained and excited us all with its amazing story line and a variety of charming, clever, nasty and contreversial charecters who have kept us anxiouse and scared with cleverly thought out clifhangers and happy endings we have all fallen in love with the young lady BETTY SWAREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
    betty has so much potential yet has been unrerecognised in mode enterprises and now we are all looking forward to what betty will get up to. as soon as the newseries finishes i will be distruought as it will be the last series ever and i cant live without it!
  • Highly entertaining Betty.

    Don't tell call her "Ugly" anymore. That's what the series finale taught us when the word disappeared from the screen, leaving only "Betty" as the young latina was walking the streets of London, pretty in pink.
    I will always remember the first time I saw the show. I was stunned. Surprised. In 42 minutes, the writers just showed the hundreds of thousands of other versions of Yo Soy Betty La Fea that THEY knew better. And the rest of the debut of the show was as excellent as the first episodes. Then, came season 2 and season 3. Many people claimed that the show was disappointing, that it couldn't live up to its standards. The reason for that is that THEY themselves set up standards that the show never claimed to reach.
    If anything, Ugly Betty was a entertaining show and remained so throughout its entire run on ABC. No matter what. And America Ferrara (Betty) and Vanessa Williams (Wilhelmina) were...amazing.
  • Amazing show that wasn't allowed to reach its full potential because it has been cancelled.

    Ugly Betty was a great show and it kept people laughing no matter how they felt. It's really hard to find shows like this where at the last episode, it brings you to tears and you don't even know why. ABC needs to bring this show back for a season 5 because all their fans want some more of fun loving Betty. Ugly Betty, I must say, was sad saying good bye to, the creators did an amazing job warping up loose ends to end the show. But this made more fans want to know more about everything. Leaving the show the way it is is totally fine, but for many people out there, we can't even begin to imagine the lives of the people in Ugly Betty and how they are now. One thing I didn't like about this show was that it made minor characters disappear to quickly and big problems be resolved very fast. Thanks for reading!
  • Boring!

    Ugly Betty has gotten so bad in the last couple of episodes. It probably one of the most predictable shows i've watched! I liked it when Betty moved out of her house into her apratment but then she decides that as usual family comes first and she does the boring predictable thing by movin out of her apartment and livin with her family! And of course Betty cant get through a few episode without another love interest. Its the same thing hapening in every episode and its gotten so boring. I've actually stopped watching it. I hope it gets back on track.
  • This show had all the potential in the world to be a great show - and they ruined it - flat ruined it!

    Instead of Ugly Betty remaining as an inspiration to not just bracy-faced little girls - but also anyone who has had a lack of confidence, I was really excited about what Ugly Betty would have to offer. The first week was pretty good - then the second - then the third. After that -- I have no idea what happened!! Somehow - the cute new show morphed into a really bad female version of Austin Powers or something. The story lines went from believable to ridiculous. The direction makes the "sinister" characters look like morons instead of typical corporate baddies who can make the real world challenging, at best. Too bad they messed it all up. Ugly Betty COULD have been a good show.
  • R.I.P

    The spanish version are much better than this first it was a colombian which started it of which was the best one then the mexican got their dirty hands on it and made it bad then they made a cartoon well we all kno that went down the drain so its crap then an american y can they just let this series R.I.P let it die while its young why do u gotta make series crap and strung out to shut down they should just stop its pointless it will never be ass good as the first versions Ugly Betty R.I.P
  • Before you click disagree, please read the review.

    This show, to me, was absoultely wretched. It was an episoe of SVU that I had seen many times and had heard so mnay great things about this show that I decided to give it a try. Big mistake. Big! The show was not funny at all, uninteresting, and the whole stroyline was so dull that it was a struggle to watch. I absoultely do not understand why everybody praises this show and why it gets so much hype. There are so many more deserving shows out ther that deserve the recognition, like Veronica Mars.
  • I'm sorry to tell you this but this serie isn't good at all.

