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  • Ugly Betty: The Most Beautiful Show On TV


    I watched Ugly Betty from the moment of the premiere, to the middle of season 3, and then dropped it. Why? Because of the writers strike. Had that never happened, I would've easily continued watching straight through to the end, and as of tonight-having FINALLY finished rewatching all of the series including what I missed-I'm very sad I didn't.

    Ugly Betty is one of those shows that falls into a few categories:

    Gets you looks if you admit to liking/watching it, ESPECIALLY if you're a man

    Has the campy Desperate Housewives appeal, thus once again making it seem like bad television to a lot of people

    Very very VERY underrated

    And I stand by all of that even today. When I mention that I like Ugly Betty or Desperate Housewives, people give me weird looks, but these shows are both drastically dark and in some cases-especially Desperate Housewives-VERY violent. They're NOT the soap opera show our Grandmas used to watch. That being said, I understand WHY people are standoffish, but I don't think it's right. I mean, sure, Desperate Housewives is definitely an acquired taste and I don't necessarily consider it a show that everyone HAS to see in their lifetime. I love it, but I'll admit that.

    Ugly Betty though has a different reception from me.

    People definitely should watch it. Outside of the fact that it's only 85 episodes long (spanning 4 fantastic seasons), it did a number of things right:

    It didn't overstay its welcome

    It kept its decent tone the whole series through

    It was HUGELY groundbreaking in terms of the GLBT community EONS before Glee, AND did it better

    I'd like to discuss these bulletpoints. First off, it didn't overstay its welcome. I actually am glad the show ended at season 4, though I would've easily watched more, because it felt more like a story had been told. We saw the transformation of a timid but hopeful young girl grow into this beautiful and extremely brave-and inspirational-young woman. Ugly Bettys biggest pro is its overly positive attitude. There may be scheming and plotting and ridiculous soap opera type plotlines at times, but in the end, Ugly Betty has such a positive upbeat nature about it that it's pretty friggin hard NOT to love her and the show itself.

    Secondly, much like Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty (possibly BECAUSE it didn't overstay its welcome) it kept the quality of its program up essentially the entire 85 shows. The middle of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 are pretty damn dark and a bit slow, but the rest of the show are just fantastic, and it's one of the FEW shows that had a phenomenal 1st season and didn't falter in its 2nd. THAT'S a feat. The entire time I never felt-even at the shows worst-that it compromised its quality, or it wasn't good enough. I always thought it was fantastic, and if you read my blog often, you know I don't heap praise like this lightly.

    And finally, the possibly most controversial bulletpoint on the list, the gay one. Ugly Betty is a series that welcomed homosexuality into open arms, and in 2005, when the only thing we really had before this was Will & Grace which I don't see as "welcoming", but rather as "one long gay joke reinforcing terrible stereotypes". I don't consider that groundbreaking. I consider Ugly Bettys handling of the homosexuality community and its acceptance groundbreaking. Not only did Ugly Betty have men-and teenage boys-kissing before Glee was this faux homosexual activist poster boy, but it actively made you CARE about them. It really proved that your sexuality or gender doesn't matter and what matters is how good a person you are. Love is love. These characters were good people, funny people, nice people and overall I saw no difference in the way they and their relationships were handled as opposed to how a straight character was. It was beautiful, it was the first and it really needs to be given that credit above all else. It really, truly deserves it.

    Not only did Ugly Betty teach me to respect fashion as an art, but it tells you to chase your dreams, which is something I don't think I've seen a lot of shows say. No other show has ever had a more positive message (except perhaps Wilfred) than Ugly Betty, and it really should be noted how inspirational Betty and the show itself can be. For a show called Ugly Betty, it certainly was so much more beautiful than any other show.

    Some shows end and it doesn't matter even if the experience was enjoyable, other shows end and I do miss them because of how much I connected with the characters and then there's that rare show that ends and I realize how much it really impacted me and how less bright my world would be now without its presence. Thank god for Netflix & DVDs.

    So I salute you, Ugly Betty, Betty Suarez and America Ferrera. You really made a difference, and I hope one day people recognize your show for the truly beautiful story it is; one about chasing your dreams, about being a good person and how much beauty there is in the world.