Ugly Betty

Season 1 Episode 2

The Box and the Bunny

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on ABC
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Betty loses a book, which is the complete new edition of the magazine and is containing un-retouched photos of a popular actress. She has to find the book before the photos get released to the rest of the press. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina plots to use the snafu to bring Daniel down and Bradford Meade secretively inquires about Fey Sommers' final effects.moreless

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  • Almost as good as the pilot

    Perhaps it wasn't that great as the pilot, but "The Box and the Bunny" was another great episode. Perhaps the most intresting elment in this episode was the central mystery of the series we were introduced in the pilot. It's Fey Sommer's murder. How is Bradford really conected with her murder? Who is that masked woman Wilhelmina is talking to? But there were also a lot of funny moments in this episode: Hilda and Gina'a catfight, Betty's desperate try to get the Book back, Betty's funny graduation bunny's kiddnaping. We are once again willing to see more hilarious moments and get more information on this murder...moreless
  • Really hilarious show. I especially love Hilda in this episode.

    The most hilarious thing about this episode is Hilda. I like how she makes Justin cover his ears when she insults the neighbor. Her toughness in this episode was too funny. I felt bad for the situation that Betty was put into with "the book." Betty lied at first, but I'm glad for her honesty later on this episode. Again, she's gotta be one of the most inspiring actresses on TV. I was kinda surprised that so early on that Daniel protected Betty. He let the blame go just to himself. Another great lesson was taught too; beauty is presented as is. It does not need to be change and remember that it's not just outside but inside. The usual things people hear of, but forget to take it to heart.moreless
  • See review for summary...

    Another peice of work! Bradford tells Daniel that the one who holds The Book," which is the layout for the entire magazine, (currently in the hands of Whillimina,) basicly owns the magazine. Daniel tells Whilliimina to hand over the book. Before she does, another steping stone of taking daniel's job, she puts the unretouched phtots of a celebrity in them. For you and I, that'd be okay. But for MODE and the people in the show, that's disaterous. Betty takes home the book for safe keeping, but Gina Gambarro, who wants $4,000 from Betty, holds the book hostage in atttempt to make Betty pay her fast. betty, who doesn't have that kind of money, lies to daniel and say the book is safe and he sends over a car to pick her up. Then she and Hilda try to steal the book back, but all they ended up stealing was a chuk of Gina's hair. When the car comes, Betty gets in and tells Christina the whole story over the phone. Unfortunatly, the man who was driving the car was working for Whilliimina and told her everything. Whillimina sends Marc over to Gina's house and pays her for the book. Meanwhile, Daniel is totally upset with Betty for lying to him, but he sucks it up and heads back to Queens with Betty to buy the book from Gina. When they get there, Daniel offers the money, but Gina says a man in rapper's clothes beat them to it and she would've gave it to daniel if she knew he was coming. They weren't sure who took the book because Marc would never dress in rapper's clothing, but he'd do anything to keep his job for Whillimina. Natalie Whittman (the celeb) fixes all their problems and lets out the unretouched photos giving MODE a normal look. Whillimina hates it, but Daniel and Bradford loved it. Whillimina hasn't broke daniel down yet.moreless
  • Bunny Captured

    Another episode with contentious situations. Betty finds herself yet again in the middle of a dilemma. The plot of the episode was terrific with Daniel trying to strong arm a foothold into the business and also trying to impress his father. Wilhemmina is suitably evil and under-handed, and Betty tries her hand at lying and fails miserably. It's such a shot in the arm to see a show like this and watch how it exacerbates real life situations. Ugly Betty is sure to be a big hit with colorful characters, catty plotlines, and funny situations. Looking forward to seeing much more of this.moreless
  • Funny Funny

    So the adventures of Betty continues and now these cruel coworkers have captured her bunny and are leaving her hilarious photos of torture. America Ferrera ceases to make me laugh and her character is just a delight. It's kind of insulting the way they put down Queens I mean the certain area in which the Suarez family are from are bad but not all of Queens is bad. Hilda is an amazing sister the way she had Betty's back in trying to help Betty get the Mode book back from that little sl*t. Another great installment to the show indeed this was.moreless
Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis

Fashion TV hostess

Guest Star

Sarah Jones (II)

Sarah Jones (II)

Natalie Whitman

Guest Star

Scottie Thompson

Scottie Thompson

Photo Editor

Guest Star

Michael Urie

Michael Urie

Marc St. James

Recurring Role

Kevin Sussman

Kevin Sussman


Recurring Role

Elizabeth Penn Payne

Elizabeth Penn Payne

Masked Lady

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The telenovela that was showing on TV has real Mexican soap opera actors, called Marlene Favela and Sebastian Ruly.

