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  • From ordinary caterpillar to magnificent butterly...

    Ugly Betty is an inspiration to all of us normal everyday people who may not be in the spotlight but work hard to succeed in attaining our goals to be the best that we can be without losing who we are inside. Although the image of Betty may seem over-the-top silly and geeky, the fact of the matter is that her image shows us that where we go in life is not dependent on social standings or physical appearance but the morals and values that stay with us through life, helping us over obstacles and motivating us to keep going. While Betty slowly transforms from a caterpillar into a stunning and magnificent butterfly, its not just because she is adapting to the high-society "beautiful people" surrounding her at Mead Publications. It's because her confidence grows stronger as she works her way towards her true goal of becoming a monumental journalist so she may someday share her voice with the world.
    Betty's boss, Daniel, is wet behind the ears in the beginning as Betty becomes his assistant in both the workplace and outside. Through all of Daniel's struggles within himself, the loss of his wife and his strive to be a dignified representative of the family business, Betty is always there for him. She becomes his confidante,his mentor and his light at the end of the dark tunnel. Her words have made significant impact on his rapidly maturing mind, nurturing the true selflessness inside of him. Through time, the two become close friends and then experience a situation where the two were seemingly at each other's throats. But, the two care about one another so deeply that Daniel pushes his image and pride aside to show Betty just how amazing he finds her to be. Claire Mead is seemingly of very little importance except as the role of the ex-con mother turned professional and driven head of the company. However, if you really pay attention to her character, you will see where the story of Betty and Daniel is going. Through Claire, you are able to see through the all-knowing motherly glances and advice that she is already aware that Daniel and Betty are true soul mates. She is assuring to Daniel that some day he will be with an extraordinary woman. As well, her relationship with Betty is like that of a friend and even sometimes maternal. She almost seems to "smirk" when the two are in their usual platonic pow-wows. The smirk is that of a mother with true intuition of what the future holds for the two un-knowning hearts.
    It will be sad to see this series come to such an unexpected abrupt end but the producers have not failed in continuing with the progressive transition of Betty. The pace has quickened slightly but has not been rushed. I hope that in the end, the series will provide an ending as inspirational as the entire journey.