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  • Ugly Betty has always been a Good, Funny program. It has a diverse cast. Adding Adam Rodriguez tonight just put the cherry on top. WOW!!! I hope he is here to stay.

    Ugly Betty is a Great show. I am a regular viewer. I think that by adding Adam Rodriguez it brought something NEW to the set. Sometimes, I felt that the plot was dragging and the regular actors were getting so predictable. Kudos to the person who had the idea to spice it up with Adam Rodriguez.

    The charactor for Adam Rodriguez, could not get any better. What woman doesn't want to be treated special and swept off her feet. I am wooed by the sensitivity he shows towards Ana Ortiz. Ana you are soooo lucky to act along side Adam. (I am jealous) Adam shows that he cannot only act in a serious drama Crime scene but also show a down to earth man with a sense of humor. On a side note, writers:
    Here is a thought,In the program I hope Adam and Ana get serious, get married and have kids. I hope that his appearance will be written in for the long run... I am sure a lot of females feel as I do.
    What a HANDSOME,HOT CUTIE!!!!OMG....