Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 19

The Sex Issue

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • Not the most exciting episode, but good, nevertheless.

    I found this to be a decent episode. It wasn't quite as exciting as most other episodes and none of the storylines really had major revelations or developments, so in some senses, this is not a critical episode.

    I found a few very funny quotes early on in the episode, and that was a great sign, but in my opinion, the rest of the episode was not as good and somewhat disappointing.

    I do recommend watching it and it is interesting as usual, but of all the episodes this season, this is one of the ones that I would consider as unimportant.

    Still, a decent episode, and a good build-up for great things to come. Keep it up, Ugly Betty!
  • There was a slightly more serious tone to this episode, but a good one nonetheless.

    There was a slightly more serious tone to this episode, but a good one nonetheless. Betty and Matt try to work things out and get there in the end. Wilhelmina is struggling to cope with the baby and gets Marc to hire a night nanny. The nanny turns out to be a very handsome man but he won't have sex with her so she fires him. There could have done with more Marc and Amanda in this, they are always very funny characters. Hilda tries to make up her mind whether she likes Archie or not and then has a fight over him with another women which was pretty funny. Can't wait for those final few episodes coming up after the break.
  • We learn some good stuff.

    First of all, I just loved the montage where Marc and Amanda give sexy advice to Betty, the cupcake and the hair flip were really funny. I like the facct hat we get to learn more on Matt and his pass. When he said he slept with a lot of women, I was confused to hear He had a little of Daniel inside of him? He just looks so sweet and carring, his therapist really helped him with his problem. I think that it is good for hilda to stay with Archie, she had a lot in her life, I'm glad she finally accepts a person who can really be there for her.