Ultimate Factories - Season 4

Thursday 10:00 PM on National Geographic Premiered Jan 01, 2007 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Coca-Cola
    Episode 7
    Coca-Cola reaches more countries than there are in the United Nations, and it takes a power factory to provide a beverage consumed in over 99 percent of the populated world. The machines in a bottling plant pump out almost 800 bottles per minute, utilizing specialized --air-veyor-- belts to maximize efficiency. Canned Cokes are filled at an astonishing rate of up to 1,700 cans per minute in a process more complex than meets the eye. And, Coca Cola Company's worldwide supply chain is executed without ever revealing the beverage's famously secret formula.moreless
  • Jack Daniel's
    Episode 6
    Smooth, strong and utterly unique, the legendary amber liquor known as Jack Daniels is one of the world's best selling whiskies. And every single bottle is made in just one place -- tiny Lynchburg, Tennessee. National Geographic goes inside the factory where tradition and technology intersect to make 150 million bottles of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 each year. The factory holds enough whiskey to fill 3 million bottles at any given time, fermented with yeast that descends from the same used in the original batch 140 years ago.moreless
  • Bentley
    Episode 5
    It is one of the most luxurious cars ever built. A fusion of old-fashioned handcrafting and 21st Century automotive science. It takes five hundred and fifty hours to create the latest Bentley model...nine weeks' work for a team of artisans and cutting-edge technicians, supported by hi-tech precision robots. No two Bentleys are the same: their customized features go beyond an extensive palette of color and material options for body, upholstery, wood-paneling, even seatbelts! You can also have cigar humidors, champagne picnic sets, even Bentley baby-seats and the very latest in armor-plating.moreless
  • Mercedes Benz
    Episode 4
    Go inside Mercedes' largest German factory to see what it takes to build the 571-horsepower Mercedes SLS. Computers control everything in a Mercedes with more than a mile of wiring in each car, but to create the fastest Mercedes to date -- topping out at 197 mph -- it takes some of the best engineers in the world to mold a light yet strong supercar in 15 hours. The spiritual successor of the original 1950s Mercedes 300 S-L, the $183,000 2010 SLS blends modern engineering with classic Mercedes design.moreless
  • Dodge Viper
    Episode 3
    Detroit's only hand-built production car, the Dodge Viper, is born, bred and built in Detroit, Michigan. National Geographic takes a unique insider's look at the Viper factory in the current model's last year of production. This ultimate factory is comprised of craftspeople who spend two and a half days building each Viper, which is packed with 600 horsepower that can take it from zero to 60 mph in under four seconds. Without any robots on this assembly line, every Viper is truly hand-crafted.moreless
  • Maserati
    Episode 2
    An exotic car built to push performance to the edge while blending Italian elegance is crafted inside Maserati's ultimate factory. It takes 22 days for a Maserati to be assembled and considered road ready -- and the Maserati Gran Cabrio, a $135,000 convertible that tops out at more than 170 mph, is the new pinnacle of performance and comfort.moreless
  • Dodge Challenger
    Episode 1
    National Geographic goes under the hood to inspect today's Dodge Challenger -- an American classic reborn 40 years after its inception. Loud, curvy, and packed with power, the modern version of the 70s classic stays true to its roots, and adds technology and 21st century engineering into the mix.