Ugly Betty

Season 2 Episode 17

The Kids Are Alright

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 15, 2008 on ABC

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  • Betty and Gio, sitting in the tree...K-I-S-S-I-N-G

    Betty finds her attempts to suppress her feelings for Gio useless when the two end up chaperoning Justin's school dance together. Meanwhile, Amanda agrees to do a reality show with Gene, and Hilda goes out of her way to catch the eye of Coach Diaz. Finally, Wilhelmina makes her return to MODE, much to the distaste of the Meade family when hilarity ensues. The classic Wilhelmina/Marc is back at MODE and their entry was so funny. Matching attire, the walk and then Amanda walked in it which had me in stitches. "Lets do this b!tch" lool. And of course Gene Simmons isnt her father which made me feel sorry for her. Cheer up Mandy!
  • See review for summary.....

    Another excellent episode to add to a great season of ugly Betty. Betty trys to forget about Henry and focus on the article Daniel asked Claire to give Betty for Claire's magazine, but when she's at Gio's Sandwich Shop, Gio kisses her. To make things worse, Marc saw it happen and took a picture that he and Amanda sent to everyone in MODE. Plus, Whillimina comes back to the magazine and Daniel fears she is gonna take over his job. Also, Amanda starts a reality TV show with her dad Gene Simmons and she tells Marc he can't be on the show. When at a meeting that Whillimina barges in on, Daniel runs out of magazine themes, panicks, and runs into the bathroom where he finds Betty. Betty was erasing a poem someone wrote about her and Gio in one of the stalls. Daniel encourages Betty to forget Gio and henry and work on her article and Betty encourages Daniel to gett back into the meeting and forget that Whillimina is there. Meanwhile, Hilda, who is crushing on Tony, Tony asks her to chaperone the school dance with him, but she gets a cold and can't go. When Daniel gets back to the meeting, Whillimina had already pitched an idea and the meeting was over. He confrots his sister who swore that Whillimina had no creative input at the magazine. Alexis saidit was one idea that means nothing, but Daniel knew that she was just one step closer to taking over his job. Then, since Hilda was too sick to go to the dance Betty says she'll go so she can work on her article easier, but there she meets Gio. Gio trys to makes a move on her and she runs out and crys. Gio tells her she sould stop trying to act how she's supposed to be and just be. Meanwhile, Justin is spying on Tony for Hilda and asks him if he likes Hilda because Hilda loves him. he goes to Hilda's house and asks her out. Plus, Daniel goes on Larry King Live and makes a fool out of himself and the magazine. And Betty and Gio steal back an award she won a while back. To top it all off, when betty asks Gio out he says he doesn't want to be the rebound guy. He wants to be the guy. Anyway, Great Episode!!!!!!!
  • "Maybe you should stop worrying about how you are supposed to be, and just be."

    Betty learns a hard lesson in letting go of Henry and takes steps towards a new future with Gio. Gio seems like a really nice guy who genuinely cares about Betty. Of course Amanda and Mark are there to take a photo of this precious moment and share it with the world. However, Amanda also learns a hard lesson about Gene Simmons (who isn't her father) and despite her bad behaviour towards Mark, we actually feel sorry for her. I guess Linda the psychic's premonition about B leading to a Kiss, leading to her dad didn't come true.... (yet?) Wilhelmenia shows just how much she loves the Meade Empire, even offering advice to Claire about how to sell more advertisements for her magazine. Alexis shows everyone that she is so much like her father, willing to do whatever it takes to ensure success for the business. Lastly, it's great to see Hilda having a new crush on Tony the PE teacher, he even brings her chicken soup. And the ending with Gio saying he doesn't want to be the rebound guy, he wants to be THE GUY! Go the Suaurez sisters!
  • Enjoyable

    Betty and Gio get closer and closer and I'm actually interested to see the two of them together. Henry was always sort of an equal to Betty, but now that Gio is actually interested in Betty, who knows what could happen. It will surely be more interesting to see Betty date someone who isn't in her equivalence socially.