    • Gina said that an LCD display is better than a Plasma display (PDP), but when both are technologically compared, Plasma TV is still offering better quality/price than LCD, which is quickly closing the gap. The LCD could theoretically, in a few years, after the technology evolved enough, replace the Plasma display.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Daniel: Who is Gina Gambarro, a new designer?
      Betty: No, an old slut.

    • Fashion TV Presenter: Remember, we only make others feel bad to make you feel good.

    • Hilda: (After pulling out Gina's hair) It looks like we now owe you four thousand dollars...and fifty cents.

    • Amanda: Oh My God. If that showerhead could pay my bills I would marry it.

    • (Betty is on the kitchen floor, searching frantically through the cupboards as her family looks on)
      Justin: What is going on?
      Hilda: She lost the book.
      (Justin gasps loudly)
      Hilda: I'll go check the living room!
      Ignacio: I'll make you some eggs!
      Betty: Dad! What is food going to do for me right now?
      Ignacio: It's a crisis - I cook!

    • (About the book)
      Hilda: Ok, I'm only going to ask you one time. Where is it?
      Gina: I don't seem to remember.
      Hilda: Well, maybe pulling that weave out of your head will jog your memory.

    • Betty: Has anyone seen my bunny? It's pink, green tummy, graduation cap.

    • Betty: (angry) That's it! Who put the bunny in the toilet? This is not funny! Who thinks this is funny? (people are raising their hands) Well whoever is doing this, if you think you can break me that easily, you are wrong. You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!

    • Christina: (to Betty) Perfection sells fashion. It's all fake and unattainable, but no one seems to get it.

    • Daniel: Wilhelmina, do you have a minute?
      Wilhelmina: For you Daniel, I have two.
      Daniel: I'm editor in chief, I should be receiving the book at the end of each day.
      Wilhelmina: Well, with all of your responsibility do you really think you have the time? Take my advice. Focus on the big picture don't be afraid to delegate. That's why I'm here for.
      Daniel: Wilhelmina, certain things fall under my purview, the book is one of them. So from now on I'm going to start receiving the book every night.
      Wilhelmina: As you wish.

    • Amanda: Are you trying to suffocate us with that putrid smell?
      Betty: Oh, they are empanadas.
      Amanda: They are disgusting!

    • (About the editor's book)
      Betty: No, I didn't lose it, it's just in a place I don't know about!

    • Gina: I'm a bad seed, I did a year in juvie.

    • Betty: Christina, everything up until this point has been a big of a lie. I didn't get the job because I was qualified, I got the job because Bradford Meade didn't want his son to be tempted to sleep with his assistant.
      Christina: And you have more than proved yourself!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Featured Music:
      'Love Me Or Hate Me' by Lady Sovereign

    • Awards and Nominations:
      - 2007 Excellence in Production Design Award for Television - Single Camera Television Series.
      - Nominated for the 2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series.

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: November 14, 2007 on CANAL SONY
      Norway: January 10, 2007 on TVNorge
      Belgium: March 13, 2008 on VijfTV
      Greece: July 2, 2008 at on ANT1


    • The story of "Jenna Fletcher" is obviously a replica of the movies about Bridget Jones (as the actress playing Bridget, Renee Zellweger, had to gain weight to play the role).

    • Natalie's publicist: And remember, we're still trying to land you Two Million Dollar Baby.

      Two Million Dollar Baby is not a real movie, though it is obviously meant to be a reference to Million Dollar Baby. Million Dollar Baby is an Academy Award winning film that was released in 2004 about a boxing trainer who teaches a young woman to box professionally.

    • Steve: I didn't know you spoke German.
      Bradford: I don't, I just own the newspaper.

      The Newspaper Bradford Meade is holding is the Berliner Zeitung, an Eastern German newspaper that was founded in 1945. The paper was bought in 2005 by the British publishing group Mecom Group and the America Company Veronis Suhler Stevenson. The paper currently has a readership of around 468,000 and is one of the largest subscription newspapers in Germany.

      The paper is also a nod to the German version of the telenovela which was called Verliebt in Berlin which translates to In Love with Berlin or In Love at Berlin.

    • Justin: I saw Prada like, seven times. This is a reference to the film "The Devil Wears Prada" released in 2006. The concept for both the film and this show are very similar - an unfashionable woman goes to work as an assistant at a top fashion magazine.

    • Gina: Who knew that this thing was like the freaking Dead Sea scrolls!

      The Dead Sea scrolls comprise roughly 825-872 documents, including texts from the Hebrew Bible, discovered between 1947 and 1956 in eleven caves in and around the Wadi Qumran. The texts are of great religious and historical significance, as they are practically the only known surviving Biblical documents written before AD 100.

    • Betty's Co-Worker: Yeah, National Geographic!

      The National Geographic Magazine, later shortened to National Geographic, is the official journal of the National Geographic Society. On rare occasions, special editions are also issued. It contains articles about geography, popular science, world history, current events and photography.