    For god's sake, why do you like Ugly Betty????? I live in Mexico, and I've seen that serie before, it's so so predictable and it's a "soap opera" not qualified to be at the league of other comedy shows as desperate housewives, the office or two and a half men, you know what? In my country only the maids, the housewives and the "nacos" whatch this kinds of series. I mean I know that in the last season, Betty's going to get married, with the guy, and will live happily ever after, I can tell you a lot of details that will happen cuz this serie has already aired in a lot of countries (Obviously with different characters, and a slighlty change in the story line).

    So dissapointed to see how many people in the US watch this show...
  • Are they showing us the same episode every week? I think this show is for people who can tolerate repeated viewings of "The Devil Wears Prada" every week, and that is not me.

    While I understand that this show has won awards and critical acclaim, I have to say that I just don't get it. It seems like it's the same episode again and again. Every week someone points out Betty's lack of physical appeal, this hurts her feelings, and by the end of the hour Betty's inner workings and redeemability shine through yet again as she comes through for the magazine she works for one more time.

    I've watched a half dozen episodes thanks to my wife and the ABC Family Channel's insistence on airing this show incessantly. And they all seem to me the same. Betty is a fish out of water due to her background and appearance. But her work ethic, dedication, and family-oriented upbringing make her an asset to the magazine on which she works. And every episode hammers this point home, in more or less the same way. At first she has to win over her boss, and then it seems like she just sort of makes the rounds, repeating the same lessons but with different members of the office staff.

    While the message is great (especially for kids), the repetitiveness is not.

    There is a story-line that threads the episodes together, but I can't say that it holds my interest. It seems sort of irrelevant and the matters dealt with seem unimportant. The show's kitschy-ness I suppose is part of its appeal, but it doesn't do much for me. If you want to paint the show as a serial, the kitschy-ness just makes the story seem cartoon-ish and irrelevant.

    I'm not a fan - I just wish I could get my wife to quit watching!
  • Stale, unfunny, repetitive. An awkward Mexican girl with braces teaches the world how to appreciate awkward Mexican girls with braces.

    Now I checked out this show when it first came on air. Interesting premise, lots of hype, sounded funny--so I gave it a shot. I'm not going to lie, I liked it a bit at the beginning, it even had me laughing at some points.

    However, the sparkle faded quickly. The show was formulaic, unfunny and stupid. Betty is stupid. Every episode just drilled into my head--it's okay to be ugly, you don't have to look like a model to be liked. And while those messages are good, the presentation was off, especially when at every turn you have some pop-culture media outlet spewing about how gorgeous America Ferrera is--how "not ugly" she really is. I'm over it. If you're trying to drill home the fact that someone is ugly and that's okay, then let her be UGLY! Or get a real ugly actress. The whole show is about how ugly girls can be cool too. But they're not--Betty isn't accepted at work: she is vilified, and not respected by her co-workers. Betty is awkward and clumsy--socially inept. She obviously can't read people and understand the way things work. It's a high fashion magazine, what did she think was going to happen when she came dressed in a poncho that said Gaualajara? They ugly her up by putting on her perfectly straight teeth obnoxious braces--yeah we get it, grown-up braces are "ugly" okay. They give her frumpy clothes, they make her hair puffy. You know what that image says to me? Not ugly--unkempt. Betty has no common sense, or a mirror. I get the whole, you shouldn't have to change who you are to be accepted crap, but I still believe image is part of that package. And if you looked like you hadn't combed your hair, or brushed your teeth or ironed your clothes, then I don't want to hire you. In the first episode she can't get a job, well, no wonder, she looks like she just hopped over the boarder--and she's applying to high-end jobs. What is she thinking?

    Then by some miracle she is hired by Daniel's father, in an attempt to tame his son, and she puts up with his bullsh-t like an illegal alien who doesn't want to get turned into immigration. The last straw for me was when she *actually* dressed in the leather for the photoshoot--is she stupid?--and no, I don't think the word is too harsh for this situation. She couldn't possibly think they were serious, or that this job was worth this utter humiliation of squeezing her size 12 body into size 00 leather. Are you kidding me? She was a door mat. She didn't give me the impression that she was intelligent or hardworking, she left me thinking, the only way ugly girls are going to get a job in a place like that is to lie on their backs and take it. And say "thank you" afterwards.