    Hilda and the coach look like they're about to hit it off, but something tells me they aren't going to last. Like maybe Hilda discovers something about the coach like a deep dark secret and it will eventually cause her trouble, but as of now, I'm still interested to see where they go from there.

    Wilhelmina is back and she's better than ever. I love her personality, her being cutthroat and everything she has been bringing to the show. Alexis is acting like a bimbo, but that's fine seeing as she won't be around for long.
  • Gio loves Betty.

    It's been obvious for a while (since the perfume ep) that Gio loves Betty, but he has never been as charming, as flirty or as sexy as he is in this episode. Freddy Rodriguez may suddenly be my favourite romantic leading man. I even went out and rented Planet Terror (in which he's also brilliant). The dialogue Brian Tanen wrote him for this episode doesn't hurt a bit. It's sparky and cheeky and, finally, very moving. Completely irresistible.

    But it's the unspoken moments in the deli scene and the dance scene that push this episode into the realm of television brilliance. I love the way Betty moves into Gio's arms then looks momentarily dismayed to realize that he smells good. I love how moved he is to be dancing with her. Absolutely brilliant performances by Rodriguez and the incomparable America Ferrera. Chemistry!

    And the ending, in which Gio refuses to date her because he wants to be "the guy" instead of the "rebound guy" is so romantic.

    This is my favourite episode of Ugly Betty ever. I've watched it four times this week (rather tough to explain in the old homestead). I just think this is a classic. If you missed it, this is the one to catch in reruns.
  • The return of Wilhalemina! You been warned!

    I've been following "Ugly betty" from day one and I can't believe that next week will be the season's finale. Too bad. I happen to like the series. Oh well, they're be next year. Wilhalmina returns to mode trying to stir up trouble with Daniel and his family. Amaanda is going to do a reality series with Gane simmons. (wait a minute,is Gene allready done a reality series on A&E?) Amamda said in the end that "I don't think Gene's my real father." Maybe her real father will show up in next week's season finale. Plus Hilda is making play for Justin's gym teacher. The season's finale is next thursday. Time to panic!
  • Betty and Gio wind up at a junior high school dance, where they seem to get on track to a deeper relationship. Wilhelmina returns to the Mode offices.

    What a crazy mix this series is. Soap opera. Comedy. Touches of drama. It has characters so cartoonish they would give Looney Tunes a run for its money, yet they also have moments of hurt and pain that make you care about them. Betty, of course, is a beautiful soul who wants the same things any young woman (or man, for that matter) wants. Here, after letting go of her DOA relationship with Henry, she begins to embrace the feelings she's been developing for Gio. It's nice also to see Hilda getting another chance at romance after the death of her son's father. But nothing beats the humongous return of Wilhelmina Slater as she powers her way into the Mode offices, minions trailing in her wake. She goes on to play the Meads like the proverbial piano, working her way back into her old creative director position before the show is over. At this rate, she'll be president of the whole operation by the season finale. Great writing, great acting.
  • There wasn't much plot development this time round besides Wilhelmina coming back to work and with the absence of Henry and Christina, this episode featured very little character development too but it looks like Gene Simmons won't be coming back. Yay!

    I can't get enough of scenes with Betty waking up. Eggs á la Hilda sounded tasty, as well as Juice á la Hilda. Wilhelmina's entrance at MODE was incredible with Mark and Amanda trailing behind her, setting up tension in the infamous MODE corridor, with the two groups of people standing at either end like an old cowboy movie, a fight between good and evil.

    Mark and Wilhelmina were so funny, proposing to manipulate Daniel's fear, while Daniel and Alexis were just cheesy as they teamed together to defeat Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina then distracted the hell out of Daniel with her annoying nail noises and seriously irritating slurp-sipping sounds.

    Amanda's video was totally scary. I would never want to see a show like that. I think Mark would make a better reality TV character than Amanda. But Gene invited Mark to the show anyway, so whoopee. I wonder how Gene Simmons agreed to even do the whole thing on Ugly Betty. But it looks like he can't take it anymore. The tattoo on his character ain't real.

