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  • Before you click disagree, please read the review.

    This show, to me, was absoultely wretched. It was an episoe of SVU that I had seen many times and had heard so mnay great things about this show that I decided to give it a try. Big mistake. Big! The show was not funny at all, uninteresting, and the whole stroyline was so dull that it was a struggle to watch. I absoultely do not understand why everybody praises this show and why it gets so much hype. There are so many more deserving shows out ther that deserve the recognition, like Veronica Mars.
  • My Brain Suddenly turned to goo after watching this.

    This show is probably one of the most overrated shows in history, i mean, I tried watching the first 3 episodes and wow, believe me, this was terrible, my cousin owe me big time, i wasted hours watching this, this show is exclusively for fan girls and housewives who enjoys stupidity and some lame romance, and this show was a horrible remake of a show "I love betty la fea" - an original spanish show which they copied. I could give this show a 0 but since I can't it's only fair I give it a 1 - - ABYSMAL!
  • Boring!

    Ugly Betty has gotten so bad in the last couple of episodes. It probably one of the most predictable shows i've watched! I liked it when Betty moved out of her house into her apratment but then she decides that as usual family comes first and she does the boring predictable thing by movin out of her apartment and livin with her family! And of course Betty cant get through a few episode without another love interest. Its the same thing hapening in every episode and its gotten so boring. I've actually stopped watching it. I hope it gets back on track.
  • Betty is an Ugly girl with crap clothes who works in a fashionmagazine. Daniel is her boss if he has a problem Betty comes to the rescue.If he says jump she says how high.

    Ever since the writers strike this show has gone down hill with every epidode.What used to be one of my favourite shows is quickly becoming the most boring show.The story line if any body has noticed is nearly always the same.Betty falls in love they faff around for a while then she ends up making her move and..surprise surprise she gets the guy.Now i know your sayin she didnt get Jesse but she did but then she dumped him.Aswell every time daniel has a problem guess what happens betty saves the day at the last minute and everything is sunshine and rainbows again.It is getting beyond ridiculous at this stage Papie has a heart attack but of course he lives because nothing is ever wrong in betty land for long.Well guess what somethings wrong now.The storyline.
  • Before you click on disagree just because you like soap-operas, please read the whole review. Trust me, there is a good reason for me to don't like this brainwasher show. I've seen the Latino version. So let me tell you about it.

    Few years ago, in my country (if anyone is especially interested it's Serbia) we had that "privilegy" to see "Betty le foe", or "Betty de foe"... I can't really remember. Anyway, my little sister watched it, and my grandma too, so I was kinda caught in the middle. So I watched more then half of the episodes, unintentionally. Ugly duckling becomes a fairytale princess, and by the way one very, very cool and fancy fairy-princess. "She's all that" was a cool movie. But after repeating the same storyline again and again and again... even the God's got bored.
    Accept the silly actors, and the silly storyline, and the silly clothes, hairstyles, music, and all the other stuff (like Betty's journal, for example) this is the most unbelivable unreal show ever. I mean, the girl lives in the modern world, but she dresses like complete freak and she even doesn't notice it! Everyone are laughing at her, but she is so happy she did new work project, that she even can't notice it! She is so, so, so unbelivable smart with all this high-schools, but she works as a secretary!
    The only light thing in this show is one actress, can't remember the name of her caracter, but she had long, blond hair, and she used to be a model (in show). Although unintentionally, she was very funny. She is the only reason I gave this show a 2.0. (I hope they wont kick her out of the remake).
    I know, right about now, you probably think: "What have the Columbian show to do with this? They did it much better this time, and the cast is better, and blah blah blah...". If you think all that right about now, then stop for a second and ask yourself. If this is a remake, and original was so bad - mostly because of the story, then hold on for a second and wonder... How much precious time are you willing to spend (lose) just so you can see something that more than didn't wan't to?
  • A wretched mess, being hyped by agenda driven TV critics. Betty is not funny. Betty is not interesting. Betty is not intelligent. Betty is not any good.

    All you hear about this show is that it has "buzz". Who says so? Well, TV critics say so? So why are they hyping this piece of scrap? A couple of theories.

