Ultimate Force

Season 4 Episode 2

Charlie Bravo

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2006 on ITV

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  • An improvement!

    I must say, this is acually one of the better newer episodes I've seen.The first episode of series 4 was abysmal,yet the second episode is a big improvement.
    Red Troop are despatched to Columbia,to train an English-speaking platoon into being soldiers,in preparation for a raid on a cocaine factory held by guerillas.
    There are actualy likeable characters in this,aswell as the odd witty moment,such as Louis accidently taking a rather effective drug,and ending up high in the middle of a firefight.The story is enjoyable and realistic,apart from the few odd bits.Overall,I guess this is a rare Ultimate Force episode that delivers an entertainment factor,and a redemption for the boring,ridculous and eye-rollingly tiresome few episodes before.