Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 14

Smokin' Hot

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on ABC

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  • Ugly Betty is going out with style!

    It's pleasing to say it seems clear the writers have bucked up their ideas. Season 4 has been stronger than the last 2, but the show is well and truly on par with season 1, the only thing missing is a good drawn out mystery.

    With time running out on the show it's good to see charecter development rolling on, the growing dynamic with Willie and Betty has been a personal favorite and the pitch scene with the pair and Mark was pure comedy gold.

    The stories continue to use a rather predictable formula which for this stage in the series I'd like to see disappear - The shakespearesque 5 act structure of intro dilemma development shock and concluesion for me anyway allows to to predict the episode before I have seen it. But lets not be too harsh, it worked for Shakespeare, and it's not like Ugly betty is ever dull or poor quality. And it's fair to say even if i predict several things I always fail to correctly predict the out come of the climax - in this case the fire. I knew it was coming, but I assumed it would Give Amdanda a chance to show case her dresses, wrong but not totally!

    This is small complaint, and one 90% of shows are far more guilty of than Ugly Betty.

    It's sad that were slowly wacing goodbye to it, but considering this and the last episode I'm confident it's going to go out in style. It's just a shame it has to finish. ABC need a punch in the face for ending it and clipping 2 episodes off the season; It deserved more time to wrap things up; but at least their doing a great job. Just remeber ABC ending shows over penny pinchingg is what brought down NBC, i hope you get your poetic justice!
  • Really an amazing episode!

    This show is really going off with a bandg, and I really loved this epiusode. The fact that Bety discovered a new designer was cool, and Marc and Wilhelmina taking all the credit was totally not.

    Several storylines developed nicely here, particularly with Claire Meade and her long-lost son who she gave away to adaption.

    I thought the ending of the episode was great, with the House going up in flames. Quite sad for the family, really, but definitely made for some good TV!

    Overall, definitely one that I would highly recommend! Can't wiait to see how this show will finish, and I think that it is an amazing show and an amazing and wonderful episode!
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