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  • good show

    I think this is a great show. I think it was done very well and am looking forward to whats to come. We did do a little channel filpping between this and Smallville, but Ugly Betty won out on that, if I missed any at all it was only 1 second.

    I think it will be a good boost for the underdog girls and hopefully give all girls more confidence in themselves. I think it delivers a much needed message in this day and time.

    I thought it would be completly on the lines of The Devil wears Prada but pleasanty surprised to see it\\\'s not.
  • This tells a story about a latina trying to make it in the fashion business. In case you haven't noticed, it's really cool to be a chicana/o these days. I love this show because it gives every chicana watching this hope that they're dreams can come true.

    I love this show and I’ve only caught one episode. It’s inspiring to see a chicana climbing up the success ladder. It’s also very rare to break stereotypes and actually put an intelligent chicana on T.V. because we are usually portrayed as the gang members, the criminals, the prostitutes, but to see this is like seeing the world accept that we are not those things. I know how hard it is to convince someone to forget those stereotypes and realize that we are just like any other person, with better food. I this show was so moving for me because it’s hard to see chicana’s move up in any business because of discrimination, so I think that it is really nice to not only have chicana actors, but a chicana Executive Producer. That builds hope not just for me but for anyone who is watching and knows about the show. I am a film maker in training, I’ve already produced a segment in a local Westside cultural center, San Anto Cultural Arts, media program called San Anto T.V. and that alone was enough to keep me going. Now this is taking my brain to my future. The only thing that I noticed was a couple of scenes that have a lot of cuts in them. I saw these scenes take place twice on September 28th’s episode. Betty is talking to her boss, and he’s telling her a story, then it cuts to her, then cuts back to him in about 30 seconds, then back to her, and I counted about 11 cuts back and forth. I think it would be better if you would have the shot of him talking then cut to the shot of her, then to a shot of both of them instead of going back and forth. Other than that the show was great, and I don’t think this should be the last season. Who knows, I have a feeling that it will be a big hit in the states as Betty La Fea was in Columbia.
  • Funny and smart...a cross between "The Devil Wears Prada" and the original Telenovela.

    It thoroughly enjoyed the pilot episode. It was funny, smart and wicked! Selma Hayak as the Telenovela Maid was a hilarious touch! I hope this show makes it! It's a lot more enjoyable than some of the other dribble on Thursday nights! I mean how many people can we really watch eating bugs and backstabbing themselves for a million bucks?!
  • ...

    I\\\'m Colombian so I DEFF. saw the Colombian version(which is the best version)\\\"Betty La Fea\\\" and its was great and hilarious. Then this past year they made the Mexican version \\\"La Fea Mas Bella\\\" and it was terrible because they exagerrated too much AND they copied the better version to a less hot version. I hope the American one is ALOT better, because the other remake which was the Mexican one sucked horribly.
  • Before you click on disagree just because you like soap-operas, please read the whole review. Trust me, there is a good reason for me to don't like this brainwasher show. I've seen the Latino version. So let me tell you about it.

    Few years ago, in my country (if anyone is especially interested it's Serbia) we had that "privilegy" to see "Betty le foe", or "Betty de foe"... I can't really remember. Anyway, my little sister watched it, and my grandma too, so I was kinda caught in the middle. So I watched more then half of the episodes, unintentionally. Ugly duckling becomes a fairytale princess, and by the way one very, very cool and fancy fairy-princess. "She's all that" was a cool movie. But after repeating the same storyline again and again and again... even the God's got bored.
    Accept the silly actors, and the silly storyline, and the silly clothes, hairstyles, music, and all the other stuff (like Betty's journal, for example) this is the most unbelivable unreal show ever. I mean, the girl lives in the modern world, but she dresses like complete freak and she even doesn't notice it! Everyone are laughing at her, but she is so happy she did new work project, that she even can't notice it! She is so, so, so unbelivable smart with all this high-schools, but she works as a secretary!
    The only light thing in this show is one actress, can't remember the name of her caracter, but she had long, blond hair, and she used to be a model (in show). Although unintentionally, she was very funny. She is the only reason I gave this show a 2.0. (I hope they wont kick her out of the remake).
    I know, right about now, you probably think: "What have the Columbian show to do with this? They did it much better this time, and the cast is better, and blah blah blah...". If you think all that right about now, then stop for a second and ask yourself. If this is a remake, and original was so bad - mostly because of the story, then hold on for a second and wonder... How much precious time are you willing to spend (lose) just so you can see something that more than didn't wan't to?
  • Ugly girl gets a job working at an office with beautiful women....

