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  • I would love ugly betty to be my new best friend,she is so caring,

    Its not whats on the outside itwhats on the inside that counts and ugly betty is actually really beautifull outside and in. She has a heart of gold and would do anthing for anyone. This is a very good programme, story lines great to and also quite funny, sometimes sad, but overall worth watching without a doubt.
  • A bit of a bridge to tie up some loose ends and set new twists and turns in motion.

    Last night Betty was dealing with a few of her problems, Hilda, Henry and low self-esteem. She did well with each. Hilda needed a job, Betty knew she couldn't work with her and avoided getting her work for Fashion Week. Daniel hears Hilda needs work and tells Betty to find her something at Fashion Week. Betty's influence on Daniel becoming a better person comes back and bites her in the butt. Henry resurfaces and asks Betty why she didn't call. Confused Betty finds out Hilda didn't tell her he called! More anger directed at Hilda.. Why does one of the accountants go to Fashion Week?? Alexis overhears Daniel praise Betty for her work at Fashion Week and Betty is on a high from that notice. Of course that doesn't last long. She fires Hilda, Daniel disappears (after Alexis spills the truth to him) and Mr. Meade shows up wanting to know where Daniel is. After finding Daniel and Hilda together, she has a good talk with Hilda and finds that they are envious of each other. They work it out as all good sisters do. Hilda admits to not mentioning Henry called, so Betty has renewed interest in him. Her self esteem was bolstered by all of this and then Alexis drops the bomb on everyone and Mr. Meade goes to jail. Of course we have all the side stories, Justin and Willie, Marc and the model w/micro mini, Mr Suarez and Constance(the Squishy train) and from the preview of the next episode next week should be just fab.
  • This is one of the few shows on these days that everyone can watch and feel good about. It shows family values, bad things happening to good people, good people overcoming life's challenges, and it makes you laugh and forget that life is REALLY hard.

    I LOVE this show! It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it just makes me feel good all the way around. The cast chemistry is wonderful, and I look forward all week long to seeing Betty and her family in action. I hope this show stays around for a long, long, time, and highly recommend it to all.
    Ugly Betty sends a message that beauty is on the INSIDE and not the outside, and that working hard and doing the right thing is rewarded, even though it sometimes doesn't happen instantly.
  • I personally adore ABC's new Golden Globe winning comedy UGLY BETTY produced by Salma Hayek starting America Ferrera.

    This newer version is somewhat similar to that of the original Columbian version "Yo Soy Betty La Fea", but it goes beyond the original plot by providing more laughter and a more complex story line. America Ferrera (winner of a Golden Globe for Ugly Betty) is simply spectacular with her performance as Betty, portraying in parts the lifestyle of many Latinos who live in the United States. The characters on the show are very comical and serious at the same time, giving the viewers a sense of the harsh fashion industry. Betty's struggles in the fashion industry where she is said to be a "fish out of water" comes to show viewers to fight hard and never give up on their goals. At the end Betty's inner beauty comes to light and transforming "ugly into the new beautiful".
  • This is one show I never miss.

    This is one show I never miss. It may be predictable and I can usually see the plot points coming a mile away, but like Betty it has a lot of heart. The cast has amazing chemistry, I always enjoy when Betty and Daniel have their little moments together. Betty and Henry are just cute together and Justin just lights up the screen.

    This show has really excellent writing and is full of really funny one-liners and sharp dialogue. Which I'm not sorry to say makes it different from most of the badly written 'comedies' on t.v. This is truly a gem of a show.
  • This show is mildly funny but its such a new premise that we have been watching it for a few weeks now. Betty is the underdog but she doesn't take any bull. I think this show deserves a chance in a better time slot to attain a wider audience.

    This show is mildly funny but its such a new premise that we have been watching it for a few weeks now. Betty is the underdog but she doesn't take any bull. I think this show deserves a chance in a better time slot to attain a wider audience. It has the potential to be funnier than it is. Its written somewhat like The Devil Wears Prada but not as many good lines. Also, liven up the rest of the casts characters. They could be so much help keeping this show afloat.
  • Ugly is the new beautiful

    This is an amazing show. It's really refreshing. I love seeing Betty survive in the fashion industry. This show is also excellent for all the women who are not "models" and who hope to make it to the sharks' industry. A little "devil wears prada" look-alike, but really great to watch.
  • A show that will strike a chord with everyone, male and female. Brilliantly funny with a sharp dialogue, cutting one-liners and some very poignant moments, liberally laced with some uncomfortable home truths. Prepare to be entertained :)