    First, they see themselves in the title character of Betty. Like her, they think they're smarter than their bosses, deserve more fame and money, and are probably the "victims" of "elitist" discrimination. Think about it. It's usually the worst minds at a newspaper or mag that work the TV beat (and someone tell me why this should be so, when TV deserves much more intelligent criticism?). And their petty, spiteful attempts at revenge are somehow fed by watching some overweight mexican woman, with braces, armor plated hair, and frumpy clothes plot her moral superiority against her bosses.

    Second, there is the ethnic angle. Like the mexican columnist in the Dallas Morning News this morning (September 29, 2006), Macarena Hernandez, who is cheerleading for this show simply out of racial solidarity with her fellow "chica". It is clear that there is a tendency to overlook thickheaded dialogue, gruesome plotting, and treacly appeals to victimhood, as long as it is a latin woman in the lead. Had this been a series focused on, say, a Scottish dresser at a fashion firm, instead of a bucktoothed Latina, the critics would have panned it immediately. This is typical hispandering.

    Betty just doesn't work. It is laborious, unfunny, dimwittted, poorly photographed, and written by what seems to be an extremely thick fingered gorilla on a telephone text messager. Bad stuff, this.
  • This show lacks insight and brings nothing new to the table in terms of the fashion industry, unrealistic body expectations or the moral superiority of the unattractive.

    So, Ugly Betty is show about the inherent shallowness and pettiness of fashion industry insiders. How remarkably insightful. Perhaps next season I\'ll be treated to some compelling shows that will teach me that water is wet and that the sun is hot. The only telling point about the show is the unrealistic expectations that beauty-related industries create about women\'s bodies. However, that isn\'t insightful either. This is an issue that\'s been in and out of the public eye for nearly a decade now. There have been countless TV shows and movies that deal with that exact subject. Ugly Betty shines no new light on this at all. It\'s simply a rehash of what everyone already knows.
    Instead, Ugly Betty helps to create some unrealistic expectations of its own. It tries to perpetuate the myth that unattractive people are, by the questionable virtue of being unattractive, the holders of some unquestionable moral superiority. It holds to the fabrication that the \"ugly\" are somehow less shallow than the \"beautiful.\" Sorry, but that\'s not the way it works. You don\'t turn into a generous, loving, kind and caring human being just because you\'re not pretty. Shallowness is not the exclusive property of the physically appealing. As an unattractive person, I can unequivocally state, it just aint so. Plenty of ugly people only want to date good-looking folks. Looking beyond the trite messages and unrealistic themes, we find a cast full of stereotypes rather than characters. Vanessa Williams\' over-the-top protrayal of the scheming underling is unworthy of her. Eric Mabius\' role as the boss who is conflicted between his shallow instincts and the shining light of Betty\'s moral compass plays as more of a caricature than a real person.
    Overall, I found the show to be a hackneyed attempt to gain ratings by taking serious issues and trying to make something entertaining out of them. This show would be better served by being moved to Lifetime or We, where no one expects the stories or production values that one of the big networks should be capable of. After this show was over, my wife asked me if I would have rather watched something else. My response? \"I would rather have watched anything else.\"
    My advice, skip this show and read a book instead.
  • R.I.P

    The spanish version are much better than this first it was a colombian which started it of which was the best one then the mexican got their dirty hands on it and made it bad then they made a cartoon well we all kno that went down the drain so its crap then an american y can they just let this series R.I.P let it die while its young why do u gotta make series crap and strung out to shut down they should just stop its pointless it will never be ass good as the first versions Ugly Betty R.I.P
  • Blah Blah

    Betty: You need to stop me from going to see Henry!
    Christina: I thought you were resolved on that?
    Betty: I was! Tell that to my finger. (holding up finger) My finger wants me to push the button to Henry’s floor! It wants me to tell him that I had a wonderful time today!
    Christina: Ooh, cheeky finger.

    I had high hopes for this but am just left with an uglier deperate housewives. Its steriotypical, and hipocritical, if they really wanted to send across the message then they should have picked an ugly person to play the lead/

    3 words: Stupid, dumb, boring
  • The first season was a great romantic dramedy; and then they dragged in some soap, and it all went downhill from there.

    Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved Ugly Betty. She religiously watched every single episode of the first season! She was entranced by the pretty clothing, the occasional amusingness, certain characters, and, to a slight degree, the plot. And then she was seperated from the show for several weeks, and by the time she got back to it, they had resorted to a number of really, really lame soap oprea devices. The little girl was very disappointed. Occasionally she watched another episode, hoping for another glimpse of that former glory, but she never quite received it. And now she is telling all her friends on to buy the first season DVD and then spoil yourself on the rest of what happens. Seriously.
  • One of ther worst shows on Television.

    Ugly Betty is not funny and completely stupid, I don't like this show at all. Even one of my best friends Fkholmes thinks this show is stupid. Who ever wrote this show must have been the unfunniest people ever. The whole plot line is stupid and it's the samething every week. But like if you think about it she isn't really that ugly, see looks a little uglier than most people here age but she can't help it. I also don't like the reason for Betty being hires, she is being used for his fathers biding. All because 'see isn't atractive' her bose hired to stop his soon sleeping with her. That is just mean and she is being used.
  • This show had all the potential in the world to be a great show - and they ruined it - flat ruined it!

    Instead of Ugly Betty remaining as an inspiration to not just bracy-faced little girls - but also anyone who has had a lack of confidence, I was really excited about what Ugly Betty would have to offer. The first week was pretty good - then the second - then the third. After that -- I have no idea what happened!! Somehow - the cute new show morphed into a really bad female version of Austin Powers or something. The story lines went from believable to ridiculous. The direction makes the "sinister" characters look like morons instead of typical corporate baddies who can make the real world challenging, at best. Too bad they messed it all up. Ugly Betty COULD have been a good show.
  • - Not aesthetically pleasing to watch - Really not that interesting (poor plot line) as Betty certainly isn't gorgeous (not that her sister is either), but she isn't ugly

    To be brutally honest, this show is a uninteresting. It tries too hard to be everything and succeeding at being nothing. Nothing really happens to make this show laugh out loud funny, or suspensefully interesting. The biggest problem with this show is its plastic-like look. It is very pale and boring, the camera work uninteresting (not saying it should be CSI overboard). The acting is sub-par as well. And I\'m sorry Selma, your not so hot either. This show is a \"Well there is nothing else on\" type show, that only gets tuned by mistake or sheer laziness. But unfortunately it seems people like it and will probably continue on way longer than it should.
  • I'm sorry to tell you this but this serie isn't good at all.

    For god's sake, why do you like Ugly Betty????? I live in Mexico, and I've seen that serie before, it's so so predictable and it's a "soap opera" not qualified to be at the league of other comedy shows as desperate housewives, the office or two and a half men, you know what? In my country only the maids, the housewives and the "nacos" whatch this kinds of series. I mean I know that in the last season, Betty's going to get married, with the guy, and will live happily ever after, I can tell you a lot of details that will happen cuz this serie has already aired in a lot of countries (Obviously with different characters, and a slighlty change in the story line).

    So dissapointed to see how many people in the US watch this show...
  • jaaa :(

    Ugly Betty ASV telekompânijas ABC dramatiskais komçdijseriâls (dramedy), kurð stâsta par kâdas pelçkas ofisa peles Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) dzîvi, darbu un attiecîbâm ar viòas bosu Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius). Savu pirmizrâdi seriâls piedzîvoja 2006. gada 28. septembî, un kopð tâ laika jau ir saòçmis Zelta Globusu un Peabody Award, kâ arî bezgalîgus skatîtâju un kritiíu uzmanîbas apliecinâjumus. reklâma