    In the end, it's not Betty who stands up for herself, it's Daniel who sees the error in his ways and asks her to stay. So now she feels obliged. She is now even more willing to accept his garbage, the verbal abuse, the long hours--and all for what? A fulfilling job that doesn't pay her enough to get a flat iron or tweezers? I am so done with this show.
  • Things are getting Ugly(er)

    This show started of great, but now as alot of you would see it's getting boring and old. If you dont mind me saying i wouldn't really reccomend this show but the choice is really yours, if persay you watch it or not, That is just my opinion anyway. The show started of great, a young girl who had no sence in fashion what so ever and wanted become a editor for a massive fashion magazie, It's kind of like "The Devil Wears Prada" Same story line ETC. I used to watch it frequently when it first aired, i guess Prison Break, Heroes, Friends, That 70's Show, The simpsons,Britney and Kevin Chaotic ETC are more my style.
    But your opinion may be diffrent so i dont want to start any conflict over a TV show i personally think is pretty poor.
  • peaked too early and now past it

    This show started of great, but now as alot of you would see it's getting boring and old. If you dont mind me saying i wouldn't really reccomend this show but the choice is really yours, if persay you watch it or not, That is just my opinion anyway. The show started of great, a young girl who had no sence in fashion what so ever and wanted become a editor for a massive fashion magazie, It's kind of like "The Devil Wears Prada" Same story line ETC. I used to watch it frequently when it first aired, i guess Prison Break, Heroes, Friends, That 70's Show, The simpsons,Britney and Kevin Chaotic ETC are more my style.
    But your opinion may be diffrent so i dont want to start any conflict over a TV show i personally think is pretty poor.
  • Ugly Betty Characters. Stereotypes.

    There are so many stereotypes like Amanda, who is blonde and really dumb at times. And Mark, who is completely gay Betty is ugly and is kind of well, UGLY. The show is really cool to watch but certainly boring sometimes. Henry on the other hand is extremely nerdy and unattractive. He wears these sweater vests and prepster clothing that makes him such a geek. Betty's family is attractive even HIlda. I hardly even have time to see this show. I have a feeling that that witch Charlie's baby isn't Henry's for real this time. Anyway, I learn a lot from this show.
  • Probably one of the most heartwarming and fun drams I've ever watched :)

    At first my friends were all very hyped up about Ugly Betty when it first aired, and I didn't understand what was so nice about watching some 'ugly' duckling who will definitely become a swan, since that's how stories are. Then one day I was really bored so decided to check out this show, and got hooked instantly. The script is freaking funny and awesome hahaha. Betty Suarez is not ugly ugly, but she just is not what people would define as pretty, because of her epic dress sense and kooky style of everything. She joins Meade Publications as secretary to Daniel Meade of Mode magazine, supposed heir to the company. She meets mean people, but still tries her best to work with them/for them, and succeeds very well!

    The funny parts made me burst out laughing, and the sad moments left me tearing (especially the season finale of season four). What I like best is that this isn't just some boring tale about an ugly duckling turned swan, it's sauced up with inspiring efforts to show how beauty isn't everything, and sometimes going out of the way to help people around you can earn you true friends.
  • Ugly Betty is absolutely the most fabulous show on air right now giving the vieweres the opportunity to see the world through Betty's eyeglases and to realize how wonderful life is even when you are not so beautiful.

    Ugly Betty is the best comedy right now because of its interesting and funny storylines and perfect funny cast.Betty is the most beloved character in television right now and even if she is ugly,she makes people to think about the life and how the goodness is more worthy than the beauty.The supporting cast is also amazing such as the characters of Wilhelmina,Marc,Amanda. They are all amazing and interesting with catching lines.Wilhelmina is the best villain television has seen in ages,delivered to us not only by her evilness but with her heart,soul and numerous funny situations when her plans are falling apart.Marc and Amanda are the most beloved couple even though they are not a real couple.Their way of talking and behaviour make us be stunned by all their charm and beauty.They are one of the strongest parts of the casting.Betty's family is another great part of the casting with Hilda,Ignacio and the loveliest boy Justin on the small screen.
    Simply,the most fabulous comedy,the most fabulous cast,the most fabulous storylines and the most fabulous writing on TV right now.
  • A great show that was cancelled before its time.

