Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 19

The Past Presents the Future

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2010 on ABC

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  • The best Betty episode to date -- it has everything!

    This Betty episode was amazing. My favorite is Daniel's epiphany towards the end during Hilda's speech. I love how everything is starting to come full circle. I don't want to say too much and ruin it for the people who haven't watched this episode, but it's a must! Many loose ends are being tied and each character is getting towards their goal. Next week we will see in the finale how everything comes together. I really wished that they would've done a special 2-hour series finale instead of a normal episode. Needless to say, I can't get enough of this episode and I am really glad with what they've been able to do given such a short notice of Betty's end.
  • Top frickin notch!

    Well it's all steam ahead! SO much happened in this episode, it was a rollercoaster I didnt want to get off.

    As normal there was a great mix of comedy and intrigue as well as a great tearjerker moment when Justin finally came out on the dancefloor.

    With so little time left on Ugly Betty I feel happy to say they are making the most of it. Were seeing everything we want to see and it's being fully expoilted without wasting our time (Lost cough)

    Daniels growing feelings for Betty was perhaps my favorite aspect of the episode. Its not exactly expected, but it fits perfectly and I think most of us Ugly Betty fans want to see the duo together.

    I think it goes withut saying the cliff hanger was great, and Willie surprise turn intriguing; You cant help but think she is still scheming! Then there also Amandas suprise twist.

    The only thing missing to me is the absurd return of Faye Sommers - man do I want to see that happen and I guess it still might, but I wnt moan if it never happens!

    This was throughly enjoyable from start to finish.I have no complaints except I want more more more!
  • Ahhh! Scandalous1! An amazing episode, what a great episode!

    In the penultimate ever episode of Ugly Betty, w e saw some of the most shocking twists and turns, and it is setting up perfectly for the finale!

    Justing and his secret finalely came out, and that just about resolves his future, and so does Hilda and Bobby, who are married!

    What remains to be seen is the Meades, Betty herself, and of course, Wilhelmina Slater. The ending to this episode was so absolutely remarkable, and so tearful, as I would b e furious if the show ends wilth Willy's death. That will be infuriating!

    Overall though, can't wait to see the last ever episode. It will be emotional, as it is the last one ever, but I'll love it and remember it foorever!
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