    Patiesîbâ jau „Ugly Betty" ir visâ pasaulç zinâmâs Kolumbieðu ziepju operas „Yo soy Betty, la fea" (burtiski tulkojot – „Es esmu Betija, neglîtene") rietumu versija. Oriìinâla autors ir izslavçtais kolumbieðu televîzijas dramaturgs Fernando Gaitan, bet ASV publikai to adaptçja scenârists Silvio Horta kopâ ar izpildproducentiem Ben Silverman un Salma Hayek („Frida"), kura seriâlâ parâdas arî kâ aktrise, atveidojot Sofia Reyes un fiktîvas televîzijas „ziepenes" galvenâs zvaigznes lomu. No visâm „Yo soy Betty, la fea" adaptâcijâm (mûsu skatîtâjiem varçtu bût pazîstams Krievijas televîzijas variants, „Òe Rodisj Krasivoi" vai "Neglîtais pîlçns") „Ugly Betty" siþetiski no oriìinâla atðíiras visvairâk, lai gan ir gandrîz pilnîbâ saglabâjusi tâ atmosfçru. Tas vairâk atgâdina vçl vienu "Bîstamo mâjsaimnieèu" lîdzîga formâta ABC seriâlu, kurð arî aptver gandrîz visus þanrus – drâmu, komçdiju, detektîu, farsu, satîru un ziepju operas elementus. Seriâls tiek filmçts uz îstas kinolentes, nevis video formâtâ, kas pieðíir tam papildu prestiþu. Kâ jau minçts, „Ugly Betty" centrâ ir Betty Suarez, daudzsoloða koledþas absolvente no nelabvçlîgas latino ìimenes Òujorkas rajonâ Kvinsâ. „Pateicoties" viòas izskatam, Betiju nepieòem darbâ prestiþâ Manhetenas izdevniecîbâ "Meade Publications", tomçr, viòai par laimi, kompânijas boss Bradford Meade pamana Betiju un piedâvâ viòai kïût par viòa dçla Daniela asistenti. Daniel Meade, tikko ieceltais izdevniecîbas þurnâla MODE redaktors, nebût nav priecîgs par ðîm pârmaiòâm – pieradis uzsâkt mîlas afçras ar visâm savâm asistentçm (tçvs pieíçra viòu mîlas akta vidû paða kabinetâ, tâdçï arî izvlçma noalgot Betiju), viòð saprot, ka nu nonâcis sprukâs. Pati Betija nav nekâda modernâ dâmîte, tâdçï viòai bieþi nav skaidri kompânijas mçríi un motîvi (viòai daudz labâk tîk fotografçðana), taèu viòa tâpat bieþi izpalîdz Danielam – gan darba, gan privâtâs dzîves jautâjumos. Ne viss rit gludi arî paðam Danielam, kuram ir jâsadzîvo ar brunèu mednieka bçdîgo slavu, profesionâlâ jomâ vienmçr paliekot sava daudz veiksmîgâkâ brâïa Alex Meade çnâ. Arî par MODE redaktoru viòð iecelts ne jau savu profesionâlo zinâðanu (kuru tam nemaz nav) dçï, bet tikai un vienîgi vârda dçï. Tomçr progresçjot seriâla notikumiem, progresç arî pats Daniels, kuram pret Betiju sâk parâdîties patiesas un nesamâkslotas jûtas ... Bez ðiem sirdi plosoðajiem emocionâlajiem pârdzîvojumiem skatîtâjus sagaida arî pavisam îsts detektîvsiþets ar slepkavîbâm un intrigâm! Daniela priekðtece redaktora amatâ, Fey Sommers, mira mîklainâ nâvç, un drîz vien izrâdas, ka to izplânojusi bijusî modele, bet tagad þurnâla radoðâ direktore Wilhelmina Slater, un viòas palîgs, kâds noslçpumains, hospitâïa apsçjos tîts tçls...
  • Are they showing us the same episode every week? I think this show is for people who can tolerate repeated viewings of "The Devil Wears Prada" every week, and that is not me.

    While I understand that this show has won awards and critical acclaim, I have to say that I just don't get it. It seems like it's the same episode again and again. Every week someone points out Betty's lack of physical appeal, this hurts her feelings, and by the end of the hour Betty's inner workings and redeemability shine through yet again as she comes through for the magazine she works for one more time.

    I've watched a half dozen episodes thanks to my wife and the ABC Family Channel's insistence on airing this show incessantly. And they all seem to me the same. Betty is a fish out of water due to her background and appearance. But her work ethic, dedication, and family-oriented upbringing make her an asset to the magazine on which she works. And every episode hammers this point home, in more or less the same way. At first she has to win over her boss, and then it seems like she just sort of makes the rounds, repeating the same lessons but with different members of the office staff.

    While the message is great (especially for kids), the repetitiveness is not.

    There is a story-line that threads the episodes together, but I can't say that it holds my interest. It seems sort of irrelevant and the matters dealt with seem unimportant. The show's kitschy-ness I suppose is part of its appeal, but it doesn't do much for me. If you want to paint the show as a serial, the kitschy-ness just makes the story seem cartoon-ish and irrelevant.

