Ugly Betty

ABC (ended 2010)





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  • Amazing show that wasn't allowed to reach its full potential because it has been cancelled.

    Ugly Betty was a great show and it kept people laughing no matter how they felt. It's really hard to find shows like this where at the last episode, it brings you to tears and you don't even know why. ABC needs to bring this show back for a season 5 because all their fans want some more of fun loving Betty. Ugly Betty, I must say, was sad saying good bye to, the creators did an amazing job warping up loose ends to end the show. But this made more fans want to know more about everything. Leaving the show the way it is is totally fine, but for many people out there, we can't even begin to imagine the lives of the people in Ugly Betty and how they are now. One thing I didn't like about this show was that it made minor characters disappear to quickly and big problems be resolved very fast. Thanks for reading!