Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 6

Ugly Berry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2008 on ABC

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  • A great episode! Kimmie got what she deserved!

    This episode was extremely exciting! The war between Betty Suarez and Kimmie Keegan escalated, as Kimmie attempted to take credit for Betty's idea of the tico berry.

    I also enjoyed the scene where Ignacio was excited about casting his first vote, and the news wasn't great for Hilda's business, either.

    The episode was quite funny at time, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the plot to this episode, it was well planned and suspenseful.

    I also enjoyed seeing Kimmie Keegan being fired by Wilhelmina Slater. In my opinion, Kimmie got what was coming to her. Good riddance!

    To conclude, a spectacular episode! Great job, Ugly Betty, or should I say, Ugly Berry...
  • Another great adventure for Miss Betty

    Another fine and dandy episode of Ugly Betty. This season has so far seen some interesting developments concerning Betty and her co-horts at MODE. Lindsey Lohan is excellent as Kimmie - she really adds a sense of threat to Betty's life. Her attempts to steal everything from our heroine are crude and rude - but its fun to see Betty become really angry and try to play nasty. Fortunately her good hearted nature takes over and she backs down at the last minute, though Kimmie is still punished. As she is escorted away she yells "You haven't seen the last of me!" I hope this is true I love the character.
    Betty saves the day again - its nice when she does that!
  • Go Amanda!

    I confess I'm not a big Ugly Betty fan. I find American Ferrara quite annoying and Daniel has lost some of his consistence since the beginning of the series.

    The only reason I keep watching is for the supporting cast. I love Whilemina, Claire and my favourites are definitely Mark and Amanda!

    In the latest episodes we have had more of them and it definitely improves the tone of the show. The road trip was hilarious and the idea to make Betty and Amanda roomies is very clever!

    Hope we'll have more of this in the future. I used to like Hilda but now I just think she's boring and over the top. What a surprise Daniel falls for the wrong girl... the only upside is that this could make him work with Whilemina for both of them to get what they want. When they are together, they hate each other but get even more interesting.
  • This was a coolio episode!

    Okay so in this episode it's mostly just about Kimmie and Betty fighting it out for Daniel's attention. When Betty finds out that Adriana Lima likes the Tiko berry (that her dad was talking to her about) she is an instant celeb at Mode. Congrats Betty :o) Anyway, whenever Kimmie finds out, catfight!!! Marc and Amanda are mad because they made Kimmie popular and now she's acting like they're not cool. So they want Betty on their side to knock Kimmie down. At first Betty disagrees, then she's on their side. So they make up a lie that Willamenia likes to be told whose in charge so, but Betty tells Kimmie to stop, but she does it anyway and Willamenia fires her. Kimmie's so mad she throws the Tiko berries that are being used for the photoshoot, but Betty sweet talks to Adriana and everything is fine.
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