Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 8

Tornado Girl

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on ABC

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  • A very good episode!

    In another imaginative addition to the Ugly Betty series, Betty gets the 'final approval' for a copy of a Mode magazine, until a tornado shaped like the magazine cover strikes.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. It was well thought out, nerve wracking and suspenseful - not to mention quite funny as well.

    I didn't enjoy seeing Betty take the blame for the occurances of the magazine cover. I felt that was very painful to watch!

    All in all, the episode was well structured. It kept you guessing, it was very funny and the plot to it was quite great!

    I highly recommend this episode to anyone!
  • Another great installment

    Another fine episode of Ugly Betty. It was nice to see Betty take charge in this episode and it was interesting to see everything get ballsed up. It was upsetting to see Daniel make Betty take the blame and Betty's sadness was easy to see. However, Daniel jumped in and saved the day thankfully.
    There were also some nice scenes with the others; Wilimenia and Connor; Hilda and The Councilman; and scenes with Betty, Marc and Amanda were really put together well too. Though the scene where Marc argues with Cliff was rather sad. Its a shame but sometimes, things really do fall apart.
  • Betty has to take a road trip with Marc and Amanda to save the day!

    Another good episode of Ugly Betty here with plenty of laughs - many coming from Marc and Amanda, but also Justin and Hilda. America Ferrera was great as Betty as usual and Wilhelmina was perfection. All her scenes about hunting and so on were just hysterical. The supporting cast of this show are simply brilliant. The writing was pretty good here and the idea of using the skywriter when everyone had their phones taken away was absolutely genius. It's good to see a feel-good show like this going from strength to strength and still able to look fresh even after two and a half seasons. Go Betty!
  • Go Amanda!

    I confess I'm not a big Ugly Betty fan. I find American Ferrara quite annoying and Daniel has lost some of his consistence since the beginning of the series.

    The only reason I keep watching is for the supporting cast. I love Whilemina, Claire and my favourites are definitely Mark and Amanda!

    In the latest episodes we have had more of them and it definitely improves the tone of the show. The road trip was hilarious and the idea to make Betty and Amanda roomies is very clever!

    Hope we'll have more of this in the future. I used to like Hilda but now I just think she's boring and over the top. What a surprise Daniel falls for the wrong girl... the only upside is that this could make him work with Whilemina for both of them to get what they want. When they are together, they hate each other but get even more interesting.
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