Ultimate Force

Season 3 Episode 1

Deadlier than the Male

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2005 on ITV

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  • So-so.I guess that's it.

    The first episode of series 3 starts with a tragic shootout in Iraq,in which 3 members of Red Troop are killed.I haven't seen much of the first two seasons of Ultimate Force ,so I didn't find it very sad.
    The plot here,is that a group of former Gurkhas hijack a flight to Hong Kong,in violent protest for a free Tibet.At the same time,two new recruits join Red Troop,one of which is a woman called Becca.I'm not trying to sound sexist or anything,but the idea of a woman passing SAS selection sounds highly unlikely.I've read Andy Mcnab's Immediate Action,and it just doesn't seem realistic,sorry if any offense was caused.
    Anyway,when I was watching this episode,I felt no emotions.I didn't feel bored or excited,I felt...nuetral I guess about this episode.The story was so-so enougth for me to keep on watching,yet it had no gripping moments whatsoever.The plot glides to an underwheliming climax,in which Becca does a Matrix-style dive and shoots the hijackers' leader.This looks just awful,and will undoubtly ruin the episode for a many.
    The bottom line is that the first episode of series 3 is okay enougth for you to keep on watching[the next episode set in Zimbabwe is pretty good]but it is an unsatisfying start to a new series.The best part is seeing Heather Peace in the nude on several occassions,now that's worth your time!