Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 15

There's No Place Like Mode

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 19, 2009 on ABC

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  • Seriously?!?!?!?!

    Is really the best ABC can do? The episode was really really really bad! Christna was like, "Betty I have been in labor all day" but she was acting like a chimpanzee! She didn't even look in pain when she was 'giving birth' can't even call it birth cause she 'gave birth' to the child in literally five minutes!! No actual birth goes that quick...and when wilhelmina held the baby, how was the baby already that clean? Its supposed to be dirty at first until they clean it and they didn't have any of those untensils unless the nurse carries them around with her to a fashion show which...she didn't.
  • A hilarious episode!

    I found this episode to be extremely hilarious, and that is one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much. The storyline was rather interesting, and although not too much developed within the episode, it was still really good.

    The character of Heinrich was absolutely delightful and I sincerely hope we get to see more of him in the future, because he was extremely funny. I also thought his fashion was extremely hilarious to watch!

    The end of the episode was also great, in my opinion, and I thought that scene with the models around Betty and Christina was extremely well done.

    Overall, a really interesting episode, and I hope there are many more like this one! Great job by Ugly Betty!
  • The fashion was outstanding. loved the special appearance of Shannon Rusbuldt opening the show.

    I loved this episode. The fashion was outstanding. Betty showed a common misconception many people have about fashion and the meaning behind it. i love her realization throughout the episode that fashion is art. Of course, it would not be Ugly Betty without the drama. As always they delivered, quite literally.I liked the way they incorperated the baby's birth into the fashion show. It had many underlying meanings for me. I also loved the special appearance of Shannon Rusbuldt opening the fashion show. I've been following her career and I was happy to see her in my favorite tv show! I hope they bring her back.
  • Great fashion week episode.

    Although many of the plot lines in this epiosde may be said to be rather predictable they were actually done in a stylish and pleasing way. It was obvious that the joke press release was going to be accidentally sent out - they always do. But here it was great seeing Betty's panic and then the realisation that they all liked the joke one. Cristina's baby was born in the most surrealist way imaginable but that didn't matter because the shots with the models in the glass and barbed wire dresses looked so stunning. So, pure fantasy, but who cares? This is why Ugly Betty is such fun to watch.
  • This episode took on boring and used subjects and made something brilliant.

    Hate for a step mum, fashion week, a crush a charecter doesn't realise, takeing on a daunting task Ugly Betty this didn't do anything we haven't saw so many times before. Yet the result saw major plot developments, great laughs and moving moments.

    Ugly Betty felt as if it losing it's way. It not that it's ever bad, but the deviousness and evil in the show was fading away and thats what make it fun to watch. So it was of great relief when Wilhelmina (if thats how you spell it!) began to rediscover that side of her. Seeing her realise she was losing her power and being upstaged by a dog was halirious. But the highlight of course was her carfull plotted and over the top ploy to grab back the spotlight rasing from a circle of black angels! On the birth I have to say it was probably the best way to do it.

    The eccentric designer made for a great one off charecter. The reasoning and inspiration for his obscure dresses that Betty uncovered was a well thought through idea. The result (when Betty says what she thinks the dresses represent to him) was a powerful scence that I dont mind admitting had a big impact on me.

    Having yet another man for Betty was perhaps the weakest part to the episode but a least he turned out to be a fairly intersting charecter giving scope for Betty charecters to be explored from a different angle.

    On Betty, her chrecter in this episode seems revitalised in this episode, with this new enegry for the Fashion industry I hope this give rise to the bullying and tricks that were played on when the show began. Whilst she got a great challenge in this episode shes losing her underdog status which made us cheers her on. Theres now potential for this to reemerge.

    Hilda and the new stepmom story line felt much like a filler for the episode and it did go over my head somewhat. I paid attention to the concluding scenes and they were good enough for me to disapointed at not paying more attention.

    Ugly Betty is back on the right tracks lets hope it builds upon that.
  • Season 3, Episode 15.

    Fashion Week hits town which causes problems for the staff at Mode. I honestly missed the first 30 minutes of this episode. I wish I didn't, though. The portion of the episode that I did see was really good. It was a little bad, because that gay Asian guy was annoying. LOL. I felt bad for Wilhemina fading away though. Those guys in the locker room were pretty hot though. Rawrrrr. I so wanna be in there. I liked the whole fashion show and how she was in labor all day. Ana Ortiz is so hot! Not the best show ever, but it was a pretty good episode I guess.