    This is a great show, very different from many shows on TV today. It's light-hearted and fun. I watch few TV shows religiously but this is one of them. The characters are well rounded and intelligent but funny and light-hearted at the same time. If there is one criticism of this show it's that the characters introduced along the way rarely lived up to the main cast and the stories surrounding them were often throw-away and this let the show down on occasion. When the show stuck to what it was good at, a strong ensemble cast and thought provoking, amusing stories it was TV gold!
  • From ordinary caterpillar to magnificent butterly...

    Ugly Betty is an inspiration to all of us normal everyday people who may not be in the spotlight but work hard to succeed in attaining our goals to be the best that we can be without losing who we are inside. Although the image of Betty may seem over-the-top silly and geeky, the fact of the matter is that her image shows us that where we go in life is not dependent on social standings or physical appearance but the morals and values that stay with us through life, helping us over obstacles and motivating us to keep going. While Betty slowly transforms from a caterpillar into a stunning and magnificent butterfly, its not just because she is adapting to the high-society "beautiful people" surrounding her at Mead Publications. It's because her confidence grows stronger as she works her way towards her true goal of becoming a monumental journalist so she may someday share her voice with the world.
    Betty's boss, Daniel, is wet behind the ears in the beginning as Betty becomes his assistant in both the workplace and outside. Through all of Daniel's struggles within himself, the loss of his wife and his strive to be a dignified representative of the family business, Betty is always there for him. She becomes his confidante,his mentor and his light at the end of the dark tunnel. Her words have made significant impact on his rapidly maturing mind, nurturing the true selflessness inside of him. Through time, the two become close friends and then experience a situation where the two were seemingly at each other's throats. But, the two care about one another so deeply that Daniel pushes his image and pride aside to show Betty just how amazing he finds her to be. Claire Mead is seemingly of very little importance except as the role of the ex-con mother turned professional and driven head of the company. However, if you really pay attention to her character, you will see where the story of Betty and Daniel is going. Through Claire, you are able to see through the all-knowing motherly glances and advice that she is already aware that Daniel and Betty are true soul mates. She is assuring to Daniel that some day he will be with an extraordinary woman. As well, her relationship with Betty is like that of a friend and even sometimes maternal. She almost seems to "smirk" when the two are in their usual platonic pow-wows. The smirk is that of a mother with true intuition of what the future holds for the two un-knowning hearts.
    It will be sad to see this series come to such an unexpected abrupt end but the producers have not failed in continuing with the progressive transition of Betty. The pace has quickened slightly but has not been rushed. I hope that in the end, the series will provide an ending as inspirational as the entire journey.
  • Ugly Betty has always been a Good, Funny program. It has a diverse cast. Adding Adam Rodriguez tonight just put the cherry on top. WOW!!! I hope he is here to stay.

    Ugly Betty is a Great show. I am a regular viewer. I think that by adding Adam Rodriguez it brought something NEW to the set. Sometimes, I felt that the plot was dragging and the regular actors were getting so predictable. Kudos to the person who had the idea to spice it up with Adam Rodriguez.

    The charactor for Adam Rodriguez, could not get any better. What woman doesn't want to be treated special and swept off her feet. I am wooed by the sensitivity he shows towards Ana Ortiz. Ana you are soooo lucky to act along side Adam. (I am jealous) Adam shows that he cannot only act in a serious drama Crime scene but also show a down to earth man with a sense of humor. On a side note, writers:
    Here is a thought,In the program I hope Adam and Ana get serious, get married and have kids. I hope that his appearance will be written in for the long run... I am sure a lot of females feel as I do.
    What a HANDSOME,HOT CUTIE!!!!OMG....
  • Betty Suarez- a young girl from a Mexican family goes for her dreams as a magazine editor. She starts off as an assistant to Daniel Meade- son of the owner of the company. Betty's journey as his assistant is amazing.