    Claire asks Betty to write 300 words for Hot Flash. I don't really know if it's just the pressure of writing the article, but Betty was freaking out about it and I found that weird. Writing is not that difficult for me, and how often is it that you write something for somebody else? Almost everyday. It shouldn't be that difficult, 300 words for a magazine article, especially for an assistant working for a fashion magazine, an assistant that probably reads tons of articles.

    Anyway, while looking for advice from Gio in his sandwich deli, Gio kisses her in the heat of the moment, which I thought was really uncalled for, uncool and over-the-top dramatic. He deserved more than just a slap, because Betty just broke up with Henry. She then couldn't concentrate on her article. To make matters worse, a photo was taken of her and Gio kissing, which I thought would make Betty break down, but she acted stronger than I expected.

    Then during Hilda and Tony's conversation at school, all I could notice was the way Justin was sitting with one leg crossed over the other. Nice. The dialogue was too boring to pay much attention to. Something about a dance apparently. Later on, Justin came out wearing the flashy red outer shirt and tie. Nicer.

    I can't believe it sometimes, how easy it is for writers to achieve what they want. Like Gio chaperoning his sister at the same dance and Gio being able to dance with teenagers while Betty struggles. Yeah, right. But it felt real when Justin asked the mini-Betty to dance. And when Justin also asked Tony whether he likes Hilda, like he was genuinely happy for this man who had the potential of being his stepdad.

    I love the dramatic relationship between Wilhelmina and the Meades. Until someone gets hurt of course. But otherwise, it makes for really amusing television. It's true, the best creative designers are ruthless, immoral, ambitious snakes. Near the end, Amanda made up with Mark, and Tony brought Hilda some soup, which all made pretty tender moments. Finally, Betty managed to open up the idea of a date after they attempted to steal the Best Citizen award from the high school. But Gio couldn't accept Betty's proposal. I could totally see the cheesy moment where Gio says he doesn't wanna be a rebound guy. I don't wanna go any further with commenting on that. It's too cheesy, doncha think?
  • betty tries to get over losing henry and gio tries to romance her; hilda tries to flirt with the coach; wilhelmina is back at mode since he will now own 1/3 of the company

    i did not like this ep very much..i thought this show started out as a comedy and now its getting seriously beyond this whole ep was just too dramatic forme..there were things going on all over the place and im like wait a min why that and then something else would was all very confusing and the drama when wilhelmina came back just made me want to slap may due to a personal situation but this ep just had me at my wits ends..and i dont like the gio and betty relationship either..the best part of the ep was hilda trying to flirt with the coach..wilhelmina was being herself and i hated that she was back at mode
  • Gio makes a move and the Queen of Mean is back!

    Ugly Betty hasn't skipped a beat because of the writer's strike! Gio makes a move on Betty, having fun with her at the Junior High Dance, Hilda continues to crush on the coach but it's Justin who pushes things along. Amanda's situation was interesting as well. We discover Jean is NOT her dad, that he faked it in order to get a bump in his career. And for another brief moment we see Amanda can have a heart.

    But the real meat of the show is the queen herself, Wilhelmina. While the Meade siblings are trying to make sure to be a barrier against her, she shows how truly manipulative she is. No matter what, she has NO desire to see the Meade magazines fail, she just wants to control them. So what does she do, the one thing they can't stand: She's helpful! She fixes Daniel's crisis and shows Claire how to get advertisers for her fledgling magazine. Moves so brilliant she's back as Creative Director. And at the same time she undermines Danny with cleaver pictures, cell phones, and master manipulation. Dan tries to "challenger" her and her reply is simple, straightforward, and deadly, "This morning I was nothing, this evening I'm Creative Director. What's next Editor... Oh, that's YOUR job." and walks away.

