Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 14

The Courtship of Betty's Father

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2009 on ABC

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  • Interesting developments in this episode!

    By that, I mean, Ignacio and the nurse! That was completely unexpected and I was really shocked! But I do feel that this might add another dimension to the show, which is always nice to have, in my opinion.

    I loved that Tibet restaurant that they went to. That was a really funny moment! I also found the parrot to be great comic relief, and I thought that the writers did really well there!

    Additionally, I thought that the developments of Claire Meade's shoplifting addiction was a little weird, but I was glad to have an episode centred around her, which we haven't had too much of in the past.

    Overall, a couple of the storylines develop well in this episode and that is why I recommend it. A decent episode!
  • "Happy Birthday Clare - YOU KILLED MY MOTHER!"

    An unusual episode this one - it appears the Mode Characters are pushed to the side whilst Betty and her family are the main focus. This isnt a bad thing, we seem to forget the show is all about Betty and the people around her. Too often the show steers away from home. But this episode is still great.
    Clare feeling negelected because of her family is quite sad and the ending was rather emotional. Daniel and Molly grow closer, whilst Wili and Connor manage to cross a few hurdles. Betty making the video for Clare was laugh out loud funny - the footage of a drunken Clare falling into an Xmas Tree was the definitive highlight. And Betty's dad finally finds love, though it looks like not everyone is happy about this.
    Overall good stuff. Very funny and sweet.
  • Claire Meade turns 60 and feels invisible and Ignacio starts dating his nurse against the wishes of Betty and Hilda

    A great episode! Focuses mainly on aging as Claire Meade turns 60 and is trying to get attention and Ignacio, after having open heart surgery, starts dating his nurse who is a lot younger than him.

    Betty puts together a video of Claire Meade for a surprise birthday party, but most of her friends have less then flattering things to say about her. Claire's behavior is supporting the statements that her so-called friends have to say. It seems that Claire has developed a need for attention and is seeking it through shoplifting. What she is really seeking is some alone time with Daniel, which is exactly what she gets in the end, as the surprise birthday party that was being planned for her ends up being a quiet dinner with her son Daniel.

    Betty and Hilda are not happy with their father's decision to have a romantic relationship with his nurse Elena. They are afraid that she will replace their mother's memory. After talking with Claire about it, Betty realizes that she needs to step back and let her father be happy.

    The funniest part of the episode involved Daniel with Molly at a Tibetan restaurant with some yak toungue.
  • Betty and Hilda learn a lot about their feelings about their father when it seems he has feelings for his nurse.

    Betty and Hilda learn a lot about their feelings about their father when it seems he has feelings for his nurse. They both find it hard to accept that their father wants to be with someone else even though it is now several years since their mother died. Meanwhile, Claire also is struggling with the fact that as she reaches her 60th birthday, she is lonely, has very litle time with Daniel or Alexis and has no real friends. The episode was heartwarming and touching in a subtle understated way. There was less of the snappy humour this week but the episode was enjoyable, nonetheless.
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