Ugly Betty

Season 3 Episode 9

When Betty Met YETI

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • Betty and Marc go head to head.

    This was another nice episode of Ugly Betty. The opening scene with Amanda in the bath bossing Betty around was really funny and nicely done. The competition with Marc over their presentations was also done well and funny. I felt sorry for Justin that things didn't work out with Randy. Hilda didn't have much to do this week, though, which was sad because she usually has some great scenes. Daniel was really sweet when he went to Molly's school and talked to the children. He seemed genuinely touched by their thank you notes. The season is still going nicely and I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • Another rollercoaster of events!

    In this episode we see something truly amazing; the talents of miss Betty Suarez. She is really intelligent and really strong-minded. Her proposal at YETI was truly inspired and I wish we knew how impressed the judges were. But instead the judges picked Betty because of her race, leading to a nice moment of racial diversity and Betty struggling with her innerself. In the end, she does a noble thing and lets Marc take her place, though thanks to Daniel Betty is in anyway.

    Speaking of Marc, it was great to see him and Betty go head to head. The use of Lady Gaga's Pokerface as he showed up at Yeti was well done, but in the end he and Betty made peace. Love the celebratory ending.

    Other characters that were great were Daniel's fatherly side coming out; Willie making advances at Connor (the bit where she congratulates Marc was well acted by Vanessa Williams) and Justin learning how hard life can be. Fortunately, Hilda was there for her son when he needed her the most.
  • A very enjoyable episode!

    This episode of Ugly Betty had me excited just by the title of it, which is awesome! We finally got to see Betty realise her dreams and apply for the Young Editor's Training Initiative, aka YETI!

    I really loved the storyline to this one, and I also enjoyed one scene in particular, which was when Marc was walking into the YETI building, and the Lady GaGa song was on. That had me laughing!

    Overall, this episode really isn't a significant one, but it is one that I think is very enjoyable, and I recommend it highly.

    Great work by the show, and this is a great episode! Keep it up!
  • Warning! Rant on the missing of Cliff's character from the show and how he just was kinda pushed aside.

    I'm disappointed to see that Cliff's character played by David Blue is gone from the show. At least from this episode it seems like that. All was that mentioned of him was that Amanda had said Marc was engaged, but then he got dumped. I love Marc's character, but I wish I could have seen a little more hurt from him. Cliff character was definitely my favorite because he didn't play the stereotypical gay guy. He also was hilarious and thinking back to previous episodes, he's just a good guy. He didn't have corruption following him and was just the well-rounded character the show needed. I can just hope that they bring him back in some future episode because I just can't picture Marc with someone else. To the actual episode. It was funny and I thought it was interesting to say that Betty met their "quota." In my class, we've recently been discussing this, and I think it's quite sad that things like that has be done. As a person of color, I would hope that I'm looked at for my abilities rather than the color of my skin. I'm glad that Betty saw this herself. She definitely has the skill and the talent to make it far.