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  • One of the most underrated shows ever.

    Ugly Betty is such a great show that is not appreciated at all and it deserves more credit than the one it receives.People dismiss it and they think it's a cliche and that's it's a girl's show.That's completely wrong.I hate when people make quick judgements and judge a book by it's cover.
    Anyway,what i love about this show is that ,even though it sounds cliche it's really not.I find it so innovative and groundbreaking.The storylines are so fresh and filled with mysteries and twists and even though it's the story of a duck turned into a swan it is done so differently and it's not some predictable soap opera.
    Secondly,the characters are top notch and really well-casted.America Ferrera is such an amazing and gifted actress and totally right for the role of Betty.Becki Newton and Michael Urie provide comic relief along with Vanessa Williams as the fashionable receptionist,the gay assistant and the evil career woman.
    Season 1 is a superb season that i like rewatching all the time.Fey Sommers's murder and Alexis Meade's sex change are pretty much the best storylines in the show's history.Definitely the best season of the show.
    Season 2 is not as good as season but it's certainly a great follow-up to the first season.Bradford's death,Wilhelmina's plan to take over the Meade empire and Claire's perfume are wonderful storylines that made the season a lot better.
    Season 3 is a good season but it seemed different than they other two.The show didn't have many ongoing plots,just some individual adventures of Betty.Christina being pushed down the stairs,Lindsay Lohan as Kimmie Keegan,Connor and Betty moving to Manhattan are a few storylines i enjoyed.
    Season 4 is a magnificent season that made up for the third season and it definitely didn't deserve the cancellation.I wish viewers would not give up on a show because of a rough season.Nico's return,Justin's sexuality,Betty being an editor and the series finale are perfect examples of the show's best moments throughout the years.
    To sum up,i think that Ugly Betty is a funny and heartwarming show that deserves more credit.It certainly could have had another season but like most good shows it got axed before it's time.