Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 24

The Fall Issue

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2009 on ABC
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In the season finale Marc and Betty are left to battle it out for the same job after the death of a Mode editor. Wilhelmina threatens Claire to resign or her dark secret will be shown to Cal. Matt struggles with his jealousy, while Justin nervously waits to see if he has a place in the performing arts school.moreless

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  • A very good ending of a very good season.

    This season was in my opinion the best season of Ugly Betty. All of the episodes were great - they were hilarious, shocking, emotional, sad, real and everything that is expected of Ugly Betty. And in this episode it all came together.

    It was very sad seeing Molly die. I was scared at the end when Matt talked to Betty, he looked kind of spooky. I don't understand why it it so hard for him to forgive Betty for just one little stupid kiss and why he acted the way he acted. What I also liked very much was the situation with Wilhelmina where we really couldn't know who did she saw. And Justin who didn't get in the arts school, Betty and Marc fighting for something they have in common again... Everything was wrapped up perfectly.moreless
  • What a good season finale! Aboslutely awesome!

    This was a fitting end to what has been a great season of 'Ugly Betty'. All the storylines developed very well in this episode, and so many things are left unanswered for next season.

    I loved the way Betty and Marc both handed in their letter of resignation. That was good, and I was cracking up when Wilhelmina and Daniel decided to settle it with the flip of a coin!

    I was sad to see Molly be cariied away, an d very upset that QWilhelmina might be 'removed' from Meade, but for next season, I hope Wilhelmina gets crafty and managed to produce something big!

    Overall, this was a great season, and this finale capped it off remarkably! I can't wait until the next season!moreless
  • OMG!!!!

    OMG what a good episode!!! It was so predictable that Henry and Betty were gonna kiss and poor Matt had to see that... I wonder why Betty still wanted to hide the truth about the kiss, Matt trusts her. I mean the guy told Betty he had tonnes of gilrfriends, he openned up, but not her.... And then being her boss...Whoa!!! Poor Daniel, Molly was good for him. I think Connor is back! but it could be anybody... Oh and poor Justin... He would have been great at the school of performing arts. Still super great episode, can't wait until it comes back! I wish Betty and Matt get together again... :Pmoreless
  • Season 3 left with a bang!!!

    I felt season 3 was the weakest so far but here comes the season finale to shake things up and bring us a lot more to be looking forward to. The love triangles and tingles are over, we are back to some serious business now, including murder plots, evil scheming, Betty making new foes and Daniel grieving before getting a descent chance to happiness.

    First of all, I would like to say goodbye to Christina (I know she left 2 episodes ago, but she will be missed!) and Molly.

    Molly brought a nice change both to Daniel and to the show. The girl from next door, with a serious disease, away from the fashion world, simple and down to earth. Daniel got a glimpse of happiness for the first time in his life, only to be cut short. Ugly Betty once more takes an everyday-life problem and shows the serious side of our world. RIP Molly! :(

    Wilhelmina is plotting to have Connor killed (or not) in order to get the money he stole back. I am glad to see they are not letting go of the Connor story and glad to see Willy back in her old evil self. Who could be paying her a visit though? Connor? Too obvious perhaps? Hal? Maybe he is planning on backstabbing Claire? Willy's sister? Willy's daughter? Alexis? All would be interesting plots to see.

    Claire has a secret of her own. I cannot wait to see how that develops as well. And does Hal know about it or not?

    Nice appearance of Antonio Sabbato Jr. His addition (both in the dream and in the awards) was a relaxing addition to this dramatic episode!

    Matt is probably going to turn out to be Betty's worst enemy in the new season. I definitely got the chills when he announced he is her new boss. The guy had his heart broken and is now seeking vengeance!

    Hilda and Archie - Nothing major there. Just waiting to see how their story develops.

    Mark - I kinda felt sorry for the guy. Is he going for the Vogue job though? Will he kiss Mode goodbye? I expected a chat between him and Betty, but guess we'll have to wait for next season. Those two can really make a good team and Betty is a good influence on both Mark and Amanda. It's a bit sad to see competition drive them apart. Also, I enjoyed Mark's advice to Justin. Mark can be a good guy when he wants!

    And finally coming to Betty: Guess that work does come before love after all and it's the sad truth that in order for her (or anyone) to succeed at this point, she needs to put work first. She definitely did not handle the whole Matt situation very well. And she always has to deal with a lot of things. Glad to see her finally get a promotion but her joy was cut short too with Matt's shocking news and Molly's death.

    Overall, the 4th season already looks promising and the season 3 finale certainly reminded me of the good old days of season 1!moreless
Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch

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Antonio Sabàto Jr.


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Nigel Barker


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David Rasche

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Sarah Lafleur


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    • Mark: It seems like it will be our last conquest together.
      Wilhelmina: I guess it is. We've had a lot of good times together.
      Mark: Oh. Remember breaking into that safe to steal Bradford's will? (they both laugh)
      Wilhelmina: Oh, that was the best.
      Mark: No. The best was having Christina accused of kidnapping her own baby.
      Wilhelmina: Wait, you're forgetting the fact that we stole the sperm from Bradford's cold dead body in the first place. (they laugh out loud) Oh, good times...
      Mark: Oh. We really should be in jail.

    • Wilhelmina: It seems like the only thing we can agree on is that you're both qualified for the job. Unfortunately, there's only one position as editor.
      Daniel: So here's what we're gonna do: we're making copies of Penny's hard drive, all her research on the Yves Saint Laurent article.
      Wilhelmina: You'll take what she's done and prepare it for publication.
      Daniel: Whoever does best gets the job.
      Wilhelmina: The loser gets fired.
      Daniel: The loser stays an assistant.
      Wilhelmina: Not as interesting, but ok.

    • Amanda: I'm so drunk, my jockstrap is starting to dig in!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Penny says to Betty, "Did anyone say, 'Yo Pablo, can you hurry up with that Guernica thing'" which is a reference to one of the artist Picasso's most famous art works. Guernica is a painting that depicts the bombing of the Basque town Guernica in 1937. Guerica was bombed by German bombers during the Spanish Civil War.