    This is a show that will make you think even as you roll around laughing. The premise is that of a normal girl, Betty, with all of the problems and issues that affect the vast majority of normal people, trying to get ahead in the cut-throat world of magazine production. Although highly intelligent and efficient, Betty is hired for an important job at a fashion magazine in order to keep the libido of the editor, the corporation's heir, under control. The only problem is that the world of the haute couture is not fond of people who dress from Sears and come from Queens and value image, cunning and deceit above intelligence, honesty and principles. A shame almost that Betty has definitely got the latter virtues. You will find yourself rooting for her as she daily battles indignations and backstabbing from her peers, a wet fish of a boyfriend, a father's shadowy past and, without knowing it, machinations from the very top with mysterious figures who seek to control or destroy her. Among a supporting cast of hilarious and lovable arch-enemies and some very ingenious plot twists, this series will warm your heart while making you chuckle right the way down to your toes. A definite favourite!
  • A girl named Betty working as an assistant at an Fashion magazine company. She hopes to achieve her dream of becoming a successful, intelligent, and strong woman.

    This show is my personal favourite because it shows to all the viewers that the beauty is deep inside. For example, Betty, is known as a girl who dresses terribly, is beautiful on the inside because she is a kind and hardworking person. She works hard doing her job and still manages to work on chores and etc when she is at home. I think it's nice to see someone who's beauty is deep inside. It's hard to see that when we are exposed to media, especially about plastic surgery...etc. I recommend everyone to watch it! It's really great!!
  • Ugly Betty is such a cute show that makes you laugh and awe. It's one of those shows that you get addicted to because it's so different from any other show you've ever seen.

    Ugly Betty is as good as it could possibly be. It's cute, funny, and even dramatic. It's a combination of everything to be honest. Not many shows on TV are like this one. In other words, it's unique. Just from the first season, you could tell that it's going to be a fantastic show! It has Salma Hayek in it, who's the producer and also acts in the show, making it seem like above normal show. The only word that comes to mind when describing this show is different. Don't get me wrong, I'm saying this in a good way. You have the colors, the genre, and even the storyline is so unique and original. If you're wondering whether you should watch or not watch this show, go for it!
  • ugly betty is so funny !

    ugly betty is a hilarious new comedy that just keeps getting better and better every episode !!! its about this young wannabe fashion designer who will do anything to prove that the fashion industry is where she belongs , although some of her work mates are doing everything they can to either get her fired , of else add to her " wall of shame" . poor betty . even though she has a worse dress sense then brigit jones , i still have a soft spot for ugly betty and her stuffed bunny , and im looking foreward to seeing more of her crazy adventures in the future !
  • FUNNY!!! definitely one of the best shows that I have ever watched!

    This show is AWESOME. As I watch this now I still love it. I really like this show because it is so different than what I am use to watching, this kind of show is something that really isn't something that I would normally be interested in but it really is an addictive show! The only part that I really don't like with this show is the whole sub-plot with fay and stuff, i don't really like that at all because it takes away from the funny part of the show. I don't like funny shows to be serious. Other than that there is nothing that i don't like about this show, every minute is hilarious and it always has twists and turns that you have to go through with the characters. This is just a great show!
  • Good show, I find it suprisingly interesting.

    I admit that Ugly Betty wouldn't be the kind of show I watch since I'm into dramas more so but, it's a good comedy and I'm glad I watch it. It seems to get better as the series goes on, even though I'm only up to episode 3 but, I can't wait for the next episode which airs on Friday, I don't know what to expect, which fascinates me. I like how it's entertaining in both the humours sense, and how it gives advice in somes ways, something I find makes the show good. I don't know how many series I'd expect this show to last but, I feel if it continues as it is now, it will be around for a while.
  • Follows the story of a young 'ugly' girl who works at a fashion magazine yet she tries desperately to fit in...

    Such a great show! Betty is one of those girls who if in real life we met, we would instantly cast her out of our group....however watching her on the show you feel so compassionate towards her!

    The story line is great and you can't help pulling for Betty and hoping that she gets together with her boos...Daniel!! Who, by the way, is totally gorgeous!

    The show is also very funny with Betty's gay nephew and her very (in my opinion) cynical friends.

    The show is one of those programs which I will make sure I watch even if that means taping it so that I won't miss even one episode! Totally brilliant!
  • A remake of the Spanish novela Betty La Fea, Ugly Betty somehow catches my attention.

