Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 16

Things Fall Apart

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2009 on ABC

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  • A thrilling episode that is not to be missed!

    I think that this was perhaps the most interesting episode in quite a while, althoough the show has been extremely interesting all along.

    A lot of storylines have major developments in this episode, and in my opinion, that will classify as a good episode. I thought that the storyline as a whole was extremely well planned and well thought out, and I really enjoyed the episode, the whole wasy through.

    I do have to criticise that there was not too much good comedy within this episode, but it was still extremely worthwhile for the above reasons.

    I believe that the episode is not one to be missed, as it develops very well. I really hope there is more great episodes like this one, and I highly recommend this episode!
  • Connor reveals his true intentions in this great revealing episode.

    Connor reveals his true intentions in this great revealing episode. Betty finds out what he's been up to with the magazine's finances and confronts him with the information. He tries to frame her and ends up leaving the whole mess behind. Wilhelmina turns out to be loyal to Mode rather than Connor after all. I thought this episode was one of the most exciting of the season so far with so many surprising revelations and actions. All the characters had important roles to play and I think the final episodes of the season should be really good with these storylines.
  • We got to learn a lot about Connor, and things happen that could affect Meade and its employees for a long time.

    Like most people, I haven't been completely satisfied with the season thus far. I mean, it's good, but it wasn't great like it used to be.

    Well, this episode changed that opinion. I always had a weird feeling with Connor, but I could never put my finger on it... I have to say it did come as a surprise (despite many people saying this show is predictable). I had never sought this behind Connor. He stole all the money?? I'm not sure if I understood correctly what Claire said, but that's what I got... So that is going to affect the future, that's for sure.
    The fact that Connor threatened Betty, someone whom he doesn't care much about, but told Wilhelmina, tells me he really does love her... He was genuine. I'm pretty proud of Wilhelmina for making the decision she did, even though calling the police didn't work out. You go, girl! I really like her; she's mean, but she has so many softer sides. I am sad I couldn't see previous episode; I'd've loved to see the first moments with her baby (William?)

    Molly's news was a big shock. I honestly didnt'expect it, and I must say I didn't quite buy it, either. It's just really sudden and it seems like a way for the writers to get some extra drama on the show. All in all, I feel this is an episode which will bring the show up to speed again. I hope the budget problem will continue over several episodes, because it's big, it's important and it's definitely not boring.
  • Things get exciting!

    After a rather mellow and uneventful season, things really get chaotic. And by that, I mean serious problems are introduced, things that I think most people will find more interesting and gripping than the humorous problems that Betty faces at YETI.

    We learn a lot in this episode about Connor, and what he's really been up to for the past couple of months. Also, Wilhelmina is forced to make a tough decision, but it just makes us love her more. Betty and Matt have several typical awkward flirty moments. We also learn something big about Molly. And finally, the future of Meade doesn't seem so bright, after what happens in this episode.

    Really, a lot happens in this episode. I'd say it's about time something exciting happened.