    I'm not a fan - I just wish I could get my wife to quit watching!
  • A ugly ducklings look at the fashion world, while spiraling down the drain.

    'Ugly Betty' started off as a fresh breeze through comedy land, with continues jokes, a sober look at the extravaganza that is the fashion world and the warmth and identity of a true telenovela. Unfortunately, after three years those specialties have worn out and what is left is a decent show about young people in an hard, but modern industry. The show is still filled with colorful settings, loveable characters and right-and-wrong storylines guided by a melodramatic score, but it misses the fresh feeling and the sense of purpose it once had. When Betty joined Mode, the future was wide open for her and the show. There were endless possibilities and options for storylines to go somewhere, not the least thanks to the original and talented ensemble that walks around in Mode. Take Marc and Amanda, two characters that started off as an example of the young crowd that is the future of the fashion industry, but they have come a long way. For me, they are the fan favorites that make me watch this show. They are ones of the few left who still bring original jokes to the show and even with some character development and background throughout the years, they are still the same. When everybody's moral compass Christina left for her happy ending, or when Alexis got on her helicopter this year, I was kind of sad to see characters who definitely had potential for a longer life on the show, leave, but when the thread came that Amanda was getting fired, my heart almost stopped. It's one of the powers of the characters around Betty. Yes, the show revolves around her, but all of the supporting cast is vital for the show's charm and elegance. Vanessa Williams rocks as bad-guy and master manipulator Wilhelmina Slater and Tony Plana as Betty's dad with Ana Ortiz as Betty's clasic latina sister with her fashionable son Justin (Mark Indelicato) form a steady home basis for the show. But like I said, the show isn't what it used to be, partly thanks to the too many goodbyes throughout the show. It's true that there were too many characters walking around, stealing the viewer's attention from Betty, but they all contributed to what was the multi-storytelling gift of 'Ugly Betty'. Saying goodbye to Bradford, Alexis and even Christina didn't do the show good. Neither was it to have so many radical changes happening to for example the Magazine in such short notice. Seriously, who can still keep up with who owns what at Meade? Perhaps because of the strike, perhaps because the writers lost their way, but Betty doesn't seem to go anywhere else anymore. All of the show's characters have done a terrific job at staying the same as we met them, which for a show that can run 15 years is outstanding, but the roads they have taken along the way are so different that the characters don't fit in their positions anymore. Would Mark really want to stay after he didn't get the promotion or the job at Vogue? Isn't Ignacio, at his age, more likely to travel after his new love to California now he finally found her? They are so fixed on keeping the characters they still got at mode, but don't bother have it make a whole lot of sense for them to do so. It feels like this once thrilling new show is heading for its end way too soon.

    Is a copy of a colombian soap opera that was aired like six years ago.
    Is a copy of a colombian soap opera that was aired like six years ago.
    Is a copy of a colombian soap opera that was aired like six years ago.
    Is a copy of a colombian soap opera that was aired like six years ago.
    Is a copy of a colombian soap opera that was aired like six years ago.
    Is a copy of a colombian soap opera that was aired like six years ago.
    Is a copy of a colombian soap opera that was aired like six years ago..
  • Episode aired 3/16/07 guest star Lucy Liu

    I love watching Ugly Betty. I am disappointed that Lucy L is a guest star. She ruined the show. Does she have to be a sex object in every film or tv show? Really? Typical sterotype asian sell out. Asian lady like Lucy Liu are just hollywood little china doll that are being used as a sexual curtain for the yellow fever. Please do not have her as a guest anymore. She ruined JOEY, tv show, as we all know. It is fine if she played as a lawyer but does she have to sleep around on the show. C'mon, a little sex slave that willing to do anything to be on the show. She is one ugly asian sell out....GET HER OFFFFFFFFFFF
  • A girl named Betty sees herself as a loser and tries to make it into the fashion business anyway. This is kind of a strange show.