    The first time I heard of this show, I was kind of mad because it was a remake of an original Spanish show and I was like these Americans, always Americanizing a show (even though I am American), but after I watched the first episode, I liked it. It was really good and it amazes me how someone can be that ugly! Another reason I liked it was because Betty Suarez is actually the same girl who played in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, good movie. This show is unlike any other show that is out right now and I think that is why it has caught my attention and that of so many others.
  • The shallow people at Mode think Betty is too horrible looking; therefore, making her incapable of working at a fashion magazine, but Betty Suarez won't back down that easily, creating a very good show.

    Ugly Betty is mostly about how the shallow people at Mode who think Betty is too horrible looking; therefore, making her incapable of working at a fashion magazine, but Betty Suarez won't back down that easily. Ugly Betty is an extremely funny show. Every week she shows the shallow people of Mode that she is determined to be the best assistant she can be (which is a really good assistant too). Some of the people at Mode are just so mean to her; I feel like punching them. The differences between the environments and attitudes Betty’s family (the Suarez) and her ‘work family’ at Mode, add for some more drama and humor.
  • Fugly!

    This is a show about a girl named Betty who is smart, and has a job in Fashion. But that is hindered by her looks. Personaly speaking I do not find the show funny at all, it does have a good Moral but it is not funny to me and I don't want to watch it, and the fact that it is based on a Colombian telenovela does not help me either.
  • An absolutely brilliant show! The characters are amazing and the story line is getting better and better on each episode.

    What can I say; a very good show has been put together here. I love the way the creators have put this program together. It’s funny, witty, and very fun to watch. The actors are brilliant. Being in the UK I have seen Ashley Jensen (Christina) in the comedy extras and I think she is great. Well done to the character that plays Betty, she plays it very well! I hope this programme becomes a hit comedy and I hope they produce many seasons. Well done to the creators of this show, you have done very well. Good luck to the future
    Adam Phillips
  • Witty, Intelligent, Enduring

    I was not sure I was going to watch this show this season, and didn't actually intend to. After hearing so much about it from friends and family, I gave it a shot. I'm very glad I did. The premise of the show is witty. The writing is intelligent, and the show will endure through time. I love the way the writers include intrigue along with the humor. The family connections that are shown both with Betty's family and her extended 'work' family are written amazingly well. The cattiness in the fashion industry seems to be spot on. I expect this show will go a very long way. I love the story line, and I expect the writers will be doing some fantastic things in the future.
  • I Enjoy Watching This Show

    I reaaallyy enjoy watching this show. Funny and make me really curious sometimes. the cast is good, but my favorite is Salma Hayek. She act like devil sometimes, but I think its gonna be alright. I really want to know who is the woman with bandage.And I thing she will be the helper of Betty to be much beautiful
  • I enjoy watching this show! Ugly Betty shows how we in the United States judge people by the way they look.

    It’s not only about an ugly girl, but about a determined young Hispanic woman, a little unattractive, who is determined to get a job for a magazine company. She is often teased by her employees because she has no beauty outside. But this show wants people to know that there is also beauty inside. It also shows the struggles Hispanics face like immigration and poverty. I love the cast! America Ferrera is a awesome actress and a great role model for Latinas! This is an adaptation of the Columbian soap opera Yo Soy Betty La Fea, I am Betty the ugly girl, but nothing like it.
  • It's a weird show!!

    It's about an ugly girl that always is shy and works in a fashion model magTo his dismay, Daniel must attend his family's Thanksgiving gathering at the Country Club. Meanwhile, Amanda and Marc create their own gathering at Mode and there is also a dinner at Betty's house where Santos, Justin's father, is in attendance. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina also hosts a Thanksgiving dinner as well but her feast doesn't look as good as it does in magazine pictures. azine company!!
  • An innocent, "ugly" girl enters the world of the "beautiful" and corrupted.

    America Ferrera is BRILLIANT. Period. for all who have not seen, "Real Women Have Curves", you missed out on one of the best moments in her career. In Ugly Betty, she captures the exact character in every aspect, understanding the idea of "beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder". Betty Suarez goes from misunderstood newcomer to somewhat respected in the fast-paced fashion magazine industry she has set out to conquer. The origin of her employment got the ball rolling in the series, being appointed the personal assistant of a rich, chauvenist bachelor. Chosen for her "ugliness", Betty began to get under the skin of her fellow employees, exchanging hilarious dialogue throughout. Every single character in this cast is amazing and the show is perfect for those who enjoy an overall witty series.
  • Betty Suarez is working in the fashion industry but has enemies also working with her. Her enemies have tried to make her quit or get fired but she has stopped that from happening and will protect herself from those enemies.

