Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 21

The Born Identity

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 07, 2009 on ABC

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  • Without doubt, one of the best episodes this show has produced!

    I found this to be an incredible episode, because it was daring, bold and completely unique and fresh. With all of these elements combined, it set up a terrific episode, and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

    I thought the episode was quite funny, but not necessarily hilarious. The humor was good and I enjoyed that aspect.

    I thought the storyline was impeccable and flawless. It really had nothing wrong and it was suspenseful, moving and touching from start to finish.

    I was devastated about Christina leaving at the end of the episode, as she was one of my favorites, and she will be sorely missed!

    Overall, a tremendous show, packed in with a lot of great aspects. This really is one of the best, and I highly recommend it!
  • one of the best - very touching

    This episode sees the last of Christina, which is a bloody shame because she is one of my favourite characters. The ending where Betty says goodbye to her friend is very emotional and touching. How will she cope without her long-standing ally and friend?
    There were some other great moments too - Betty and Christina on the run from the law, and persuading the police officer they were lesbian lovers; Hilda and Archie coming closer together; another apperance of the wonderful Claire Meade; and Willimenia getting back to her scheming ways - the way she allows Christina to have the baby was a very good decision but then the way she manipulated herself back into the company was very sneaky.
    Overall one of the best of season three. Farewell Christina, you shall be greatly missed by this fan...
  • Kind of predictable but still a great episode.

    So goodbye Cristina, she's been a funny character and will be missed. Especially by Betty...I wonder who her new best friend will be? It was an episode that changed some things I think...anyway the characters already predicted that Willie faked the DNA test and I think us fans did the same. But it made sense...Cristina kidnapping the baby added some drama and humour. It was hilarious when they turned up at home...Hilda was brilliant here.

    I liked that Claire Meade was brought back for a bigger part...and judging by the end her feud with Willie may be resurfacing. It was sad when we had to watch Betty saying farewell to her best friend...but it was well done. I thought Amanda was really funny here too...what was with her weird skirt?
    So looking forward to the last few episodes of this season.
  • Another week, another great episode

    Another week, another great Ugly Betty episode…so glad it's back. I knew it couldn't be Willie's baby, and I'm glad they at least got that part right instead of trying to get for a really shocking twist. However, I really wish they would've found a way to keep Christina on the show…I thought she was a great character. I'm interested in seeing how they fill that void - I think Betty needs some sort of similar confidant…we'll see. Perhaps this is the beginning of sort of a character transformation for Betty?

    The scene at the end was so beautiful, I'm really glad they used the song "Layers" by Asobi Seksu - this is the second week in a row where I thought they used a perfect song at the end to convey the emotion of the scene. A video clip of the scene/song is at
  • the truth about little williams dna test is revealed.

    i cant believe the lenghts willhemina is willing to go to just to secure her place at meade publications, but it really shouldnt surprise me. ashley jensen leaving the show is such sad sad news. she was a great addition to the cast and will be dearly missed. who will be bettys true friend and confidante now???

    is it me or is ralph macchio just doing a great job as archie?? loved him in the karate kid movies,nice to see him working again (:P) i love the relationship between him and hilda.

    fantastic episode, twists and turns. heartwarming that willhemina finallt fessed up about williams true parents. loved the sendoff(and goodbye) that christina and stuart got(redemption that is) and the way willhemina clawed her way back into meade and thanked/blamed betty. will be fun to see how they will evolve.....
  • This was a really good episode! This is why i love ugly betty!!

    Okay so Betty is back in the groove, esp. with this episode! I mean it was witty, funny, dramatic, and suspenceful all in one episode!!! Its sad that Ashley Jensen(Christina) is gone!! I really really liked Betty this episode she was great!! Hilda and Justin funny! But boy oh boy that Willie!! Just when i thought willie was really being nice bam she pulls this stunt that was completely unexpected she is sooooooo evil(lol) but her scences with Betty and Marc were good!! Vanessa really makes Willie likeable! but now to Judith Light(Claire) aww man how i love her, her constant witty remarks about wilhelmina crack me up "You're Fired" lol daniel was like "mom i really wanted to do it" lol Love the Claire/Wilhelmina dynamic they are too funny! Overall really good episode, hope they bring Christina back next season!!!
  • Season 3, Episode 21.

    Baby William is kidnapped and Wilhemina holds a search for him. Hilda is asked to help in a campaign.

    I loved this episode. UGLY BETTY is a pretty good show. There are so many overly gay guys though. There's nothing wrong with it, and I'm one myself, but WHOA. Still entertaining though. Plus, Hilda was looking hot and her facial expressions were priceless. Plus the missing baby storyline was good. I liked it and I loved when Hilda's like, "How about everyone faces me as I stand by the window." LMAO, DNA Pagoda. I loved this episode. Very, very entertaining episode and the show definitely deserves another season.
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