    The first time I saw this show I thought it would be uplifting. Betty is so much a loser though and it seems so silly that she pursues the things she does that after watching it for a while it felt like a complete waste of time. I can see why some girls would like it, but for most people I do not think that the premise of the show rings true. Its nice and everything when somebody goes after a careet that is a long shot and then makes it, but in this case there is nothing to base Betty's success on.
  • This show is a rip-off of the Columbian "Betty La Fea" and German "Verliebt in Berlin"

    This show is a rip-off of the Columbian soap "Betty La Fea" and...

    ...the German soap "Verliebt in Berlin" which is popular across Europe (also a rip-off of Betty La Fea)
    (The pretty actress at the bottom plays the nerd)

    Lisa Plenske wants to have success in the fashion industry, and has the hots for a guy named David.

    I've only seen the German version, my Mother loves it and I hate it. That's why I've recognized Ugly Betty immediately.

    [delete the spaces out of the links]
  • peaked too early and now past it

    This show started of great, but now as alot of you would see it's getting boring and old. If you dont mind me saying i wouldn't really reccomend this show but the choice is really yours, if persay you watch it or not, That is just my opinion anyway. The show started of great, a young girl who had no sence in fashion what so ever and wanted become a editor for a massive fashion magazie, It's kind of like "The Devil Wears Prada" Same story line ETC. I used to watch it frequently when it first aired, i guess Prison Break, Heroes, Friends, That 70's Show, The simpsons,Britney and Kevin Chaotic ETC are more my style.
    But your opinion may be diffrent so i dont want to start any conflict over a TV show i personally think is pretty poor.
  • Stale, unfunny, repetitive. An awkward Mexican girl with braces teaches the world how to appreciate awkward Mexican girls with braces.

    Now I checked out this show when it first came on air. Interesting premise, lots of hype, sounded funny--so I gave it a shot. I'm not going to lie, I liked it a bit at the beginning, it even had me laughing at some points.

    However, the sparkle faded quickly. The show was formulaic, unfunny and stupid. Betty is stupid. Every episode just drilled into my head--it's okay to be ugly, you don't have to look like a model to be liked. And while those messages are good, the presentation was off, especially when at every turn you have some pop-culture media outlet spewing about how gorgeous America Ferrera is--how "not ugly" she really is. I'm over it. If you're trying to drill home the fact that someone is ugly and that's okay, then let her be UGLY! Or get a real ugly actress. The whole show is about how ugly girls can be cool too. But they're not--Betty isn't accepted at work: she is vilified, and not respected by her co-workers. Betty is awkward and clumsy--socially inept. She obviously can't read people and understand the way things work. It's a high fashion magazine, what did she think was going to happen when she came dressed in a poncho that said Gaualajara? They ugly her up by putting on her perfectly straight teeth obnoxious braces--yeah we get it, grown-up braces are "ugly" okay. They give her frumpy clothes, they make her hair puffy. You know what that image says to me? Not ugly--unkempt. Betty has no common sense, or a mirror. I get the whole, you shouldn't have to change who you are to be accepted crap, but I still believe image is part of that package. And if you looked like you hadn't combed your hair, or brushed your teeth or ironed your clothes, then I don't want to hire you. In the first episode she can't get a job, well, no wonder, she looks like she just hopped over the boarder--and she's applying to high-end jobs. What is she thinking?

    Then by some miracle she is hired by Daniel's father, in an attempt to tame his son, and she puts up with his bullsh-t like an illegal alien who doesn't want to get turned into immigration. The last straw for me was when she *actually* dressed in the leather for the photoshoot--is she stupid?--and no, I don't think the word is too harsh for this situation. She couldn't possibly think they were serious, or that this job was worth this utter humiliation of squeezing her size 12 body into size 00 leather. Are you kidding me? She was a door mat. She didn't give me the impression that she was intelligent or hardworking, she left me thinking, the only way ugly girls are going to get a job in a place like that is to lie on their backs and take it. And say "thank you" afterwards.

    In the end, it's not Betty who stands up for herself, it's Daniel who sees the error in his ways and asks her to stay. So now she feels obliged. She is now even more willing to accept his garbage, the verbal abuse, the long hours--and all for what? A fulfilling job that doesn't pay her enough to get a flat iron or tweezers? I am so done with this show.
  • Ugly Betty Characters. Stereotypes.

