Ultimate Force

ITV (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Slow Bomb
      Episode 5
      Mercenaries steal weapons grade plutonium and plan to use it as a bomb in the capital. Red troop race to stop the detonation and the destruction of the capital.
    • 5/25/08
      While Red Troop are monitoring an arms dealer they are drawn into an armed stand off with an East End drug gang. The gang then hijack a bus.
    • 5/18/08
      Red Troop are sent to the White Mountains of Afghanistan with their American counterparts to apprehend an Al Qaeda terrorist. Tensions run high as the troops battle for control. The troops must overcome their rivalry in time to stop the terrorist before he implements his co-ordinated attacks against the West.
    • Charlie Bravo
      Episode 2
      Henno and the team are sent to Columbia to train local soldiers in preperation for an attack on a cocaine factory. The team realise that the local soldiers are rookies and have no chance of success, so the team decide to do the raid themselves. On arrival it is clear the workers are expecting an attack.moreless
    • 4/29/06
      With newly appointed Captain Fleming in place, Red Troop are dispatched to a former soviet state in a race to save the kidnapped daughters of a British diplomat.
  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1