    As a villain, Wilhelmina is hard to beat. She does everything in her own motivated self interest but more importantly, she manipulates and helps others when it greatly helps her. She has no problem creating a Win-Win situation, then quickly turning it into a Win-Lose. That's what makes her such a great villain. She helps while hurting. And even when you see it coming, you still can't stop her. Can't wait for the season finale!
  • The return of the wicked Queen and Betty's buttons get pushed.

    She's back! Wilhelmina makes her triumphantly wicked return to Mode and is back to her old tricks. Once again she plays upon Daniel's insecurities and kisses up to Alexis to divide and conquer the Meade family. While her business advice is sound, Alexis seems to ignore the fact that she always has an agenda and rather than supporting her family, she relents to the pressures of her job as head of Meade and takes the easy way out and gives Willy the position of creative director. Yes Wilhelmina is good, but has Alexis forgotten all the manipulations and backstabbing that she is capable of? Give her an inch and she'll find a way to push you off the cliff. Right now she's eyeing Daniel's job, but why settle for editor in chief of one magazine when you can control an empire? The thing is, Vanessa Williams is fabulous as the ice queen and without her it feels like something is missing from the show. She is almost the anti-Betty; she's ruthless, immoral and as perfect as she is on the outside as she is devoid of any inner beauty, but she and Marc are fun to watch together.
    Even more fun to watch are Marc and Amanda. They both seem to be vapid and superficial but in between their hilariously catty moments they have truly sweet instances when you realize how supportive they are and how much they care for one another. As much as Amanda has gotten into bragging about Gene Simmons as her father and how close they are (why is she still working at Mode when she has a reality show?)she knows that the one person who could see through her facade is Marc, so she forbids him from going on the show. That doesn't stop him though, and sure enough he bursts on the set, making observations that even she can't deny - for too long at least. She soon makes 2 significant discoveries; that tatoos shouldn't rub off, and that you don't need DNA to make a family.
    Speaking of fun to watch I love Gio and Betty together. I liked that bit of reverse psychology that he did on her; that whole "I know you like me" speech followed by that KISS (in caps because that's what that kiss deserves.) What he was doing was getting her to think of him as other than her friend, or the sandwich guy. By suggesting that she think of him as her "rebound guy" and then kissing her, it forces her to think of him in another way. I also loved how they bumped into each other at the dance and how an atmosphere like a dance at a school gym can take you back in time and even though she was there as a chaperone, once again she was the awkward one that none of the kids would talk to. With an article deadline looming over her, she finally grabs Gio and asks why kids run away from her and flock to him. He basically says that he talks to them like a normal person and he compares them to people that are currently in her life like Daniel, Amanda, Gio, and even Betty. Seeing the girl that reminds Gio of Betty gets her to reveal how lonely she is. Gio even dedicates a song to Betty and gets Justin to ask the other girl to dance so that she gets on the floor at least once. While Betty and Gio are dancing, they have another moment, but Betty freaks out.
    Gio finds her on the stairs and she says that she isn't the kind of girl who forgets about a boyfriend that she once loved and she worries that not enough time has passed since Henry left for her to start thinking about being with someone else. Gio gets her to be more honest about her feelings rather than always being concerned about what is good and what is right. She admits that she's sad, and to cheer her up, Gio involves her in a bit of petty larceny. She gets back the trophy that she won but gave back to the school because it was the "right thing to do" and when she has it in her hands, she begins smiling and laughing again. Of course they get caught after she upends the rest of the trophys in the case. Gio and his sister walk Justin and Betty home, and she conceded that she not only had fun, but had an angle for her article. Still feeling exuberant, she asks Gio out on a date, but he declines. Puzzled, she reminds him that he kissed her, danced with her and even mentioned being a rebound guy. He replies that he doesn't want to be the rebound guy. He wants to be THE guy. Loved this ep! I want to say Gio and Betty forever, but I have a feeling that the season ep with have Henry making some return along with a gesture of some sort and she'll have to make a decision.
    Henry's gotta go, it's Gio time!
    Yeah, I need sleep, but I want to watch the ep one more time!