Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 1

The Manhattan Project

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on ABC

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  • A great start to the third season!

    The third season of Ugly Betty commenced with this episode, "The Manhattan Project", and I thought this was a very good opening to the new season.

    This episode had a lot of funny moments and quotes that you can't forget. It was really odd, at times, and the concepts were sometimes weird.

    I would've thought that Betty of all people wouldn't have rushed in to purchase that apartment without actually looking at it first.

    I also loved the new design of the Mode Headquarters, complete with Wilhelmina's nursery.

    To conclude, I loved the humour in this episode and I am glad the new season has finally started in Australia! Hopefully there is more to come!
  • It's finally back in the UK...

    God its been a riduculous eight months since the season two finale and Ive been wondering where the heck is this fabulous - yes I know I said fabulous - show? Anyway, after a rushed 2 minute explanation of the reasons Betty effectively dumped both Gio and Henry, this premiere was really good. The changes in the production as well as the on-screen changes like Mode, Betty's new lease on life - which I don't think will last long are highly enjoyable and Im looking forward to seeing Daniel at Player Magazine and as a father. Wilhelmina is just wrapping Alexis around her finger in superb fashion. I actually love Wilhelmina. She is the best and underused character on the show. Christina, Hilda and Justin were all great in this one as well as Marc and Amanda when they were takin the mic out of Betty as always. This season should be very interesting....
  • Emotionally Entertaining

    I first started watching UB on C4 a while ago, but then it disappeared. Now its back and better than ever! I was so happy to watch this again.
    Betty has moved up in the world. Our little Ugly Duckling has become a woman. She has moved into her own apartment and has taken ahold of her complicated life. America Ferria is such a wonderful actress - the opening scene of her at her mother's grave is highly emotional - my throat got kinda lumpy here.
    That's not to say the rest of the episode is bad - its highly entertaining; from the new MODE to the new Daniel; Betty's apartment (Christina: I wonder if anyone heard about the murder here?) and the great food fight with Kimmie. I was glad Betty apologised first - it showed she had become an adult now. And her family helping her out was another happy moment. Oh and Betty's new neighbour is nice!
  • Back to its best here! Wasn't perfect but was far better than early season two. Really enjoyable.

    I really enjoyed this premier and it seems that Ugly Betty is getting back on track. Thought the whole Betty going away on her own was a huge way to get out of the Henry/Gio choice it still worked. Betty was amusing throughout the episode and she usually annoys me a small bit. The dark or 'new' mode was interesting to see and I liked how they compared it to the bright old one.

    Amanda and Marc were very funny as they were desperate to watch Betty do something funny - they didn't wait long. Daniel is still the weakest character on the show and it's properly because of the actor...he just gets on my nerves. The son thing is very sudden but was good enough. I think the highlight was Betty getting that new city apartment.

    It is a great idea to develop Betty more and throw her into even more crazy situations. It was funny too, the naked old couple across the way, the loud music and Hilda's reaction was classic. Cristina added a few amusing lines as well. The guy living in the apartment opposite Betty actually didn't bother me, he already seems far better than Henry anyway, Gio was alright.

    This Jesse will obviously be a love interest for Betty and even she seemed to cop onto that. Ignacio getting a job was good enough but I loved the scene where Hilda and Betty were fighting Kimmie (Lindsey Lohan) in the burger bar. Hilarious! Kimmie actually turned out well and the acting was strangely good.

    The ending with Betty dancing in her apartment was just a tad soppy but a fitting end to the great season opener. Also: The coach and Hilda...well I'm not sure about this, I am interested to see his wife though. Plus Alexis and Wilamenia were good too, the latter being good her new power position. I really liked the scene on the TV show.

    Overall a great season premier, I now have high hopes for season three!
  • This episode was great but it had it's cutbacks.

    The premiere was ok. It wasn't anything special though. I thought it will be something more. After all those episode with Henry and Gio, we find out that she decided to stay single and everything happened so quick! Only in 2 minutes! They should have worked on that for a bit longer. There were a couple of funny scenes which include Mark, Amanda and Wilhelmina. "Like taking a candy from a tranny!" lol! or "You put the gei gay into geisha)!" from Wilhelmina. It's so sad they're not at mode anymore. That Player magazine is so boring. And Daniel Jr. is so annoying! Lol! But all in all, I can't wait for another episode! :)
  • A good beginning to the new season - setting up the new direction of the characters for the episodes to come.

    During the hiatus Betty went on a trip through the USA "discovering" herself and returns motivated and excited. Little does she know how much everything has changed in her absence. Willy has taken over Mode and in typical UB over the top style - it has changed from a bright and colourful environment to monochrone, chilly colours to reflect the changed scary working environment created by Willy. Hilarious.

    Amanda and Mark greet Betty like a long lost friend to remind them of the "old days" (while still managing to insult her).

    Daniel has been relegated to "Player" magazine - a FHM-esque mag where the staff woof or boo depending on whether they like things or not. His son is running wild.

    To top it all off Betty is hood-winked into renting a Manhatten apartment that is a total disaster.

    As this is the season premiere, much of the episode is revealing the changes and slowly tracking Betty's world falling apart. As always there is a ray of hope at the end.

    Vanessa Williams is fabulous and becomes even more cartoon-villian-y - brilliant. Amanda and Mark are back together (hopefully we will see more of them soon). Linsay Lohan's character appears again with more come.

    A good start and now I am looking forward to the real shows to start (now we are up to date)!
  • Lets just put it this way, Mode isn't the way we left it.

    "The Manhattan Project" marks Ugly Betty's return for it's third season. The past two years have been great, and this one seems like a good one too. After refusing both Gio and Henry, Betty decides to go on a cross country bike ride. After returning, she feels rejuvenated and is ready to return to work, but Mode isn't the same. Wilhemina owns Mode and now Daniel owns Player Magazine, "America's third best selling, non-nudity male magazine".

    Quite a few changes occur in this episode meaning that I'm not quite sure where this season is going. Hopefully they bring all the characters back to Mode, but it doesn't look like that will be happening any time soon.

    Betty has a possible new love interest, a new apartment, and a new job. This season will be like starting fresh and as of now, I love it!