    There are so many stereotypes like Amanda, who is blonde and really dumb at times. And Mark, who is completely gay Betty is ugly and is kind of well, UGLY. The show is really cool to watch but certainly boring sometimes. Henry on the other hand is extremely nerdy and unattractive. He wears these sweater vests and prepster clothing that makes him such a geek. Betty's family is attractive even HIlda. I hardly even have time to see this show. I have a feeling that that witch Charlie's baby isn't Henry's for real this time. Anyway, I learn a lot from this show.
  • This is a show that will not appeal to eweryone

    This show is a bit like marmite, you love it or you hate it, its as simple as that. A handful of the actors in this show are very good however there are many weak actors. The comical side of the show can sometimes be lacking as the show tries too hard to be funny. It lacks that sarcastic and ironic funniness like a show such as friends had too make it especially funny. In this everything seems to fake to try and be funny so you could never imagine things happening exactly like they do in this show all the time. Theres an audience that this show appeals to as it is good in aspects and has some comical moments but i feel there are much better shows out there however this show does deserve a chance.
  • Having only watched the pilot (as of yet), I can say that I'm looking forward to the rest of the first season.

    Upon first hearing about this show, it seemed gimmicky - something that could potentially boost the networks ratings by being different.

    The fashion world is something I know or care very little about. Even after finishing most of the first season, I still have no interest in the fashion world, except that it seems to be very hilariously dramatic.

    Each of the main characters bring something hilarious and quirky to the show - even the antagonists are lovable! I can't think of many "bad guys" that I like so much, even though I hate them. Despite the show is generally soapy and seemingly plot-driven, the characters are what keep me watching. The actors are fantastic and they really make the show work. The plots are pretty good as well, in that they stand out among all the television shows that seem to add nothing to the medium. If you're looking for a show where you can easily fall in love with all the characters...
  • hilarious and witty.

    Betty is something else. She plays up many characteristics of an outcast in today\'s world. She isnt stick thin, has the worst outfits (e.g. Guadalajara poncho!), and is totally clumsy. Despite all that, you can\'t help but love her and love watching her crazy antics. The pilot was a good start too. I especially loved the first scene of Betty and the other model applicant. Funny stuff.

    I think this show will be able to carry an entire season. There are so many plot elements that can be explored in such a setting as a Fashion magazine. Hopefully the writers do it in class and keeping somewhat with the original telenovela hit.
  • Why does Faye's assistant have to be so ghetto?

    I have watched Ugly Betty from the gitgo. I love the show and feel that Faye Meade needs an assistant. Why do your writers have to make Faye's assistant a neck turning, wise cracking, hood rat,man like, annoying person? Doesnt Faye deserve somebody as smart as the other characters? Wille has her boy. Betty assists her boss. They dont act ignorant. No other person on the show has to play up the hood mannerisms. Why can't Faye's assistant be as smart and coniving as Wilemena, without the ghetto, hood personality? Faye's assistant should be an ex CIA agent, or ex hit man, or somebody with connections to find the dirt on Willie. Keep the actress, just write her part BETTER.
  • This show is amazing, I love it!

    This show is (there is no other word for it) Magical. America Ferrera is incredible portraying Betty, and 'ugly' girl thrown into the superficial and materialistic world of Mode Magazine in New York. She breathes fire into the soul of the show and her character and draws you into every episode with incomparable talent. Alongside Eric Mabius, Vanessa Williams, Ashley Jensen and Micheal Urie and Becky Newton there is nothing this show can't do. It's hilarious and heart breaking and everything in between. They show characters from every background and section of life, creating a world that everyone wants to be a part of. Betty also finds herself falling in love with the gorgeous Henry (Christopher Gorham) and her journey to being with him has been nothing short of wonderful. This show teaches that it really is what's on the inside that counts, and there is beauty in every single one of us if we can let it shine through.
  • A great show.

    It's about time they have a show about someone that isn't exactly the prettiest person ever, this is about the only show that dosen't have and absoloutly beautiful person as a main character. But this dosent mean it isn't a great show because it is, this show sends the audience a great message that even if you arn't as pretty as everyone else dosen't mean your not preety on the inside. Whoever thought of this show is a genuis i love watching it every week i love all the dialouge and everything and Betty so deserves Henry so much more than Charlie because Betty is just a way better person.
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