Ultimate Force

Season 4 Episode 1

Changing of the Guard

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2006 on ITV
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With newly appointed Captain Fleming in place, Red Troop are dispatched to a former soviet state in a race to save the kidnapped daughters of a British diplomat.

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  • the lads are back and looking for a scrap!

    i would just like to start by disagreeing with CeltiKaos cause he obviously doesn\'t know what hes talking about. from the start this is ultimate force at it\'s best. and it just keeps getting better throughout. CeltiKaos\'s points are stupid the country is obviously a fake one and doesn\'t correspond to any countries in the world so he has no way of knowing how long it would take them to get there, and as for the ammount of parachutes, i\'m sure it\'s part of military law to always carry enough parachutes for the ammount of people on the flight.moreless
  • Unrealistic tripe. Full of inaccuracies that my mother who knows nothing about the military picked up.

    A poor story, badly executed with very very poor miltary advice (if any).

    On a training flight to Germany they get diverted to a mission the other side of the old Sovietr Bloc. It goes downhill from there onwards.

    Colonel says they will be in Uzerbaikal in 90 minutes when they haven\'t landed in Germany yet. Assuming Uzerbaikal is a thinly veiled reference to Baikal near Irkutsk, Siberia close to the border with Outer Mongolia this gives us a small problem.

    The newest Hercules C130-J has a cruising speed of 450 mph.

    It has a range of 3000 miles.

    Irkutsk (closest major city to Baikal) is 4047 miles from London, 3828 from Frankfurt.

    Assuming the C130 with Red Troop onboard was in German airspace, it would have taken them just under 9 hours flying.

    That ignores the niceties of being out of range, needing to refuel (OK *maybe* they refueled mid-air which the C130-J can do), and get all the kit they needed (quad bikes etc which miraculously seemed to be onboard when they landed).

    I think the script said 15 hours and either someone read it wrong, or more likely scrubbed it thinking 1.5 hours sounded more dramatic.

    To put this in perspective, to do 4000 miles in 1.5 hours you need to travel 2700mph or Mach 3.55. The Hercules is a turbo-prop heavy transport. Not a chance.

    Oh.. and they had enough parachutes onboard for them all (HOW?) and they used the *side* door to jump out, instead of the normal ramp (WHY?). All they would get is a mouthful of tail!moreless
  • This is what makes Ultimate Force just so Ultimate!

    After a particuly dismal series 3, it looked like Ultimate Force is really making a comeback! This episode combined all the aspects of a great TV show. The equipment was great, the script was superb, and the overall atmosphere of action was just soo great! I hope the rest of the series is just as good!
Daniel Betts

Daniel Betts


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Paul Brightwell


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Lucas Hare


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Sam Callis

Sam Callis

Capt Patrick Fleming

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Louis Decosta Johnson

Louis Decosta Johnson

Dave Woolston

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