    I loved the telenovelas from Columbia and Mexico and I'm looking forward to this version as well. I will reserve my judgement of this show until I have seen at least 3 episodes (please see my blog on the "Three Episode Rule").
    I hope this version stays as true to the original as possible. The Mexican version was way funnier and there were so many differences that it keeps the show entertaining at the same time it is similar enough to the original. Crossing my fingers that Salma Hayak has a gem. I'd love to see this follow thru in the same tradition of the telenovela and see the show end. Of course it might take more than one season because it's only being shown once a week here.
    True telenovelas always end and the actors end up in new telenovelas as different characters. This is what I hope Ugly Betty will start. I have been a big NBC fan since I was a kid but if Ugly Betty can start a telenovela trend, I can see myself as an ABC watcher...
    I didn't want to rate this yet since I haven't seen it so I give it a 10 now and I reserve my right to change it after the 3 episodes!
  • This is a really funny show!!! I love the original telenovela and now Im watching La Fea Mas Bella. I was wondering when the English Version would come out. Ive seen the clips and I Love this show. I can not wait until the series starts.

    I am going to give this show a 10!!!! Two thumbs up!!!
    You will love this show. It is original I saw the originals and after seeing the clips I like it even more. I was cracking up only with the clips I can not imagine when I see the whole hour.
    I liked this show because it shows you that you dont have to be 5'10" and tall to do what you want to do in this world. You will love I say it again. :-)
  • My thoughts after viewing the pilot episode

    Very good pilot. I just watched it last week along with a bunch of the new ABC series pilots. This is by far one of the most promising that I saw. The concept is original and America is amazing in her role. Difinitely a show to keep you eye on this season. Even my mom said she\'s going to try and watch it (depending on the time slot) and she doesn\'t watch many shows. The characters are well-developed for a pilot and I think it will be very interesting to get to know them as the show goes on. Keep an eye out for this one.
  • This really isn\'t a review, this is a review from clips that I have seen from the show.

    Betty The Ugly will be one of the first telenovelas to be broadcasted in English. I saw clips of this show, and I can\'t wait to see it in the fall! I feel like this show will set limits and open up to telenovelas in English. This show seems funny and (though I have only seen a few clips of the show), it seems like America Ferrera is the perfect pick for this part. Put Selma Hayek as your producer, and boy do you have a good show. I expect to see this show go a long way. I have seen clips of the Netherlands version of \"Betty La Fea\" (Betty The Ugly) called \"Lotte\". Though I can\'t speak the language, I can sort of understand what is going on and the show looks really good. I have only seen one clip from Betty La Fea. So in conclusion... I will definetly watch Betty The Ugly and I think it will really go long!
  • Fabulous underdog sort of show staring a dogged down overweight girl, who, try as she may, can't seem to fit in to the fashion world in which she works. It looks like this will be the new feel-good comedy this fall!

    Betty-the-Ugly, airing Friday night on abc @ 8pm (unfortunate timeslot, should be on during the week!!). Fabulous underdog sort of show staring a dogged down, overweight girl (America Ferrara) who, try as she may, can't seem to fit in to the fashion world in which she works.. you'll fall in love with the main character in no time, and Eric Mabius from the OC is a perfect choice as her boss. Throw in Vanessa Williams and Salma Hayek as producer, what a great bunch of people! No doubt this will be the show this fall & for many seasons to come!
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