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Welcome to the Ukool guide at TV Tome. First aired in 2001, this was the summer smash which rose Jean Anderson to her CBBC Fame. At first, it was an hour long live program broadcast from the garden at BBC Scotland in Queen Margaret Drive. It was great. The presenters had a childish side airing Pingu and it was a mix of entertainment and animation. It was sort of like an hour long version of the 2nd Saturday Show. In 2002, it returned but with a different format. It wasn't live and it was filmed in a studio. There was no audience and it had the main afternoon slot on a Tuesday at 5. It seemed to be okay. Not as good as series one. It didn't have any programs it was just an entertainment magazine. Not the best of shows but not the worst of shows either. Then the series ended on a low note. Not many people had watched it. So things were drastic. Ditch it and find something else or revamp it. But the BBC dont give up easily and it was time for the BBC's dreaded revamp. it came back ... again in 2003 with a brand new look. The logos and titles had changed and the studio and presenters had been ditched for a voice over. There was still jobs left for Jean and the Irish one but they were only on-the-spot reporters. We all expected yet another revamp after this terrible series but August 2003 was the last we seen of Ukool.moreless