    Great Show. IN love with it. From drama, to love. this show has everything a show should have. Its an amazing experience. I feel like I'm actually in the show. All the characters are well rounded and we know about everyone..there's always twists and turns to make the show even more exciting. My favorite episode so far is the 1 season finale. There was love, there was murder, there was drama. It was amazing. Made me go back to read even more. Seriously, this is the greatest show ever. No lie. lol

    One of my favorite characters is Marc. He's well rounded and funny. Hes an assistant to wilhelimina..

    I love this show and I love how the season started out, with Betty moving up and taking inititive in her career and future. It is such a quirky show and I can so relate to her character in that I am never one of the in crowd and don't really care, I believe it builds strength of character. If we never encountered opposition in life there would never be any growthin ourselves as a person and there wouldn't be any depth there, making us just a shell of a person.I think Betty is a great role model to young people, she never lets life get her down, we could all learn from that. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!!!!
  • A fine show indeedy

    Ugly Betty is a great show to watch. Its great to see the rise and fall of Betty, a girl who isn't exactly the prettiest girl in the world (I said that as nicely as possible). Yet she makes up for it in spirit, kindess and intelligence. America Ferria plays Betty with such enthusiasm and very well.
    The other characters are fun too - from the scheming Willimenia Slater (Vanessa Williams) to the well-meaning but awkward Daniel Meade. Marc and Amanda also make the show - it would not be the same without them. Overall Ugly Betty is a great show and one of my new favourites.
  • A ugly ducklings look at the fashion world, while spiraling down the drain.

    'Ugly Betty' started off as a fresh breeze through comedy land, with continues jokes, a sober look at the extravaganza that is the fashion world and the warmth and identity of a true telenovela. Unfortunately, after three years those specialties have worn out and what is left is a decent show about young people in an hard, but modern industry. The show is still filled with colorful settings, loveable characters and right-and-wrong storylines guided by a melodramatic score, but it misses the fresh feeling and the sense of purpose it once had. When Betty joined Mode, the future was wide open for her and the show. There were endless possibilities and options for storylines to go somewhere, not the least thanks to the original and talented ensemble that walks around in Mode. Take Marc and Amanda, two characters that started off as an example of the young crowd that is the future of the fashion industry, but they have come a long way. For me, they are the fan favorites that make me watch this show. They are ones of the few left who still bring original jokes to the show and even with some character development and background throughout the years, they are still the same. When everybody's moral compass Christina left for her happy ending, or when Alexis got on her helicopter this year, I was kind of sad to see characters who definitely had potential for a longer life on the show, leave, but when the thread came that Amanda was getting fired, my heart almost stopped. It's one of the powers of the characters around Betty. Yes, the show revolves around her, but all of the supporting cast is vital for the show's charm and elegance. Vanessa Williams rocks as bad-guy and master manipulator Wilhelmina Slater and Tony Plana as Betty's dad with Ana Ortiz as Betty's clasic latina sister with her fashionable son Justin (Mark Indelicato) form a steady home basis for the show. But like I said, the show isn't what it used to be, partly thanks to the too many goodbyes throughout the show. It's true that there were too many characters walking around, stealing the viewer's attention from Betty, but they all contributed to what was the multi-storytelling gift of 'Ugly Betty'. Saying goodbye to Bradford, Alexis and even Christina didn't do the show good. Neither was it to have so many radical changes happening to for example the Magazine in such short notice. Seriously, who can still keep up with who owns what at Meade? Perhaps because of the strike, perhaps because the writers lost their way, but Betty doesn't seem to go anywhere else anymore. All of the show's characters have done a terrific job at staying the same as we met them, which for a show that can run 15 years is outstanding, but the roads they have taken along the way are so different that the characters don't fit in their positions anymore. Would Mark really want to stay after he didn't get the promotion or the job at Vogue? Isn't Ignacio, at his age, more likely to travel after his new love to California now he finally found her? They are so fixed on keeping the characters they still got at mode, but don't bother have it make a whole lot of sense for them to do so. It feels like this once thrilling new show is heading for its end way too soon.
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