Ugly Betty

Season 4 Episode 4

The Wiener, the Bun and the Boob

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on ABC

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  • A little dip in standard set thus far, but still a great episode.

    It has to be said before I say anything else, this episode kept me glued to the screen throughout and thats quite an achievement for what was standard episode.

    Ugly Betty has a recognisable format, I wont bother explaining it, but this episode is that streotype. For that reason this episode wasn't anything special or outstanding. It used a tried and tested formula and quite possibly improved upon it. As we saw Betty and Mark were in thier classic rival-turn-friend mode, the rivalry was reignitied at the start of the season and I welcomed it, I;m not sure how I feel now it seems to have been resolved, but im not feeling very optimistic. I would have liked to have seen it go on longer. That said Betty and Marks storyline was still pretty darn good, I wo't get mad it this point and trust the writers know where they're going!

    Wilhelmina and Bettys relationship on the otherhand I'm liking a lot. Whilst on first thought I want there to be a stong dislike between them, I guess that hasn't been the case for a while. On sencond thought I think what were seeing has the potential to develop into something very interesting. Obviously Willie is secretly rooting for Betty and in her own way is helping her. This really does have be optimistic about future storylines...I inda harks back to when the show joked Betty would become the new Ms. Slater. She joked about moulding Betty as such, and to watch that happen under our noses in much more clever way unlike we have ever an idea develop on Ugly Betty would really give this show the direction it needs to pull off a good finale. I fear if I am right however we will see it come to gether and fall apat within a coupl of episodes which will be a good idea cut painfully short.

    It's time I moaned....Im not getting enough Amanda. Its not too much of annoyance if it's being teased out but I am getting worried she is being neglected.

    Hyldas storyline whilst fun was a bit 'seen it before' and I dont quite get where her romance is going or why I should be interested, but form the tone set - despite the happy ending - I reckon it'll be over within one or two episodes probably ending in desperate housewives fashion (Gabby and Fairviews mayor) when Hylda begin to feel thier relationship was about him trying to get the minority vote or something like that. AT whatever rate you know its gonna come tumbling down, if no other reason than he is a dull 2D charecter with little to offer the show.

    I missed Justin this week..Frankly for me they could do a spin off about Justin..His trials as a flamboyant and of couse gay kid are really intertesing fun and moving to watch. I want to see more of him at school and how he and the family deal with it.

    So in brief, great but not great enough. A really fun watch but not the best the show can offer. Possibly a few bad choices made and some recycled ideas, but at no point was it boring.
  • For me this was the worst episode ever! We already saw Betty and Mark wearing costumes, this last one, it wasn't funny at all.

    The characters are loosing their original "mojo" and attraction. It seems like they are on automatic mode and had no enough life in their performances.
    When i saw Betty and Mark dancing and singing on the streets I thought "this is so stupid" Why are they doing this?
    I want more Willemina, Amanda, Justin and Claire situations, they know how to do what they do. They're funnier than other characters in the TV show; and they have performances that pass trough the TV screen.
    It's really bad, because I loved Betty and I like all the characters, but lately the scripts are worse than ever!.
    Ariel from Argentina
  • The storyline wasn't that great but the 'Sausage Betty' was hilarious!

    This was quite an unusual episode of Ugly Betty. I really enjoyed it, even thought the storyline wasn't perfect.

    I thought that the episode was definitely very funny, and all the scenes with the bun and the sausage were absolutely hilarious. I was laughing a lot, and I thought it was amazing and sensationak,l.

    I also found the storyline to tbe relativelyt interesting, but as a whole, it wasn't that great, and that was the only let down for me, really.

    If you don't watch this one, you aren't missing much, as storylines don't develope significantly, but still, I recommend it, as it is very funny! Keepy it up, Ugly Betty!
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