    Ugly Betty is a brand new hilarious comedy series about a woman who is working in the fashion industry but has enemies also working with her who will try anything to get rid of Betty. Betty is my new best friend this show is currently on in England/Uk where i live on Channel 4 i tune in every friday night to watch this show and i love it. I started watching this show a bit late i think i might be on episode 4 or 5 but the episode is where Betty takes this book in care for her boss who leaves it behind in his office and Betty takes the book home and she looses it only to find out her neighbour stolen it because Betty broke her plasma television, i thought that episode was so funny and well written. Ever since i watched this episode i wanted more and when the episode finished i was so upset because i knew i had to wait another week to see the next episode.

    Please tune in to watch Ugly Betty its a brand new fresh comedy that will make you laugh.
  • 'The Devil Wears Prada' meets 'Two Weeks Notice'.

    Ugly Betty first caught my attention because of its title. It interested me and ten episodes later it still does. I won't call it brilliant because there's a serious lack of originality in the show. But it is that sense of dejavu itself that keeps you glued to the show. It seems to have a little bit of everything you have watched before and a good cast manages to pull it off and make a good show.

    America Ferrera does a great job as Betty and it reminded me of her previous roles on 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' and 'Real Women Have Curves'. As much as I love Salma Hayek, I don't like her role. Vanessa Williams looks gorgeous but the thing with Ugly Betty is, all the characters are caricatures with several extreme traits. And I find that a turn off.

    I think I like where the story is going but hopefully the storylines will become more original.
  • betty saurez!!!

    ugly betty. ugly betty . ugly betty. i love that show so much. its just hilarious. ive only watched the first two episodes and im already hhooked its just so fabulous. betty is funny, the way she is is just totally funny. this show manages to do things not many others can do- portray funny sides to life, sad things, exiting things and most importantly; its whats on the inside that counts. i thought the second episode was down right hilarious, espexcaily when betty asks "who thinks this is funny"(holds up bunny rabbit in tolet picture) and every one in the office puts up there hands!
  • This show was great... at 1st.

    When this show 1st came on the air, I loved it. But each time it comes on it gets lamer and lamer. I like betty, she is my favorite. She is the closest thing to real that is on tv these days. She is no pencil thin, she has braces way into her adulthood, she comes from a dysfunctional and complex family, and her job sucks. How much more real can you get? Also like her boss. At 1st he came across as a huge jerk during the 1st show but he has grown on me. He is a playboy with a big heart. I\'m not loving the whole immagration story line but for the most part the show is ok.
  • Ugly girl who is beautiful on the inside. She works at a fashion magazine as the Bosss sons assistant.

    It is so nice of ABC to have all the full episodes on line. I sat down yesterday and watched them all without stupid commercials. What a great experience. The show starts out slow but steadily gets better and better. Betty grows on you. And her ex-boyfriend is such a funny character. And her sister Hildie is so fine,Scrumptious! The gay kid brother is also a riot. And ofcourse, the episode where Selma Hayek changes in the elevator was sooooo hot. Oh mama...For those of you who have not really seen it, I suggest you pour yourself a large glass of your favorite CHAMPAGNE and watch all the episodes back to back online. Cheers!
  • \\\'Ugly Betty\\\' is a series about a young girl called Betty Suarez who finds herself thrown into the brutal world of fashion, while facing other problems like the fact that her father could be deported any time soon.

    Hmm...I\\\'ve only seen the first episode, so I haven\\\'t really got into it. It looked really funny from the adverts, but the first episode seemed kinda...lame. I think it needs to get into the swing of things, which it really isn\\\'t, at one episode a week. Some jokes, which would be pretty funny, are killed by bad timing and wrong context. Furthermore, its rather sad to watch poor Betty bieng mistreated by those around her, and it\\\'s obvious that at some stage in the series, she\\\'s going to be transformed into a beautiful hollywood star. I mean, she\\\'s a pretty girl with glasses and braces. I\\\'m actually hoping she\\\'ll stay \\\'ugly\\\', making it interesting, and not too superficial. Still, it looks promising, and some of the characters are so fake and plastic it\\\'s entertaining to watch the betrayal of the characters against the boss. Despite the slowness, I think it\\\'s one to watch out, as the series could become better.
  • This show is so full of emotions Sadness, laughter. itz a complete package

    What can I say? This show is off the ricter scale. When it came out in the UK, I felt like my skeleton was about to leap out of my body and dance like crazy! I couldn't belive it! When the first part of the episode aired it was a little sad, she lost her boyfriend, she couldnt get a job, she missed her fathers birthday...It reminded me a little of that movie Spider-Man 2. But by the end of the show...i felt like laughing till my lungs fell out my ass. Then when I saw the preview for the next episode I couldn't wait! Definatly a 9/10. It's a classic!
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